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Chicken || Kim Taehyung

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Word Count: 2.2k

Genre: Fluff

It had started on a Saturday night. You had been dragged out of your shared apartment by a couple of friends and your room-mate, claiming that you didn’t get out enough. They had dressed you up in a pair of shorts and tank top that you wouldn’t normally be seen in, preferring to wear comfortable and more appropriate clothes.

Of course you definitely hadn’t expected to meet him. Taehyung, or Tae-tae as you called him now. That night had been the first night you had ever spoken to him, and it became the beginning of a wonderful friendship. There was something about the slightly obnoxious boy that you had learned to grow accustomed too, and even as he went around making friends with everybody, he always made his way back to you.

Taehyung had been one of those people who never took no for an answer, so while you first started hanging out it had been more forced than anything. There were days when you would come home from class and you would just want to study and curl up, but it would be quickly interrupted by the boy breaking into your apartment and dragging you out to do something that could possibly get the both of you killed, or worse, expelled.

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