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Chicken || Kim Taehyung

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Word Count: 2.2k

Genre: Fluff

It had started on a Saturday night. You had been dragged out of your shared apartment by a couple of friends and your room-mate, claiming that you didn’t get out enough. They had dressed you up in a pair of shorts and tank top that you wouldn’t normally be seen in, preferring to wear comfortable and more appropriate clothes.

Of course you definitely hadn’t expected to meet him. Taehyung, or Tae-tae as you called him now. That night had been the first night you had ever spoken to him, and it became the beginning of a wonderful friendship. There was something about the slightly obnoxious boy that you had learned to grow accustomed too, and even as he went around making friends with everybody, he always made his way back to you.

Taehyung had been one of those people who never took no for an answer, so while you first started hanging out it had been more forced than anything. There were days when you would come home from class and you would just want to study and curl up, but it would be quickly interrupted by the boy breaking into your apartment and dragging you out to do something that could possibly get the both of you killed, or worse, expelled.

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I’ll Rip Your Skin Off and Fuck Your Mom. Whichever Comes First. (reddie)

Summery: takes place before Pennywise in like September or October. Henry being a dick beats the shit out of Reddie.

Warnings: Angst, bullying, cussing, mentions of sex as jokes and insults. gay slurs, gagging, dirt. 

A/N: yo, this one kinda fucked me up. i have discovered im kinda fucked up in the head. so uh. yeah. list of prompts here. send messages and suggestions here. masterlist here.

Celebrations coming from crowded corridors carried throughout the hallway. For some reason, the world still saw Columbus Day as a Holliday worthy of a day off. A long weekend was about to ensue. Richie and Eddie both live in close proximity to each other so they usually biked home side by side. Somedays unbothered, others, not so much.

Today was a not so much day. They heard the familiar sound of Henry Bowers car disturbing the quiet autumn air. The sound grew louder and louder, causing them to bike faster. “Fuck!” Richie yelled, losing balance on his bike. This leads him tumbling down a hill, the bike following behind before getting stuck against a tree.

“RICHIE!” Eddie yelled after him. The car stopped where Richie fell. The older boys climbing out and following him down.

“WHERE’D YOU GO TOAD?!” Henry Bowers yelled. Eddie stopped on his bike and followed them down. He didn’t care that they were being chased anymore, he just wanted to make sure Richie wasn’t dead.

They found Richie on the ground twigs sticking out of his hair, knees bleeding, groaning in pain as he tried to stand. Belch went over and grabbed him picking him up. Henry pointed to the water that rushed behind them. Belch took him over to it, shoving his head in the water. Eddie screamed out for them to stop. Which only caught the attention of Henry. “Stop.” He told Belch with a stern voice. Belch pulled Richie’s head out of the water.

He gasped for air. Glasses blurry from the water. He could still make sense of the shapes around him. Henry was advancing on a cowering Eddie. Patrick grabbed Eddie from behind holding him in place. Bowers reached down and picked up some loose dirt. Eddie began shaking his head, eyes closed tight, lips sealed. Henry grabbed eddies jaw, forcing it open with one hand, shoving the dirt into his mouth. Bowers held eddies mouth shut. As Eddie screamed and gagged and cried. He was forced to swallow the dirt.

Richie was screaming at Henry to stop. Thrashing around in Belch’s hands, only causing the grip to get tighter. Eddie began dry heaving once Henry lets go of his face. He began punching him in the stomach, chest, face, anywhere he could. “STOP!” Richie screamed. “DON’T FUCKING TOUCH HIM!”

“Awe,” Victor teased, patting Richie lightly on the face, “so protective of your little boyfriend there aren’t you, faggot?” His bleached hair falling in front of his face as he stood back up from his crouch. Richie spits at his feet.

“I was less protective of your mom this morning, hand fucker.” Richie retorted. He received a slap hard enough for his glasses to almost fall off of his face. Richie watched as Eddie was now coughing, blood trickling from his lips. “I swear to God, I’ll rip your FUCKING SKIN OFF IF YOU TOUCH HIM AGAIN!” Richie called after Henry. He froze.

“What was that, froggy?” He asked villainously.

“I said I’ll rip your skin off, you pussy-ass motherfucker.” Richie spat. He was pissed. And with that, Henry took out his knife. “Kinky.” Richie joked. Henry placed the blade against the smaller boys cheek.

“Wanna say that one more time?” Henry taunted. Pressing the blade harder.

“Up. Yours.” Richie smiled. Henry drew the knife away from his face quickly, causing a slice in his skin.

“Guys, cops,” Victor warned. And just as quickly they were gone.

Richie crawled over to Eddie who was tossed on the ground. “Hey, Eds,” Richie said softly, trying to get a response.

“I fucking hate you,” Eddie muttered. Rich didn’t know what he’d do if something went wrong. He never wanted to lose Eddie. He was his best friend. And with a teary smile, Richie gently hugged Eddie.

Color Me Envy

Richie wasn’t usually the jealous type. As he saw it, if people wanted to flirt and swing with one another then all the better, it usually made for a good time. Yet here he was watching Eddie with the gnawing green beast tearing at his chest. With every sideway glance, every agreed statement the animal grew bigger and bigger and he was worried that soon he was going to burst with envy.

Bill was so natural, so utterly hypnotizing that everyone within a five foot radius was pulled into his chiasmic attitude. He had Eddie under his finger without even knowing it. Richie had nothing against his best friend, hell he loved the guy but the feeling that had wrapped itself around the trashmouth wasn’t a rational one. It was rude, belligerent and agonizing.  

But what pull did he have over Eddie? None. They weren’t dating and he still had no idea what team the little hypochondriac actually played for. It wasn’t sane and he knew that he had no right to feel this way over someone that wasn’t even his but when it came to his Eds he found that he often acted out of charter.

He loved the little guy, hell he was in love with him and deep down he wondered if it was pointless attraction. “Are we going to get ice-cream or what? I could’ve went two rounds with your mother by now.” Richie found himself spewing from the side of the street with the other four Losers.

“Calm down fuck face, we are trying to figure out where we want to go.” Eddie replied harshly, not even looking over his shoulder.

Richie flinched, internally he begged for Eddie to look at him. To actually notice him the way he noticed Bill but his gaze was set on his leader. It was always set on him. “Okay I think we figured it out, there is a Frosty King only a few blocks from here. We can cool off then decide what we want to do.” Bill announced, moving back towards the rest of the group, bike in tow.

There was an accumulation of agreement between the losers and they were off in no time. Jokes were thrown between them as their bikes rolled down the asphalt. Richie found himself lagging behind allowing the two leads, Eddie and Bill, to push the group toward their destination. The green monster that had burrowed itself into the trashmouth whispered softly in his ear ‘He could never love someone like you.’ Its warm breath sent shivers down his arm. ‘Your nothing compared to Bill.’ He could feel tears weld up in his eyes and he was forced to fight them back for fear of fogging up his bottle cap glasses.

“Hey man you okay?” Richie lost his concentration, nearly swerving into a collision with Haystack.

“What?” He muttered, correcting his bike’s path.

“You okay? You’re normally not back here with us slowpokes.” Ben replied, putting a little more space between them.

“I just wanted to know if your mom was single, it’d be a shame if she went to bed alone tonight.” The joke came out staggered and unnatural. There was a split moment when he thought Ben was going to question him but it passed fleetingly.

The group rode on.

The hot summer day began to come to an end as the Losers scattered around the lush field just outside the barrens. The sky began to darken, and with the setting sun the world was painted with beautiful colors. Reds, oranges, and yellows blended together creating Gods masterpiece for them all to witness. It was gorgeous ending to a noble day, one that any kid could appreciate.

Except Richie.

He sat furthest from the group, just up the hill. His hands ripped the dog grass from the earth, tearing it up into little pieces and littering his khaki pants with green stains. The trashmouth refused to look at the rest of the group, who had been ogling over Bill’s newest plan for their attack on It. What he had planned was stupid and near suicidal but Bill had Eddie drooling just by speaking.

“Mind if I sit with you?” Richie looked up from his lap and noticed the heavy set loser who had questioned him mere hours before.

“It’s a free world Haystack.” He replied, not bothering to put much variation in his voice. Ben merely nodded, taking a seat beside him. The conversation lacked and soon they settled into a comfortable silence.

Richie was indifferent, taking a moment to glance over at the rest of the group. They were sitting in a deformed circle, Eddie sitting closest to the leader. There was a slight rip of his core when his gaze was caught by Eddie and he looked away shamefully feeling a blush crawl up his neck.

“I see the way you look at him you know.” Ben mumbled, adjusting his weight beneath him.

Richie’s heart nearly stopped, “What are you talking about Haystack?”

“Eddie.” The name slipped past his lips effortlessly causing the trashmouths arm hair to stand on end. “You look at him the same way I look at-“ He stopped short, the name hanging in the air like weighted venom.

“Beverly?” Richie found himself finishing. He noticed the red head brush Bills arm, obviously adoring some kind of well-timed joke. His gaze went to Haystack, who nodded his head shamefully.

“It sucks loving from afar and at times it seems pointless.” Ben’s words echoed in Richie’s head, it seemed if he was talking about the trashmouth rather than himself. “I find myself wondering if I’m even noticed, if she even cares that I exist.”

“Yeah.” Richie replied, “Sometimes I don’t know if even I want to love him anymore.”

Ben nodded, “There are moments when I feel invisible, covered by Bill’s shadow. She loves him in a way that I know she won’t ever love me.”

Tears filled the trashmouth’s eyes, blurring his vision of the group. He found himself whipping his face with the back of his hand, wishing his feelings would disappear. Ben ignored his friend’s state, instead watching the sun as it settled low in the sky.  Richie was grateful for this.

“But you know what?” He whispered so softly just the two could hear. “There are times when it’s all worth it. When she talks to me in her sweetened voice, when her face brightens up when she notices me, it’s those stolen moments that makes loving her worth the pain. I’m ashamed to admit it but I would rather spend a life time of hurt and jealousy if it meant that I could steal those moments away from everyone else.”  

There was a long pause between them as they swam in their own thoughts. The night was gripping the Losers tightly, the sun settled in the West allowing the Moon to watch over the earth. “Do you think they will ever love us back?” Richie found himself asking, the question slipping past his lips pathetically.

Ben didn’t reply immediately, he lingered on the question as if unsure he would ever have the correct answer. “I-I don’t know. Crazier things have happened.”

“Hey guys!” Bill’s strong voice called out to them as he rose from the ground. “It’s getting late, we are going to head out!”

“Ben, want to walk me home?” Beverly’s girlish voice asked after Bill’s had subsided.  

Richie watched Haystack’s face light up at the question. “Yeah sure.” He replied casually, a smile forever plastered on his beefy face. He looked over to his trashmouth friend, “Don’t ever give up. I know I won’t.”

“Thanks Haystack.” He muttered, watching his friend stumble down the hill towards his bike. There was a brief second of conversation between him and his secret love before they parted ways with the rest, heading towards the east part of town. Their sallowest were nearly swallowed by the night, lingering only momentarily somewhere along the overly walked path before disappearing.

“You were quiet tonight, is this going to be a new thing?” Richie looked over to Eddie who had slipped his way beside him.  “If it is I approve.”

“Nah.” Richie replied, a sly grin growing on his face for the first time that day. “I’m just saving my pipes for your mom later.” Eddie didn’t reply, he only chuckled slightly offering him a sweetened smile that sent shivers down his friend’s spine.

Richie looked over to their lonely bikes, noticing that Bill, Stan and Mike had left without him noticing. “Aren’t you gonna walk with Bill home?”

Eddie offered a confused look, “What? Why? I always walk with you.”

“Right.” He replied softly, pushing his glasses up his nose hoping that Eddie wouldn’t notice the pink hue that began to spread along his face.

“Well let’s get home, if I wait any longer my mom is going to have a conniption.”

“After you Eds.” He offered, bowing his body slightly forcing his wild hair to cover his face.

“Don’t call me Eds.” Eddie replied harshly, starting his way to their bikes. “You know I hate that!”

“Whatever you say Eds.”

“God damn it Richie!”


Overview: After a tragic turn of events, seven year old Riley Matthews is taken in by her godfather, Shawn Hunter, a writer with a desire to travel and a lack of experience in parenting. When Riley turns seventeen, Shawn moves them to a small town in Texas hoping a change of atmosphere will help with Riley’s anti-social nature. While there, he reconnects with a ghost from his past and Riley befriends a small group of misfit boys. (Italics indicate flashbacks)
Trigger Warnings: Mention of death *not a fluffy fic*
Rated: M [adult language + situations]
Chapter: One

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You’re an idiot. Derek x male!reader

Requested by: Anon

By the way, Derek has an older brother, who was older than Laura that died in the fire. Also you have an older brother in this as well.

I hope this is okay :)

Warnings: mentions of deceased, sad Derek.

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You had joined the pack about a month ago, you attended all pack meetings that made you feel as though you had a job, you had bonded with everyone. Well, almost everyone, Derek Hale, the ex alpha of the pack, you had still yet to warm up to. You didn’t understand why he didn’t seem to like you, you had brought this up to Stiles who had just said: “He’s just a sourwolf.” and moved on. But you felt like it was more than that, you felt like it was, like it was something more. 

You were currently sat in a pack meeting, you sat on the floor cross-legged, despite being a twenty year old man. You decided to tune back into the conversation. “I say we kill the beast.” Stiles chimed in. 

“Calm down Gaston.“ You joked, rolling your eyes halfheartedly, “We were able to turn Jackson into a not-kanima, we might be able to do the same.“ Stiles looked at you, eye twitching. Derek turned to you, arms still folded from when he was saying whatever the hell he was saying before, you weren’t really paying much attention (maybe that’s why he always glares at you…). 

“What if we can’t?“ Scott said. You sighed, standing up and stretching your legs.

“We have to at least try, right?“ You asked, “I mean, with the Nogitsune we tried, the Kanima, the Darach. Okay, bad example, she was plain evil.“ You shivered at the memories. “My point is, is if we don’t try, we could just be killing someone who doesn’t need to be killed. Which would make us basically Peter.“

“I take great offense to that. I had reasoning to do that.“ Peter (lamely) attempted to defend his case.

“Yep, so much reasoning, like so much.“ Stiles nodded sarcastically. You just glared, you actually hated Peter. So much. You understood why he did what he did, it was for revenge, fair enough. But killing his niece, Derek’s sister? That was one reason you hated him. That and, well, his personality.

“I cannot be dealing with this right now.“ Derek mumbled under his breath. Somehow, no one else seemed to hear it, or acknowledged it. Curiosity got the best of you and when you were sure Derek wasn’t looking you turned your head to observe his behavior.

You furrowed your eyebrows as you looked at him. His face was filled with a pain you recognised due to your own experience. It was full of pain, the type you get absorbed with when you lose someone dear to you. Someone who has a place in your heart. Someone who you are so extraordinarily close to that when they feel pain, you feel it too. That when they are gone, a part of you is gone too. Your confusion grows when Derek sneaks out of the room, everyone else too busy talking among themselves to even notice him gone, except for Peter, who was staring at him. What a creep. 

You had already started moving after Derek before you had consciously made the decision to start moving, your body doing the work for you. You walked up the spiral stairs, following Derek’s soft footsteps into his room. 

Since you were a couple of feet behind him, when you entered his room, lightly opening the door and then shutting it, he was already sat on the end of his double sized bed. “Hey,” you spoke softly, carefully (and slightly awkwardly) you sat down next to him. 

“You know, when I was five, I was riding a bike down a hill and my older brother was at the bottom of the hill and I crashed into him.“ You said, spouting a random memory to take Derek’s mind off of whatever was making him upset.

“My older brother would push me down a hill on a bike. When I couldn’t ride one.“ Derek responded he looked to the side, away from you as he felt a tear slip down his cheek. He wouldn’t normally show any emotion around anyone else, but you were just really easy to talk to. You actually listened.

Sighing, you gave Derek an awkward side hug, “It’s okay to cry. It hydrates your eyes.” You said, with a nod of the head.

“Your an idiot.“ Derek deadpanned. 

“But you love me.“ You grinned, you both froze. “er…“ Derek just laughed.

“You’re so big headed.“

richie with vocal tics
  • richie feels sort of weird about it but.. 
  • he makes Noises when he’s anxious
  • or excited
  • or has too much energy
  • or really happy
  • or overwhelmed
  • he doesn’t know why but they make him feel good and help him not feel so
  • keyed up
  • and it feels good to make them!
  • people think that its weird and at first it like annoys the losers
  • they think he’s just doing it to be stupid or be Richie and get attention and stuff
  • and he doesnt say anything and laughs when they tell him to stop and has to hold it in
  • but eventually bev picks up on the fact that richie is consciously trying to stop these noises
  • and that it seems difficult for him and he just seems uncomforyable when h has to stop
  • so she takes her best friend up by the rear (metaphorically) and sits him down and is like
  • “richie, dude, you have to talk to us or nothing will ever progress”
  • and richie is just
  • richie: squirms uncomfortably in the chair and mumbles nonsense
  • bev: “richie come On”
  • and richie finally explains and is like “i know its weird guys i already feel like a freak but like i cant??? help it???”
  • and the losers are like
  • “freak whom not you we’re sorry we were like that but you gotta talk to us”
  • SO anyways the losers become better with it and learn abt what noises richie makes and why he makes them
  • stan teaches richie different bird calls and now richie chirps a lot and chirps at birds outside to like mimic them
  • he likes mimicking sounds animals make a lot
  • and during scary movies he makes little “meow” noises cause they help him feel more safe
  • his friends think its really cute
  • he hums and repeats things a lot, especially when sleepy
  • he repeated “theres a dog in the kitchen” in a british accent for like an hour and a half ((not all the way through)) when sleepy and bill and mike thought it was rlly cute
  • he likes saying certain words in accents
  • and he repeats words he hears a lot
  • when he’s going down a hill on his bike he always howls cause the rush of energy and adrenaline and the wind in his face is good
  • and at pep rallys he’ll howl real loud
  • and if anyone stares the other losers will howl with him
  • he develops different vocal tics sometimes
  • sometimes theyre permanent and sometimes its just because it feels good at the time
  • his main ones are animal noises though
  • and sometimes he has to stop mid sentence to like chirp or smth
  • if hes scared or too upset he’ll do little whimper noises or whines
  • trilling noises are very good when happy!!!
  • growling when frustrated with tests and school and home
  • eddie likes when he makes soft coos or meows
  • or the hums
  • anyways um richie with vocal tics id kill for it
  • ty to the it discord for helping w/ headcanons

basicpixels  asked:


Thank you for this!!😏💗

1. At a fancy dinner, he once laughed so hard he got wine out his nose.
2. Back when he was lead singer of a very famous band, he once had to do a concert while having a flu. He could barely sing, and in the middle of a song he got a huge cough attack. He coughed so much he ended up puking on stage, then proceeded to slip in it as he tried to walk  to where he had placed his water bottle.
3. He was a very cocky teen, but when it was time for his first time, he got so nervous he nearly peed himself. The only way he prevented it from happening was to punch himself in the crotch. Which resulted in a slightly painful first time, and a very sore and bruised penis the day after.
4. He’s very clumsy, not that that’s any secret, but the fact that he once lost control of his motor bike down hill, and drove into a police car, is….
Did I mention he was butt naked?
5. Andy has a fetish for long vegetables…………………………..

hunny-cherub  asked:

1, 10, 20, 38 ♡♡♡

1. First things first, did you have a good year?
- no but i miss the summer so much i want to cry , i miss my mother’s old house and i miss isolation

10. What song sums up this year for you
- spirit desire by tigers jaw according to spotify

20. Did you develop a new obsession?
- i don’t think i’ve ever been obsessed wiv anything but i did develop a deeper interest in mushrooms !!!

38. What was the best moment of the year for you?
- riding down a hill on a bike wiv my sister aravis. in my journal it says “i would like to keep the feeling of riding down the hill to the park with aravis close to me because it is important. it is a cool breeeze , feels like the gravity pull on a rollercoaster in your tummy , it is very airy , feels like a soft poem maybe. a picnic in your backpack , swinging your legs out on the comedown. it is gentle and pure. it would die in a bottle, but i wouldn’t know where else to stick it.”

thank u for askin 🍄🦔

when i was young i used to think
that the feeling i got when i was swinging on the swingset
or when i was riding down a hill on my bike
was the greatest feeling in the world,
and that’s what I should live for.

i used to think that life
was made up of the hilltop highs
where bliss embraced me as if i were it’s child,
and dreadful lows that kept me from my true mother’s arms.
i used to bounce on trampolines,
dig trenches in the dirt until they became a part of my knees
and regard my friends as fellow adventurers on my quest for eternal moments.

i used to pull my worries over my head every night as blankets
and lay there tying knots in every organ that i had built strings into.
i would lay outside my parents door, knocking on it with the wimpers of my loneliness.

when i was young, life was just a list of emotions like rollercoasters
that i would find myself in line for.
most caused my pulse to race and my hair to stand up straight.
others made me sick and seduced me into believing the world was about to end.
but i always found myself back on solid ground
searching for the next thrill.

i’m older now, and things have drastically changed
trampolines are now death machines
whose targets are my back and knees
dirt is no longer a crafting material,
because its sole purpose is to muck up my pristine arrangement of clothes.
but i still pull my worries over my head as blankets each night
i still let the absence of light convince me
that my last moments will be spent regretting how little eye contact i gave, how little time i spared and how often i forget i’m even living.

I still think life is made up the blissful highs and dreadful lows
but i’m usually somewhere inbetween,
and sometimes i believe that’s much worse.
but now I spend most of my time
remembering the good ol’ days
of adventures and reckless naivety,
now I’m holding onto the hope that one day
hoping that every day
i can use what i’ve learned about how beautiful life can be
and share it with the hopeless and broken.
lets venture together.
maybe we can share your burdens together
and maybe, just for a moment, you can breath as a child breathes
unburdened, hopeful
and full of imagination.
God knows it’s difficult for even me
and you’ll believe that bliss
is a matter of finally stepping into the river
and letting the current
wash away the blanket of worries and anxieties
that so often cover our eyes.

and just for a while we can pretend that the world doesn’t feel like a mountain on our backs.

when i was young
i used to think, and hope, that i would never grow old
and now that i’m somewhere in between young
and not young anymore,
and i’m still thinking the same thing

anonymous asked:

what is your favorite movie and why

Ah !!!! Good question!!! Usually whenever I am able to sit through an entire movie I end up feeling like it is the greatest film ever made in the history of time. So many different movies affect me in different ways. Lately however, something has happened to my attention span and I cannot get through more than 20 minutes of a movie at once, even when it is beautiful !!!! In terms of most resounding significance, I would probably say Gummo is my favorite. It pretty much changed the way I create art !!! Every single image is incredible, every character is fascinating, the music is perfect, ect ect. Probably my favorite scene is where Tummler is riding down the hill on his bike and reciting a poem abt the man who spills gravy everywhere!!! So many others tho! I could go on and on! The movie can be watched repeatedly forever to me! A lot of times its just specific imagery and moments and colors that stand out more than anything. Harmony Korine in general is probably my favorite director! Other movies that have impacted me are: Mysterious Skin, All The Real Girls, The Strangers, Annie Hall, American Beauty, Heathers, Whats Eating Gilbert Grape, Blue Velvet, American Psycho, Black Swan….the list goes on!!! Probably just a lot of the classic # films that everyone loves lmao. Always open to recommendations! I know there are TONS of good movies I haven’t seen! Lots I have been intending to watch as well. I am also greatly influenced by Jonas Mekas! Also the short films of Cecilia Condit are brilliant!!! Also I love the movie Hot Rod lol. And Superbad!!! I have seen that movie over 100 times possibly what a flick

bowstavern  asked:

What's the worst injury you ever got while exercising?

I once misjudged a box jump - literally jumping straight up onto a box about three feet high - and scraped the edge down the entire length of my leg. It didn’t break the skin but it ricocheted off several bits of my lower leg near the bone and left some bruising. That was a lovely shade for a while.

Also there’s the infamous bicycle mud crash where the back tyre went from behind me, causing me to bash my knee whilst skidding down a hill underneath the bike. Also bruised my hand and hip in the fall and took a bit off my chin. I couldn’t move my knee properly for about a month - still have scarred tissue and some sensitivity when putting full weight on the skin. I’m lucky though - had I landed on the knee without the hill being present I may not have had a working knee for the rest of my life.