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Chicken || Kim Taehyung

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It had started on a Saturday night. You had been dragged out of your shared apartment by a couple of friends and your room-mate, claiming that you didn’t get out enough. They had dressed you up in a pair of shorts and tank top that you wouldn’t normally be seen in, preferring to wear comfortable and more appropriate clothes.

Of course you definitely hadn’t expected to meet him. Taehyung, or Tae-tae as you called him now. That night had been the first night you had ever spoken to him, and it became the beginning of a wonderful friendship. There was something about the slightly obnoxious boy that you had learned to grow accustomed too, and even as he went around making friends with everybody, he always made his way back to you.

Taehyung had been one of those people who never took no for an answer, so while you first started hanging out it had been more forced than anything. There were days when you would come home from class and you would just want to study and curl up, but it would be quickly interrupted by the boy breaking into your apartment and dragging you out to do something that could possibly get the both of you killed, or worse, expelled.

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some fun modern aus

  • ”you just fell down like three flights of stairs and i have emergency medical training so i’m making sure you’re ok but it looked fucking hilarious and i can’t stop laughing oh my god i am so sorry” au
  • ”your friend took some weird pill at a party and you came with them to the hospital and it’s 3am and i’m finally getting off of work after about 17 hours do you want me to bring you a coffee and we can chill” au
  • -”we live in two adjacent apartment buildings and yours allows pets and mine doesn’t so i’m always coming over to hang out with your dog” au
  • -”i got really drunk last night and yelled out my window for someone to get me a pizza and you did and you’re super nice about it???” au
  • -”i saw you getting harassed on the street and i tried to step in but i got punched in the face and then you beat the guy up and holy shit that was hot” au
  • “we both showed up to buy drugs from this drug dealer but the police are here and we look kinda seedy so hey let’s pretend to be a couple on a midnight stroll” au
  • “i was riding down a hill on my bike and texting on my phone and i just rammed into the back of your parked car and ripped my knee open i know this was a new car and i know i’m an idiot but could you please call an ambulance i’m bleeding” au
  • “i’m a smoker and you have asthma” au
  • “you’re having a panic attack in the middle of this big event and everyone’s either oblivious or doesn’t know what to do and i don’t know you but let me get you some water and you can cry on me if you want to” au
  • “your car died and i gave you a jump but now my car’s not wanting to start and i think we’re both fucked” au
  • “we were cooling off in this fountain because it’s hot as hell outside and apparently someone called the cops on us oh my god run” au

katlianisms  asked:

Don't tell er! (K was riding down a hill on his bike and tried to use a big crack in the sidewalk as a ramp. Broke his arm. Apparently this isn't the first time something like this has happened because him and the doc were pretty chummy and the doc said while he didn't need meds, he'd prescribe em cause "after a while you start feeling sorry for them.")

nice one!!!! nice one!!!!!!!!!

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what is your favorite movie and why

Ah !!!! Good question!!! Usually whenever I am able to sit through an entire movie I end up feeling like it is the greatest film ever made in the history of time. So many different movies affect me in different ways. Lately however, something has happened to my attention span and I cannot get through more than 20 minutes of a movie at once, even when it is beautiful !!!! In terms of most resounding significance, I would probably say Gummo is my favorite. It pretty much changed the way I create art !!! Every single image is incredible, every character is fascinating, the music is perfect, ect ect. Probably my favorite scene is where Tummler is riding down the hill on his bike and reciting a poem abt the man who spills gravy everywhere!!! So many others tho! I could go on and on! The movie can be watched repeatedly forever to me! A lot of times its just specific imagery and moments and colors that stand out more than anything. Harmony Korine in general is probably my favorite director! Other movies that have impacted me are: Mysterious Skin, All The Real Girls, The Strangers, Annie Hall, American Beauty, Heathers, Whats Eating Gilbert Grape, Blue Velvet, American Psycho, Black Swan….the list goes on!!! Probably just a lot of the classic # films that everyone loves lmao. Always open to recommendations! I know there are TONS of good movies I haven’t seen! Lots I have been intending to watch as well. I am also greatly influenced by Jonas Mekas! Also the short films of Cecilia Condit are brilliant!!! Also I love the movie Hot Rod lol. And Superbad!!! I have seen that movie over 100 times possibly what a flick

when i was young i used to think
that the feeling i got when i was swinging on the swingset
or when i was riding down a hill on my bike
was the greatest feeling in the world,
and that’s what I should live for.

i used to think that life
was made up of the hilltop highs
where bliss embraced me as if i were it’s child,
and dreadful lows that kept me from my true mother’s arms.
i used to bounce on trampolines,
dig trenches in the dirt until they became a part of my knees
and regard my friends as fellow adventurers on my quest for eternal moments.

i used to pull my worries over my head every night as blankets
and lay there tying knots in every organ that i had built strings into.
i would lay outside my parents door, knocking on it with the wimpers of my loneliness.

when i was young, life was just a list of emotions like rollercoasters
that i would find myself in line for.
most caused my pulse to race and my hair to stand up straight.
others made me sick and seduced me into believing the world was about to end.
but i always found myself back on solid ground
searching for the next thrill.

i’m older now, and things have drastically changed
trampolines are now death machines
whose targets are my back and knees
dirt is no longer a crafting material,
because its sole purpose is to muck up my pristine arrangement of clothes.
but i still pull my worries over my head as blankets each night
i still let the absence of light convince me
that my last moments will be spent regretting how little eye contact i gave, how little time i spared and how often i forget i’m even living.

I still think life is made up the blissful highs and dreadful lows
but i’m usually somewhere inbetween,
and sometimes i believe that’s much worse.
but now I spend most of my time
remembering the good ol’ days
of adventures and reckless naivety,
now I’m holding onto the hope that one day
hoping that every day
i can use what i’ve learned about how beautiful life can be
and share it with the hopeless and broken.
lets venture together.
maybe we can share your burdens together
and maybe, just for a moment, you can breath as a child breathes
unburdened, hopeful
and full of imagination.
God knows it’s difficult for even me
and you’ll believe that bliss
is a matter of finally stepping into the river
and letting the current
wash away the blanket of worries and anxieties
that so often cover our eyes.

and just for a while we can pretend that the world doesn’t feel like a mountain on our backs.

when i was young
i used to think, and hope, that i would never grow old
and now that i’m somewhere in between young
and not young anymore,
and i’m still thinking the same thing

bowstavern  asked:

What's the worst injury you ever got while exercising?

I once misjudged a box jump - literally jumping straight up onto a box about three feet high - and scraped the edge down the entire length of my leg. It didn’t break the skin but it ricocheted off several bits of my lower leg near the bone and left some bruising. That was a lovely shade for a while.

Also there’s the infamous bicycle mud crash where the back tyre went from behind me, causing me to bash my knee whilst skidding down a hill underneath the bike. Also bruised my hand and hip in the fall and took a bit off my chin. I couldn’t move my knee properly for about a month - still have scarred tissue and some sensitivity when putting full weight on the skin. I’m lucky though - had I landed on the knee without the hill being present I may not have had a working knee for the rest of my life.