down for the clown


A body on the floor

He’s dead and cold

Who killed this man?

We need a search

We need to find out

Who carried out this plan?

Who killed markiplier?

Who caused him to die?

Who killed markiplier?

Who did it, and why?

It wasn’t me

It wasn’t him

It wasn’t you

It wasn’t her, my friend

Narrow it down

And find the clown

Who brought Mark’s life 

To a sudden end

Find them

The murderer

Who had killed


@secretatotiusmundi here’s another murder song, I don’t have a tune for it though.

It’s the start of the Great Depression, 1929. The cobbled stone of Main Street in Natchitoches, Louisiana was no different than any other city. It’s streets were filled with out of business signs and people begging for work with little pay.

The general store was barely squeezing by but they didn’t pay for labor. The family tended the store with the oldest Lars stuck there instead of college as was planned. Just as his thoughts were drifting to the future as he swept the store front he gazed ahead to the playing of music. It was a familiar tune that he remembered from years back when the circus had last visited their little town.

The ringmaster had his megaphone in hand, announcing their arrival and inviting all to come on down to the big top for entertainment of all kinds. The clowns ran around the cars and played with the children who had little to smile about on most days. Ben stopped his sweeping and watched the parade of strange folk. There was everything you’d expect and more. A massive elephant was tagging between two wagons that carried the clown and the family of trapeze artists. It was massive and Ben had only seen them in books before, he was amazed and marveled at all the sights.

Just as he was about to return to his work the ringmaster announced the new addition to their family, the amazing Jinn! Ben turned, curious as to what and who this man was, only to meet midnight eyes that made him swallow hard and stare at the shirtless man with tanned skin and bulging muscles.

“Come and meet the amazing Jinn, straight from Ireland, a blacksmith’s son that can beat any man, swoon any woman and even move this here elephant! Come and meet the strong man for two nights only!”

Jinn smiled and waved to the crowd, his eyes locking with that of the young lad with auburn hair and emerald eyes. He had just immigrated from Ireland and joined this troupe of Merry men and women, many called them circus freaks but he was beginning to call them family. Besides he fit in and they didn’t question or shun him for his proclivities towards the same sex.

Jinn winked at the young lad, being pulled along as the parade continued on. As they passed so did the moment, the young man being yanked by the ear by what appeared to be his father.

“Get yer head out of the clouds Benjamin Lars! You have work to do and I’m damned if yer gonna waste your time with those freaks! Get that order inside put away and I expect you to close the store tonight!”

Ben just nodded at his father and sighed. He would never get out of this place, he’d never see the world but he would get a night out. Even if that meant sneaking out. Benjamin turned and watched the parade move completely out of sight. Little did he know that this wasn’t just a nightly escape but the start of his ever after.

  • I dont know know if I’ll ever write this but I wanted a story to go with the picture I made. The circus au that I never thought I wanted.
  • stranger: (crouches down to pat my clown) wow what breed are they?
  • me: 1930s traveling hobo crossed with a 1980s washed up carnie - we think there might be some french mime in there on the hobo side
  • clown: (honks a B-flat)

When I saw the first pic with Bill and Jackson together, I quickly thought of a moment during filming where they’re doing the opening sewer scene and they made a lot of takes and when they finally got it, Bill quickly crawls out of the sewer to ask Jackson if he’s ok and telling him he did great and all just for Bill notice him yawning, so he picks him up and heads to his trailer to lay him down for a nap.