down filled jacket

No meat, no milk, no wool, no silk,
No eggs, no honey, my choice, my money..

No shooting, no snares, no coursing of hares,
No circus, no zoo, no rodeo too..

No fur, no leather, no saddle, no tether,
No eggs, no fish, no cruelties “MY WISH”

No feathers, no suede, no Ivory trade,
No poison of “Pests”, no animal tests..

No killing, no using, my value, my choosing,
No cage, no pen, no veal crate again..

No hunting, no breeding, no hurting, no bleeding,
No feedlot, no kill floor, no tail dock, no declaw..

No blood, no bones, no screams, no moans,
No suffering, no pain..


-Rolando Celina

George Ingle Finch, (1888 - 1970) was a chemist and mountaineer and known for creating the first down jacket for a 1922 Mount Everest Expedition.  

“Is this your famous balloon jacket?”

Finch glowered at me.  It was obvious that he’d endured too much teasing about that particular article of clothing.  "It’s the goose-down-filled outer jacket I devised for Everest,“ he snapped.  "Yes, it’s balloon fabric - the only material I could find that wouldn’t tear or rip and which could be easily sewn for the compartments of eiderdown.  It kept me warm at almost twenty-four thousand feet below the the North East Ridge.”

From “The Abominable: A Novel” by Dan Simmons

Shirt Jackets

16 styles to wear into the colder months

When getting dressed in the morning, keep it simple and kill two birds with one stone - wear a shirt that also doubles as a jacket. It’s warm lining and button-up style, keeps you cozy minus all the bulky layers. From North Face quilted down and Urban Outfitters insulated plaid to Forever 21 wool with pockets and Steven Alan mid weight with stripes, save your thick coats for snow days and stock up on some of the season’s best shirt jackets below.

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Save your thick coats for snow days!

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