down by the sea

nice things that got7 remind me of

Mark: the feeling you get when you finally win a prize at a carnival and get to happily carry it around all night long

Jackson: really nice walks through wooded areas in the middle of spring when there’s not many bugs and a slight breeze

Jaebum: late nights with friends at the park simply swinging on a swing set and talking about feelings you wouldn’t dare talk about in the day time

Jinyoung: days down the shore when it’s slightly overcast, the sea breeze is chilly, and there’s barely anyone on the boardwalk

Youngjae: the night sky on a really clear winter night when the air is crisp and the stars are shining brighter than anything you’ve ever seen

Bambam: a bright summer day outside either with friends of by yourself just enjoying life

Yugyeom: fall days when it’s still warm enough to go out and do things but chilly enough to be wearing a sweater


Everything is on fire. Calm down with this soothing live cam of some west coast sea nettles.

frankenstein poem

-playlist on shuffle

-make a free-verse poem using the first line of the first song, the second line of the second song, etc. etc. until you reach song five or six, that seems about long enough.

-alternately just take the first line of each song, whatever’s easier for you my dude

ex: “take me for a ride, I’m the one you pushed aside
it’s only in your head you feel left out or looked down on
she loves the sea and her people
at the same time, at the same time
the sun is down and we’re bound to get exhausted and so far from the shore”


-actually these could be interesting writing/art prompts

穢(けが)れきった 頭の中 太陽になりたいのさ 優しくね なりたいの 本当は

My late contribution to the Oiran!Ivlis au.

More expressions below cuz yeah.

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He leaned close - the scent of polished leather, and sage hitting her - his lips whisper soft against her brow as he kissed her. 

“Indess,” Zevran murmured, her heart breaking for him. She had known from his glances, the way he would cut across the battlefield to support her, that he thought of her more than a friend. The fact that he still cherished her, knowing she loved another - it felt like she had betrayed him, betrayed his kindness. 

“No matter the decision you make, people will understand.” He pulled back briefly, smiling at her sadly, as if he already knew the answer to his unasked question. “But Antiva is beautiful this time of year. The sea glitters as you walk down the harbour, rain and mud are but a thought, unlike Ferelden." 

There was a wistful tone to his words, the rogue drawing in a deep breath, homesickness hitting him. It always did when he spoke of Antiva. It was hard not to cry at his gentleness, at the calloused touch of his hand on her cheek, fingers stained with betrayal and death, but there was a softness to them - the caress of a lover. 

Perhaps a small bit of her did love him, in some strange, forgotten way. Alistair had claimed her heart, but Zevran made her very soul catch alight. 

"You have sacrificed enough for this world. Come home with me.”

Complete credit to @warsonghold for the stunning snippet! 

(sam like physically reining himself in when dean’s laughing because the wave of relief is almost overwhelming, he feels like he’s gonna choke as he swallows the lump in his throat, and like he gets it, it’s funny, haha because imagine if it hadn’t worked, gosh imagine that, sam wouldn’t have anybody at all even the thin pretence of an anchor to tie him down to reality, just him and his vacant brother in a sea of post it notes and the continual uncertainty about whether he’s dreaming or waking or still in the goddamn cage, no foundation stone to balance on and christ knows things can feel precarious enough as it is)

(he wakes in the middle of the night gasping for air, heaving in scraping breaths like he’s drowning)

The world ‘round you seemed to writhe with an unseen heat, or maybe like a mirror whose glass had been made muddy by steam and water. The world within you roiled and curled up, as if it was a beast afraid. This place was wrong and right and very, very different. It reminded you of how the forest felt in the quiet hours before the evening and between the twilight. Like the eyes that always glued to you when she went off the path into the hidden places deep, deep down into the bowels of that motionless beast.

It felt like the sea’s salty breath when the wind picked up, cutting at her cheeks and eyes and making tears flow silently, like how the river feeds into the sea. It felt like all of that. But it was /wrong/.

The world tilted sideways in the glimmers of the morn, the dew was too fine, too… purposeful to be real. ‘It wasn’t real,’ hissed the voice beneath the bathroom sink. ‘It isn’t yours,’ purred the cat in the back of your mind as it rubbed ‘gainst her legs. ‘It is ours,’ shrieked the crows with their eyes as dark and empty as the eternal nothingness of space.

You had to have a bit of iron, a bit of salt. Those were supposed to protect, but they didn’t. Her eyes—your eyes—revealed all already, no need for trinkets or spells. Though apparently, your eyes were enchanting, or so said the thing that did not even have a face.

‘So beautiful,’ it would coo to you as you tried to sleep. The salt had been moved—blown away—your door open. This thing with limbs stretching and contorting into shapes that weren’t right, not in this reality. Not in any that you would know. ‘They shine like the stars when you look at them through the leaves,’ it sang, though it sounded more like a growl. The Fair Folk knew not how to sing. They only knew pretty words. Even then, those came out wrong.

It touched your face, once. You flinched away but still it touched you, cupped your cheek with a hand which had far too many fingers. ‘I could whisk you away,’ it threatened. It was a threat. The words came out sweet but the sweetness hid only the deep, dark poison within. A hand reached for a dagger wrought of iron and fear and pure rage hidden ‘neath the pillow. ‘I would end you if you tried,’ you replied. No more sweetness, there.

You would fight.

Why wouldn’t you?

It left that night. It didn’t return. You’re glad for that.

The world coiled around you like a serpent choking the life out of a rabbit. The eyes of those things with long faces and shadows that turned in ways completely without respect for how the human mind worked watched you. Followed you. Hunted you.

You kept your dagger very close whenever you slept. Maybe you should trade it in for a sword.

Basically this story is about a girl with the Sight who may not truly be human, who fears deeply the horror happening around her just unseen. She hears what they say and she is too, too scared.

Basically this place mcfuckin sucks for those naturally with the Sight.

TAKE UP FENCING MY DUDE DO IT but yes it would be the absolute worst to have the Sight involuntarily and also what a lovely terrible contrast to the romance of the last few stories.