down by the river looking for peeta

cascadingpearls  asked:

Hi! I'm looking for a fic, possibly incomplete, where it's the summer solstice and girls make little wreath/boats and send them down the river and then the boys try to catch the boat of the girl they like. Peeta tries to catch Katniss's and almost drowns in the process. Hopefully this sounds familiar to someone! Thanks! <3

Hi! That’s And the Sun Stands Still by imontheao3 (must be signed in to Ao3 to read). 

People of Panem: Atala: The head trainer of the hunger games

“No fighting with other tributes, you’ll have plenty time for that in the arena. My advice is don’t ignore the survival skills. Twenty-three of you will die. One will not. Who that is depends on your ability to anticipate. Everyone wants to grab a sword but lots of you will die of natural causes. Ten percent from infection. Twenty percent from dehydration. One year the arena was a frozen tundra. Five years ago it was a burning desert. Exposure can kill you as easily as a knife.”