down blanket


okay but let’s talk about this scene bc isak notices that the blanket doesn’t cover all of evens back and so at first he tries to pull the blanket down but when that doesn’t work he literally puts himself as a blanket to avoid even getting cold and if that’s not the most precious thing you’ve ever seen then idk what is

It’s been about a week of driving on the road, and Stiles gets to his place and drops his things off. The rest of his stuff will be delivered in about another week. 

Stiles stands in the stillness of his tiny apartment and closes his eyes, takes in the quiet, a quiet he hasn’t heard and felt in a long time, when his phone dings.

Stiles opens his eyes, sees it’s text from Scott asking if he made it by the time he said he would. Stiles answered he made it, and then shuts his phone down, and proceeds to lay down on all the blankets he brought with him - his bed won’t be there for a few more days, at least - and sleep.

It’s night when he wakes up, and the street lights are shining into his apartment where he lay in the almost bare living room. Stiles turns on his phone, and this time his heart skips a beat - and Stiles doesn’t quite know why - when he sees the text he’d been expecting from Derek:

Have you made it? Do you want to meet up? 

It was sent an hour ago. Stiles replies back, saying he did and he would, but since it’s night time, they could meet tomorrow?

But Derek replies back a few minutes later that he wouldn’t might meeting up that night. It’s only 7PM, and so Stiles agrees and they agree to meet at a coffee shop a few blocks from where Stiles lives - Derek has been living in D.C. for a few months now, and ever since Stiles told Derek where he would be living, Derek made a point to get to know the area around it. Stiles found that oddly sweet, but he would never tell Derek that. 

Stiles’ heart is beating wildly as he leaves, locking his door behind him. He hasn’t seen Derek in over a year now. They’ve talked over the year, actually they’d talked quite a lot in the past few months, especially, but Stiles hadn’t been face to face with Derek in well over a year. 

Stiles feels and equal measure of excitement and nerves. He feels almost jumpy as he heads down the stairs in his apartment building, and then out into the warm summer night D.C. air. 

He texts Derek that he’s on his way, and Derek texts back that he’s already there, waiting outside. 

Stiles gulps and licks his lips, and walks faster, pocketing his phone.

Stiles is away from the only home he’s known for 18 years. But he feels oddly free. He misses Scott, his dad, everyone like crazy, but he also feels less…heavy. Less like he was drowning. Stiles still looked around him surreptitiously, not able to shake off the habit from almost two and a half years of danger and destruction happening to and around him, but the air is quiet, people barely spare him a glance. 

It feels wonderful.

Stiles is able to breathe

He couldn’t remember the last time he felt this relaxed. 

When he rounds the corner to the coffee shop, he freezes, his inhale sharp when he sees Derek standing outside, and then it feels like his heart trips over itself when Derek hears him and turns towards him, and they lock eyes. 

Derek looks good. He looks as relaxed as Stiles felt. Derek was still in the tight jeans that Stiles remembered him wearing all the time (and damn, they always made Stiles stare a little longer than he should have) but his shirt looked soft and comfortable, and it was a light purple color that made Derek look absolutely…amazing. 

And he wasn’t wearing his signature leather jacket. He wasn’t standing with his arms over his chest. They were at his sides, just hanging, relaxed. He also wasn’t scowling. He was grinning. At Stiles.

And Stiles found himself grinning back. He let out a shocked laugh, and then he was walking fast toward Derek, who started walking toward him too. 

Stiles sped up the last ten or so feet, and then Stiles was practically jumping into Derek’s awaiting arms, and Derek gave a small “oof” as if Stiles, fragile human that he was, was able to knock the breath out of Derek. 

“Sorry,” Stiles murmured. 

But he felt Derek shake his head and wrap Stiles up firmly in his arms, and Stiles breathed out softly, tightening his arms around Derek’s shoulders and resting his cheek against Derek’s.

“I missed you,” Stiles whispered, surprised he let that slip out. But he did nothing to take the words back. 

“I missed you, too,” Derek said, and Stiles shivered. He and Derek had mostly texted over the past year, and the last time they had talked on the phone had been months ago. Stiles had missed his soft, beautiful voice. It was like honey to Stiles’ ears.

Two and a half years. That’s how long Stiles had basically lived in hell. 

But now….now, Stiles was getting out of it. With Derek, who actually picked Stiles up enough that Stiles was then on his tippy toes, somehow bringing Stiles closer in his arms, and Stiles huffed out a laugh. 


“Shh, just enjoy it,” Derek murmured. 

“Can’t imagine the Derek I knew saying that,” Stiles whispered. Even at the end, before Derek left, when he was in such a good place, he hadn’t quite been like this. So happy. So relaxed. So ready to hug someone. And hug them closely, for that matter. 

“Yeah, well…some time away helps,” Derek murmured, and Stiles felt his heart beating faster when he felt Derek brush his lips lightly against Stiles’ neck. 

“Good thing I’m getting some time away, then,” Stiles murmured. And then after a long moment, “with you,” Stiles said. 

He felt Derek inhale sharply, and then the arms around him tighten. But it didn’t feel restrictive. It felt amazingly comforting. Stiles felt warm, safe. Relaxed. And maybe even a little bit happy.

“I’m glad you’re getting time away, too. With me.”

Stiles smiled, buried his smile against Derek’s shoulder, and then decided to hold on to Derek just a little longer. 

He didn’t feel the need to be anywhere else. 

Why Park Bo Gum is Such A Beautiful Man

He has a sweet boyfriend image

and so much swag! 

He can play the piano and sing.  

He’s not pro with cello but he still looks good playin’ it. 

He gives warm hug to his bro.

He’s good even when he’s bad. 

He wud be the best view when waking up. 

He swings that wand with bravado.

He knows how to enjoy his food. 

And sometimes he can’t wait to eat his food.

He doesn’t drink or smoke, he keeps his body with healthy lifestyle. 

He haz those deep clear eyes that you want to dive into. 

He is cute and adorable as a boy,

yet hot and sexy as a girl. 

He automatically grooves with his feeling. 

He enjoys his time and dances the stress away. 

He glows with excitement like a moonlight. 

He turns to positive thing when he’s down. 

He folds his blanket after woke up. 

He looks good as a delinquent student…

and even better as a fresh office worker. 

He can play evil role perfectly on screen. 

He’s friendly and kind with fan service in real life. 

He’s not really confident in driving and feels better with taking a subway. 

He automatically sets table for his seniors. 

He enjoys rice really well and even earns nickname Bap Bo Gum (bap = rice) 

He is perfect for many food commercials from rice, chicken, ramen to pizza

He lingers in our mind with that playful smile. 

He’d be your dreamy date at the amusement park. 

But after all he’s just a human like us who gets panicked on a scary ride

and needs a good night sleep. 

So that’s why we love Park Bo Gum. With so many good things in the future, this young talented actor will always be our favorite. 

See ya on the next project. 


The touch of another person’s hands.

Hands that wrap us in warmth, that hold us close. Hands that guide us to shelter, to comfort. Hands that hold and touch and reassure us through crisis. The first thing we ever learn is that the touch of someone else’s hand can ease pain and make things better. 

  • Tom Felton: I'm so happy everything is arranged for me to play this character! Where do I need to sign?
  • Casting Executive: Oh, before that, I need to tell you, you are gonna have to dye your hair for th...
  • Tom Felton: *flips table*
  • Tom Felton: *backflips out of room*
  • Tom Felton: *sets fire to building*
  • Tom Felton: *destroys any evidence of contract*
  • Tom Felton: *changes name*
  • Tom Felton: *moves out of country*
  • Tom Felton: *laying down under 6 blankets in a wooden house with no windows on top of a mountain in Iceland* NOPE
Headcanon that...

Yuri was over in Otabek’s hotel room to watch a movie together the evening after the gpf short programm to get away from all the other skaters.
Two thirds in, Yuri falls asleep leaning against Otabek. Otabek waits until the movie is finished and he’s sure that Yuri is deeply asleep, until he stands up carefully, picks him up like the sleeping beauty he is and carries him to the bed. He lays him down and puts the blanket on him, to make sure he’s warm and comfortable.
Once Otabek is convinced that everything is fine, he proceeds to sleep on the couch.

Introduction Post: Yuzuru Hanyu

I am a bit confused as to why I was asked to do this since I thought there are quite a lot of posts out there already, but… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So sit down, grab a blanket, and have some popcorn; this is going to be long.

‘Cause we’ll be talking about this nerd:

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The Real Drug War

Drug Wars - You should probably read this first

mafia!Jungkook x Reader

Clever as the devil and twice as pretty.
-Holly Black

Warnings: There will be very explicit sexual content, violence, drugs,…

A/N: For people who read my J JK fic, I’m sorry, you’ll recognize one part - I just really wanted it here. None of these pictures are mine - credits to the owners.

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soraa-s-doodles  asked:

a hc about MC and the RFA (V+Saeran bc they need that love too) going on a star gazing date ;)))

I love star gazing so much omg ;0; ;))


  • He wanted to go star gazing with MC for so long 
  • He doesn’t have a car so they get a taxi out of the city 
  • they went out just right outside the city
  • The street lamps on the road were sort of blocking the stars so they walked a bit far from there 
  • The stars were so bright there 
  • Yoosung put down a blanket he brought for them 
  • they laid down and watched the stars 
  • they stayed there all night and ended up falling asleep 
  • and wake up with mosquito bites


  • They were having a cozy night
  • just cuddling and watching a horror movie 
  • and right as the jump scare happened the electricity went out 
  • they both screamed 
  • He turned on the flashlight on his phone and looked outside 
  • the power went out in the entire neighborhood 
  • “I have an idea” 
  • He grabbed MC’s hand and dragged her outside 
  • The stars were already bright when there was electricity 
  • But now they were even brighter 
  • they both just sat in silence holding on to each other watching them 
  • When the electricity came back on the stars weren’t as bright 
  • but they didn’t move 


  • They had to close up the coffee shop later than usual 
  • they started walking home 
  • holding hands 
  • but then suddenly MC stops walking 
  • MC is looking up at the sky with a huge smile 
  • “Jaehee look!” 
  • She looks up and the stars are so bright 
  • they never really got to enjoy the stars together before 
  • They just stand there until it gets too cold 
  • They walk home but pretty slowly since they are both still looking up at the sky 


  • He had planned this 
  • what day. Where they go. The weather 
  • He took MC to a small cabin 
  • it was incredibly cozy 
  • later at night they both had some fancy ass wine
  • He brought her outside to sit on the bench 
  • It was incredible 
  • there was not a single cloud in the sky
  • just stars 
  • This was honestly the best date night 
  • He loved watching MC’s face while they looked at the sky 


  • He said they were just gonna go for a little drive
  • that was 4 hours ago
  • and every time MC asked where they were going he avoided the question 
  • Once they finally got there MC understood why he kept it a surprise 
  • They were literally in the middle of nowhere 
  • No cars, No people, No houses nearby 
  • It was a little cloudy but you could mostly see the stars and it was great 
  • They walked around for a bit before finding a spot to lay down 
  • They cuddled and kissed under the stars 
  • “Hey, MC~ You know what I’ve always wanted to do under the stars?~” 
  • “hmm?” 
  • ;;))


  • He can’t really see the stars 
  • But he knows MC loves the stars 
  • So he does bring them to a small spot where the lights are minimum 
  • Even though he can’t see the stars he really enjoys this moment with MC 
  • MC describes the sky for him 
  • They try to give as much detail as possible 
  • Just hearing MC’s voice is more than enough for him 


  • It was MC’s idea to go star gazing
  • Saeran wasn’t as much for it at first 
  • He prefers the day 
  • He’s just generally not a huge fan of the dark 
  • When they do go MC is holding on to his hand the entire time 
  • They lead him to their favorite spot to star gaze 
  • They sit down and MC rests their head on Saerans shoulder 
  • “Oh! Saeran look! A shooting star! Make a wish!” 
  • “Why?” 
  • “Because it could come true!” 
  • “.. Okay” 
  • He didn’t get why he should wish on a shooting star 
  • But he did 
  • He wished he could have more moments like this with MC 
  • so cheesy Saeran 
  • But that wish will come true 
My Baby, My Pet

Prompt: Could you please do a hc where Neko!Dan has a heat and Phil helps him?

Author’s Note: DUH DUH DUH DUHHH Delivery from the Phan Smut Queen!!! (why am I like this sometimes) Ask for a hc, get a fic, apparently. (1.7k words)

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Shower sex : Joe Sugg Smut


You had just got home after a long day of shopping with all your girl friends. It was fun, yes, but shopping in London was always so busy and it stressed you out. Your boyfriend, Joe had been texting you all day though, flirting and cheesy jokes.

“I’m so happy to see you.” Joe called out from the sofa as you walked in the door of the apartment that you shared.

Joe was laying down, the big furry blanket over him with a beige hoodie on. His hair was messy and he looked tried but you were also very happy to see him. Dropping all your bags and kicking your shoes off, you walked straight over to him.

Joe held out his arms, making space for you under the blanket next to him.
He was so warm as he wrapped his arms around you, pulling you right into his body.

“I missed you today.” Joe mumbled into your hair.

“I’ve only been gone since this morning.” You laughed.

“I don’t care. I wanted to cuddle with you all day.” Joe was so cute sometimes, it made your heart melt.

“Aw, Joe. I missed you too, by the way.”

You cuddled for a while, both too lazy to get up. You watched Joe’s new planet earth dvd - that he got signed, he was so happy about it.

“So, what did you buy today? Anything for me?” Joe asked, his arm still around you as you watched the TV together.

“I got you a t shirt, actually.” You told him, pulling out of his grip.

“No, that didn’t mean you could get up!” Joe whined, clinging onto your waist as you tried to get up.

“Joe,” You laughed. “I’m just going to get those bags.”

Joe finally let go of you and walked over to where you had dropped your shopping bags, picking them up and bringing them over to where Joe was. You got the t shirt that you bought for Joe out of the Zara bag, holding it up in front of him.

“Aw thanks, babe.” He smiled.

“I love seeing you in pink, so I thought i’d help myself out.” You told him truthfully, giving him the light pink t shirt. He had been wearing a lot of hoodies this colour recently and you loved it.

“I like it. So what else did you buy?” He asked.

“Just some clothes and random bits. Oh, but I did buy this thing from lush!” You told him excitedly, reaching for your lush bag.

“What the fuck is that?” Joe laughed as you retrieved a weird blobby thing out of the pot.

“So, apparently if you put it on the shower floor it makes loads of steam come out. I don’t know, it looked cool so I thought i’d try it out.” You shrugged, putting it back into the packet.

“You’re so cute.” He laughed.`

“You’re cuter,” You said, pressing a quick kiss to his soft lips. “But I really want a shower now.”

“No, I was about to go in there!” Joe whined. The thing was, you actually had 2 showers in your apartment but you both preferred the one that had in your en suite.

“Joe.” You pouted, desperate to have some warm water over your head.

“Right, OK, we can shower together.” Joe suggested and you agreed.

Picking up all your shopping bags, you took them to your bedroom. Whilst you took off all your make up and jewellery, Joe had already made it to the bathroom. When you walked into the bathroom, Joe’s clothes were already scattered all over the floor and he was already in the shower.

“Y/N,” Joe whined. “Come on.”

Laughing at how cute and desperate he was, you quickly removed your clothes and stepped into the shower with him.

“Hey.” He grinned.

“Hey.” You replied, smiling back at him.

His naked body was now wet, glistening under the bathroom light. Joe noticed as your eyes trailed up and down his beautiful body.

“Done checking me out?” Joe asked with a chuckle.

“Not my fault my boyfriend is so fucking hot.” You told him, pushing him against the shower wall.

“Oh, someone wants me to fuck them…” Joe grinned, grabbing you by your hips to pull you closer.

“Joeeee.” You whined, dragging out his name and snaking your arms up, around to the back of his neck. You could fell the wet tips of the bottom of his hair.

“Yes, Y/N?” He raised his eyebrows with a smirk.

You didn’t say anything else.

You leaned forward, pressing your lips against Joe’s. He immediately kissed you back, slowly and with passion. Your hands came down, your fingertips dragging against Joe’s toned chest, down to his stomach. He hummed against your lips at the touch. When your hands went to Joe’s length, you realised he was already semi-hard.

“See!” Joe laughed, breaking the kiss. “I know you only want me for my dick!”

You laughed at him before telling him to ssh, kissing him again.

Before you could touch him again, Joe grabbed you by your bum, moving you so you were up against the shower wall instead. He bit down on your lip before kissing you faster, desperately.

His hand went down to your centre, rubbing up and down, making you moan against his lips.

“Jump.” Joe ordered and within seconds he was holding you up by your thighs and you wrapped your legs around his waist. You wrapped your arms tightly around his neck again as you both carried on kissing.

Without warning, Joe pressed his hard length up into you, making you gasp. He moved in and out slowly, allowing you to adjust to his size. Because it was a lot easier for you both, you were on the pill.

“Baby…” Joe moaned, breaking the kiss and picking up the pace.

He began to kiss your neck as his pace got faster and faster. Your hands lingered up, threading through Joe’s damp hair. The water wasn’t even going on you, only on the back of Joe. However, your temperature was high enough that you didn’t want any to go on you.

Joe always filled you up nicely, his technique always sent a million waves of pleasure to ripple through body, straight to your core. Joe’s muscles were tense as he thrusted in and out of you, breathing heavily against your neck.

“Fuck, Joe.” You moaned as he hit your g-spot. The pleasure was so intense, your moans were getting louder and louder. Your whole body moved with Joe as he moved in and out of you.

“You getting close?” He asked you.

“Soon.” You simply answered, pressing a kiss to Joe’s forehead.

Joe moaned your name as his thrusts were getting sloppy, signalling he was hitting his high. His eyes screwed shut as he picked up the pace.

“Baby, i’m there.” You told him before screaming out his name.

He slammed in and out of you, determined to make you cum. Your legs started to shake and you were fortunate that Joe was holding you.

You reached your high, moving your hand back to rest against the wall as Joe pulled out of you.

“You OK?” Joe asked you, putting you down.

“Yeah. You?” You breathed out, stepping under the shower.

Joe nodded before wrapping his arms around you. You both spent the rest of the shower washing each others hair and sneaky kisses here and there.

Open your windows, 
Let the old wind rest; 
Lay down your blankets,
Cover your chest
 Fear not the howls,
 Fear not the screams,
 It’s just the wind whispering,
 Bearing its dreams,
 Its fingers are rough and ice;
They have floated through the arctic,
 Grabbed sadness from hearts once nice 
Let the sleepy breeze in;
Lay down your welcome mat,
 Take out your bin
, Do not call her a monster,
 A beast,
 This world was once hers,
 Long before you came to feast
 So let her stay,
 And let her go, 
Let her kiss your knotted knuckles, 
Let her adorn your heart a bow, 
Take off your warmth;
Uncover your heart
, Open the windows, 
And she will make art
—  leakyhearts