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Childhood friends - Dunkirk Harry

Part One

Unknown number:
Little Lulu Lamb, is that you?

Who the hell is this?

Unknown number:
Your mum passed me your number.

Although the reply hadn’t exactly answered my question, I thought I might have known who it was, just because of the name. Little Lulu Lamb. It was something I hadn’t heard for years.
I scowled down to my phone, because although I’d taken a guess, I manged to talk myself out of it very quickly, since it had been years since we last spoke. He’d gone off and auditioned for The X Factor, and then the boy I’d grown up with just wasn’t around anymore. I hadn’t even seen him since, and I wasn’t sure it was because we’d just missed running into each other, or because we’d never really tried to see each other.
All I could think was that it couldn’t possibly be him.
Why would he bother getting in touch now?

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Good Girl CH 8: One on One

“How was your first day of school?” His question seems innocent, and the longer I stare at him the more I believe that is actually is. I think back to what Suho told me in the office about how I can talk to them as a friend and give Luhan a small smile.

“It was weird being at a new school,” I pause for a second as I try to find the right words so I don’t come across as a bitch. “Meeting all these new people has reminded me how different I look.”

He frowns, “Did someone make fun of how you look?”

I shake my head, “No one said anything and even if they did Jihyo would have kicked their ass.”

“Watch your mouth young lady,” He says firmly.

“Sorry,” I mumble.

“I don’t like such dirty language coming from that pretty mouth of yours’. You are too beautiful for such words. Only sailors and gangsters say stuff like that.” It takes all of my will power not to point out that I’m pretty sure him and the rest of his friends are gangsters. “But other than that are the teachers good, do you like the classes you’re taking? None of them are too hard right?”

I laugh at his worries, “It’s only my first day, things are still kind of rocky but that’s what happens when you switch schools. I like the teachers, well as much as you can like a teacher, but the classes aren’t that bad.”

“If you have any trouble you let one of know, alright?” He strokes my head again.

“Yes, Oppa, thank you.” I nibble on my lips as I debate on if I should ask him anything. “Oppa, I won’t get in trouble if I ask you any questions will I?”

“Why would you get in trouble?”

“It’s just that I don’t know what questions are okay to ask and I just don’t want you guys to get mad at me for asking the wrong question,” I answer honestly.

“You can ask me anything you want,” He gives me a reassuring smile.

With a deep breath I ask, “What do you do?”

He laughs, like full on dying of laughter, “Is that all?”

I nod.

“Oh goodness little lamb, that is a very harmless question. I’m the head of the finical department of our companies.”

“What kind of companies do you guys have?”

He rests his arm on the back of the couch and begins playing with my curls, “We have all sorts of companies, from restaurants to clubs to big businesses that deal with consulting and distribution.”

“If you guys have so many successful businesses why are you guys in involved with…” I let my sentence trail off and I find myself looking out the window, unable to meet his eyes.

“The things we do outside of our companies are a family business. Most things we do don’t involve what you saw Friday night but some times we have to get our hands dirty and that isn’t something we struggle doing. All we usually do is supply and distribute what is asked for.” I find his openness with me comforting, despite what telling me about.

“Can I ask what happened the night in the club?”

He takes a deep breath as he thinks it over, “In the best way I can describe it is that someone shared something with someone else when it was not their business to do so. We had to confront that person but they weren’t alone and you know how the rest went.”

I nod, “Thank you for telling me Deer oppa.”

He smiles, “Call me Lulu oppa.”

I smile back and nod.

“Oh sweetheart!” Kris calls from the other room.

“I guess our time is up,” Lulu sighs, “I’m happy I was able to finally talk to you.”

“Me too!”

“You are so cute,” He coos as he leans in and kisses the top of my head before going back into the living room. I wait patiently for Kris. He comes into the room and grins like an idiot when he sees me waiting.

“How was talking with hyung?” He plops down where Lulu had been moments before with his legs stretched out in front of him and his arms laying across the back of the couch. He has already taken off his jacket and button up now only in a white t-shirt and dress pants.

“It was fun, I hadn’t really talk to him before hand. I haven’t talk to really any of you. But somehow…” My sentence trails off when he pulls me in close, snuggling me into his side.

“Somehow you wrapped us all around your pretty little fingers.” He picks up one of my hands and begins to play with my fingers. “You are just so small and cute and sweet and absolutely perfect.” I blush at his words.

“Lulu oppa told me you guys own a bunch of companies, what do you do there?” I look up at him; with my head resting on his shoulder I’m able to study his handsome face up close.

“I’m the production head.”

Kris and I continue our casual conversation, his warmth radiates off him , making me snuggle in closer, something he welcomes without question. He tells me more about his job and all the things he does, things I would never picture him doing. He seemed like the rich play boy type with dozens of different girls every night and partying constantly but the more I talk to him the more wrong I realize my idea of him was. Dimple peeks his head in when our time is up. Kris whines as he is forced to untangle himself from me, something I’m not to fond of either but don’t complain since Dimple comes in to take his place as my heater.

“Oh my, you are cold,” Dimple worries as he basically wraps himself around me, pulling me on to his lap. He cocoons the blanket around us, making feel warm and safe. “I’m sorry, this is our first time officially meeting and I trap you in a cocoon,” He mumbles awkwardly and he tries to move us back but I stop him and pull his arms back around me. I curl into a ball and rest my head against his chest.

“This is one of the best first meetings I’ve ever had,” I smile up at him.

The boy blushes, “I’m Lay, or you can call me Dimple if you still want to.”

“Lay,” I echo back, “I’m Jooyoung, and you can call me whatever, everyone seems to be coming up with nicknames.”

“Nice to meet you, Kitten,” He chuckles as he offers me one of his hands.

I laugh and shake his hand, “Same to you. Lay oppa, how old are you?”

“I’m 21, I’m still in university.”

“What are you studying?” I stare up at him.

“Hospitality, I’m planning on becoming head of the human resources department when I graduate.”

I nod, tracing little circles on his chest, “You seem like you’d be good at that.”

He chuckles, “Why is that?”

“Because you are a very warm person. You all are surprisingly warm once someone gets you too show your true selves but unless that happens the rest of them can look cold or mean. But you just look warm.”

Our time passes quickly after some conversations about school, Lay does what I thought was impossible and looked kind of scary when he had to literally hand me over to Puppy. The over excited boy sits down on the soft rug with me, curled around me like Lay was.

“We finally meet,” He beams at me.

“Yes we do Puppy oppa.”

He snickers, “Why a puppy?”

“Sorry, I came up with it when I was drunk so it just kind of made sense at the time, and now I don’t bother to question it.”

“Baekhyun, my name is Baekhyun, little girl.” He pronounces it slowly, as if I was a child.

“Well Baekhyun oppa, what do you want to talk about? Are you in school too?” I ask.

He nods, “I go to the same school as Lay hyung and Chen.”

“Chen?” I cock my head at him, making him laugh cutely.

“I think you call him Dino.”

I clap my hands together in realization, “Oh! Yea, that one, okay! What are you studying? Are you going to join the company as well?”

“Wow they sure told you a lot.”

“Do I already know too much?” I ask nervously. But Baekhyun is quick to calm my nerves, he starts rubbing my back soothingly.

“I didn’t mean to get you worried, I was just thinking out loud. My hyungs just aren’t the open book type. I can admit I have a big mouth, which is why I’m going to be in relations, I can talk a person’s ear off if they let me. I’m just surprised that they told you anything about themselves, here I thought they were just man handling you over here.” He continues to ramble on cutely, I sit back and watch him talk about his hyungs and dongseangs with affection. I don’t say much, just small things that encourage him to keep on talking but I don’t mind at all. His voice is beautiful. “Our time can’t be up yet!” Baekhyun whines as Chen comes into the room dressed in jeans and a t-shirt he some how looks as good as if he were in a hand made suit. “I didn’t get a chance to learn anything about our Joo!”

“Maybe if you would learn to keep your mouth shut, you wouldn’t have that problem, now scram, it’s my turn with the little lamb,” Chen shoos the boy out the door. He looks down at me, still huddled on the floor. “Hi,” He smiles down at me.

“Hi,” I echo back.

“You must be getting bored of all these repetitive conversations.”

I shake my head, “Everyone is so different, it keeps things interesting.” I pat the spot in front of me, “Sit down, tell me about yourself.”

“I would much rather hear about you, and you must be tired of listening to Baekhyun hyung talk for forever,” He says as he sits down in front of me with only a inch in between us, the most space I’ve gotten since this started.

“What would you like to know?”

“Everyone was talking about you and your friend, Jihyo I think, and how you become a completely different person with her. Tell me how you met and what you two do together.”

I find myself laughing at the thought of Jihyo, “We met in the 3rd grade, she had transferred from Seoul and she was the biggest brat I had ever met. She was bossy and mean and snobby. Ugh, I hated her.”

Now it’s his turn to laugh, “That was not what I was expecting, I thought you were best friends?”

“Oh we are, it just took us awhile. She was the stereotypical mean girl, still kind of is. But as time passed she wouldn’t be mean to me, if fact if any of the other kids were mean to me she would bully them right back. I was a really soft spoken child because of the way I was raised so having that person who would defend me was something I really needed. We grew up and got closer, even though we are on two very different levels.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Jihyo is the ideal rich Korean girl while I’m a mixed blood who couldn’t even afford to get lunch everyday. In fact Jihyo started having her maids pack extra food so she could share with me,” I smile at the memory. Chen is giving me a small encouraging smile, urging me to continue. “When we got older Jihyo had to transfer to your guys’ school so we weren’t able to spend as much time together but when we would we could raise some hell. She is a party animal, the crazy girl they write songs about, the heartbreaker, the trail blazer, she is awesome. And she is probably my only real friend.”

“Is that why you get so defensive when Kai makes jokes about her?”

I nod, “I know Jihyo has done a lot of things you wouldn’t want to share with your parents but it’s part of who she is. I don’t enjoy when slutty Jihyo comes out but she does what she wants, dates who she wants.”

He chuckles, “Do I hear a little bitterness?” I hang my head, “Let me guess, she stole a boyfriend or a crush.”

I nod.

“Aw, those are interesting friends to have.”

“She hit on Kitty today and he denied her, is it bad that I kind of enjoyed it?”

He shakes his head, “People like that need to be put in their place every now and then to keep them grounded.”

“You are so wise.”

“Thank you little lamb.” He places a hesitant hand on my knee.

“You are the only one who is afraid to touch me, you and Owl actually.”

He takes his hand away, a blush spreads across his cheeks, “I’m sorry.”

“You don’t have to apologize, I’m just already use to those boys out there who will pick me up without a question.”

“We talked about how we should get your permission to touch you.”

I scoff, “When it comes to casual touching, you don’t have to ask me Oppa.”

He smiles down at his lap and nods.

“Joo-ya!” Elf calls out as he runs up the stairs.

“I guess my time is up,” Chen pouts cutely. I smile at his cuteness and find myself leaning in and placing a kiss on his cheek.

“Thank you for listening.” He grins like an idiot before scrambling out of the room. I look up to find Elf staring down at me.

“Why are you so cute for everyone else?” He pouts as he flops on to the ground on his back. I scoot closer to him, placing his head in my lap and give him one of my best smiles.

“Am I being cute enough?” I coo down at him. His face flushes and he quickly rolls on to his side. I don’t hesitate when I start playing with his hair, I figured it would be relaxing for the both of us. “How was school today?”

“I should be asking you that since you just started, your day was probably more interesting then mine,” His deep voice rumbles.

“I asked first.”

He smiles up at me, “It was pretty fun actually with you there, though I wasn’t able to see you much. I have to get Suho hyung to switch my lunch so we can at least see each other there, I can’t believe he put you in a different lunch than all of us.”

“I think he did it so I could see my friends without someone starting a fight.”

“Do you really think we would start a fight?”

I raise my brow at him, “Are you saying you wouldn’t?”

“Well maybe if those guys weren’t so clingy there wouldn’t be a problem,” He huffs crossing his arms over his chest.

“Those guys are your friends, remember?”


“I’m sorry I made things complicated with them, they say good things about you guys,” I kind of lie.

He cocks and eyebrow at me this time, “Really?”

I shrug, “In between warning me of how dangerous you guys are.”

“Do you think we’re dangerous?”

I pause as I consider his question, “You might be dangerous but I don’t feel like I’m in danger if that makes sense.”

He nods.

He tells me his name, Chanyeol, and a few other things about him. I feel like it’s a lie when Chen yells that time is up, I could talk to Channie for hours about nothing really. I sigh when he gets up from the floor, he kisses the top of my head on his way out. The wait for the next one seems longer than the others, mostly because all the others would bust in the moment they could. I curiously get on all fours and crawl over to the doorway, but just as I’m about to peek through Owl comes tumbling in barely landing on his feet. He looks down at me with those wide eyes, surprised to find me in such a position. I lean back on my heels and stare back up at him, waiting for him to say something.

“Hi Owl oppa,” I try after a minute of nothing. I shuffle closer to him, still on my knees and pull him down to the floor by his sleeve. For some reason I don’t feel any need to be hesitant with this boy, it’s as if I know he would let me do anything and get away with it. “Say something,” I poke him in the stomach, earning nothing but a small groan. “We don’t have that much time, you should say something,” I grab a hold of his hand and wiggle it around in front of him, “Anyone home?” I tease.

When he still does nothing I plop back on my butt and decide to wait for the time to be up. But I the more I stare at him the more I want to hear him say more than that one sentence he said to me earlier. His sweet honey voice echoes threw my head. “How much time do we have left?” I yell out to the waiting boys.

“Tired of him already?” Kris teases.

“One more minute Kitten!” Lay answers me.

“One more minute,” I repeat to Owl boy. But still nothing, I lean forward so our faces are only inches a part, my hands rest on his thighs, “At least tell me your name.” He blinks those big eyes at me. With a deep breath I decide to use the secret weapon Kitty gave to me, “Please tell me your name, Daddy.” It’s as if I flipped a switch, his eyes suddenly appear less innocent more lustful, and he isn’t an owl anymore he’s a…daddy.

“What was that baby girl?” His honey sweet voice asks, leaning closer. I watch his hands slowly take over mine, holding me in place.

I gulp under his hot gaze, “I asked your name.”

He chuckles, “But baby girl, you already know it. I’m daddy.”

“But I can’t call you that in front of other people,” I mumble, sitting back on my heels but he follows holding my hands tightly in his.

“Why not? Don’t you want to let them know whose baby you are?”

“Times up!” Panda yells.

“Kyungsoo,” Owl boy says quickly before he leans back to a normal sitting position when Panda comes in.

“Kyungsoo oppa,” I say making the now cute man smile, all traces of that sexy man gone. He is gone a moment later, I shift my attention to the new man.

“Panda oppa!” I automatically coo at the sight of him, my hand flies to my mouth, surprised by my reaction to him. He busts out in goofy grin. “I’m sorry that was weird. I don’t know where that came from.”

“That’s okay baby girl, I’m happy you’re excited to see me,” He plops down in front of me. His long legs rest on either side of me as he pulls me closer, he holds my head to his chest as his other arm wraps around my shoulders. I sigh, resting my weight against him as his hand begins stroking my hair. “I’m not use to such a warm welcome,” He comments.

“What do you mean?” I ask curiously.

“Most people tend to think I’m scary, or even frighteningly attractive but are still too freaked out to talk to me let alone smile when I come near them.”

“You are definitely not one of the scarier ones in the group, you are very cute to me. Maybe it’s because when we first met, you played that game with me.”

“Oh yea,” He chuckles, “You were very bad at it.”

“Ya! It’s was because I was drunk, I doubt you could do any better if you were drunk.”

“We will never know.”

“Do you not drink?” I wonder.

He shakes his head, “I drink but I don’t ever want to be around you drunk, I doubt I could control myself around you, especially when you’re dressed like this,” He leans back to give me a once over. He seems in a daze as his eyes scan me, he shakes whatever he’s thinking about out of his head before pulling me back to his chest. “Yea lets avoid that situation as much as possible, with any of the hyungs, especially Xiumin hyung. That man wants nothing more than to eat you up whenever he sees you.” I find myself nibbling on my lip at the thought of Kitty and our little incident from before, and my blood starts to boil again.

“Such a naughty Kitty,” I accidently say out loud.

“I never would have pegged you for dirty talk,” He teases.

“I don’t think I could do it,” I say honestly. “I’m pretty sure I would giggle or blush or something if I had to do actual dirty talk.”

“What does a little girl like you have to worry about talking dirty? That little mouth of yours’ shouldn’t say anything but sweet words.”

“Yes Panda oppa.”

“Good girl,” He kisses the top of my head. “But call my Tao or Taotao, okay?”

I nod. Tao tells me about his studies and how he is in the top 3% at school and he is the martial arts champion at our school, and how Sehun and Kai are our basketball all stars. I feel bad as he tries to explain all sort of things about the sports the other boys enjoy but sports are not something I’m good at so most of it goes over my head.

“I can’t wait for you to watch us play sometime, we can go to the gym since it’s going to be awhile before it gets warm.”

“I don’t really like watching sports, do you think I could try playing with you guys? I’m not very good but I figure if I have a couple of experts in my corner I could figure it out,” I smile.

“Oh god no, you could get hurt or something.”

I pout, “Than be gentle with me.” I don’t get the chance to hear his response when Kai barges in.

“Hyung out,” Kai demands, pulling me off the floor and back to the couch. Tao gives me one more smirk before leaving the room. Kai sits down on the couch with me like I was with Luhan, face to face.

“So bossy,” I tease.

“What did you talk about Kyungsoo hyung?” Kai asks curiously.

I shrug, “Nothing really, I barely got his name from him.”

“Kyungsoo Hyung is really weird when it comes to girls,” Kai explains for the older boy.

“You all seem to be. I heard you aren’t touchy people but I beg to differ.”

“We aren’t, not one bit, we can’t stand when people touch us.” I cock an eye brow at him as I watch his hand that is resting on the back of the couch play with my curls.

“How does sex work than?” I find myself wondering out loud. As soon as the words are out of my mouth my face begins to burn with embarrassment, Kai has never looked so amused.

“I could show you but you are different, I would want you to touch me,” He smirks at me.

“You know what I mean, stop teasing,” I swat at him.

“But it’s just so fun, but fine,” He has to stop for a second to get all the laughs out. “We usually end up using restraints or just holding their hands with ours, depends on what we have handy.” I nod, my hands move on their own as I start rubbing my wrist, not liking the idea of being tied up. Kai notices and places his hands over mine, stopping the movement. “Like is said though, you are different, we want to touch you as much as we want you touch us. Understand?”

Again I nod.

“Now if you have any questions about sex, feel free to come to me for answers or demonstrations,” He winks at me.

“Sorry Kai but you are probably the last person I would come to,” I answer honestly.

“Why? Who would ask then?”

“Probably Kitty or Luhan or maybe Suho or Lay.”

Kai scoffs, “What makes them so special?”

“They are the type of people who would take it slow, and be able to control their urges.”

Kai grumbles something under his breath but doesn’t say anything else. The rest of our time is spent with me trying to convince him I don’t hate him and that he is just as attractive as Kitty and Luhan.

Sehun comes rushing in, grinning like a child, he drops to his knees in front of me and buries his face in my stomach, and his arms go around my waist. I laugh as he nuzzles my tummy, tickling me slightly.

“Sehun-ya that tickles, stop it!” I scold the younger boy who just does it more.

“You guys have fun,” Kai grumble as he leaves the room,  a deep frown on his face. I can’t focus on him for long with Sehun wiggling his way under my sweater and button up. His nose finds my bare stomach, he takes a deep breath, breathing me in.

“Sehun, what are you doing? Don’t smell me like that, I haven’t taken a shower today.”

“But Noona,” He whines looking up at me, “You smell so good. Like strawberries and vanilla.”

“Stop saying stuff like that.”

“I can’t help it, I just want burry myself in you right now.” I don’t know if he meant that the way I took it but a blush spreads across my cheeks and I quickly pull my shirt back down making Sehun whine.

“You can’t just say stuff like that.”

He huffs, “But you smell so good and you are just so warm!” He tries to sneak up my shirt again.

Oh boy.

*does one ab workout a month, consistently checks for abs*

Hahahaha, my life.

P.S. - I did a preliminary weigh in because I wanted to know what to expect for Friday, bodyfar went down to 23% on the dot. My friend at the store told me he thinks I can get down to 14%, but I’m aiming for 16.5-17%. I’d even be happy with 18, 19%. I won’t win with that but it’s more about how I feel and look.

Last night after work I went to the gym and did about an hour and 20 minutes of cardio. My entire body is sore from that rough leg day on Monday and I worked out with a buddy of mine on Tuesday for a few hours (no photos from that), so I didn’t want to push it. It’s definitely been a while since I have been at the gym and not been there to lift, but it felt great to get a lot of my weekly cardio out of the way in one shot.


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And lulu and harry? Maybe a Drabble after he comes off stage sining with Stevie? Maybe landslide is one of their songs- or maybe he was going to sing song bird but couldn't because he couldn't get through it without breaking down 😭I love harry and lulu so much

He should have been elated at the end of the show. He should have practically skipped off the stage, maybe let out a few tears. There should have been a smile on his face so large that it was impossible to wipe off.
But that wasn’t what was happening.
He was breathless, brows creased at the centre and hand pressed on his chest.

“You alright?” Mitch asked him, stopping amongst the bustle of people who were backstage, beginning the celebrations immediately.

Harry pushed his back against the wall behind him, looking down to the floor and trying to compose himself. He was totally overwhelmed by the whole thing, leaving him feeling dizzy, lost.
But he wasn’t feeling as euphoric as he knew he should.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” He gasped.

“You need your inhaler?”

“No, I’m fine. It’s fine.”

“Okay. Well, we’re all going to go take pictures and stuff. Catch us up, alright?”

“Sure.” He nodded, swallowing thickly.

In his mind, he was in Holmes Chapel, fifteen years old again, watching Lulu as she flicked through his stepdads vinyl collection, something they used to do together. He’d discovered some of the artists he loved more than anything with Little Lulu Lamb by his side, and she had done the same.
At fifteen years old, Lulu Lambert had heard ‘Edge of Seventeen’ for the first time, and fallen completely in love.
All he could think about was what she would have done if she was there. All he could think about was the fact he wanted to share this moment with her so badly, and he couldn’t.

“Fuck.” He grumbled to himself, gripping his eyes shut tight.

He wished she was there, throwing her arms around him and sobbing and telling him how proud she was. It was the only damn way that his night could get any better than it already was.
But she wasn’t there. Through his own fucking doing, she wasn’t there.
He pictured her again, fifteen years old, wide-eyed, listening and falling in love with a song by the woman he’d just been lucky enough to perform onstage with.
And then he pictured her the last time he saw her, sad eyes and shattered frame.
Both images hurt.

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Imagine Jungkook pinned you down, littering your neck with dark bruises, causing you to writhe breathlessly underneath him. He he starts rubbing his erection on your now soaked panties, grunting at how good it feels. "Mind if I join?" You hear Yugyeom say, wondering when the fuck he got there. "Sure," Jungkook smirks and moves enough for Yugyeom to slip between your thighs. Instantly, Yugyeom moves your panties to the side and starts slowly licking you up and down then sucks hard ~LuLu

both of my fucking bias wreckers. shoot me please
-Bunny 🇨🇺

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Lulu and Tidus for the character thing :D

GIVE ME A CHARACTER; and I’ll break their ass down:


  • How I feel about this character: one of my fave’s. an icon. queen of everything. if she was in the real world, she would have stans who would defend her with their lives. she’d call them her ‘puppets’ or s/t
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character: I’m torn on Wakka/Lulu, but for the most part, I ship it. I think it’s believable. they both have nurturing instincts, and probably did very much want a family now that the threat of Sin is gone. and who else to do that with but each other; they have known each other for so long, who else do they love and trust as much as each other? who better to be family with? I think that their relationship is honestly almost more familial than it is romantic– at least, on Lulu’s side. but I think on Wakka’s side, it’s both. and it’s that imbalance, mainly, that makes me wonder if they’re right for each other?? but idk. iDK. I guess with this ship, I can take it or leave it, akdjhwua. 
  • My non-romantic OTP for this character: Lulu & Yuna. I love how she openly shows affection for Yuna, and pretty much only Yuna, hahaha!
  • My unpopular opinion about this character: I love her, but I think that people could maybe start, idk, admitting that sometimes she’s kind of an asshole. she has major flaws. when she gets angry, she goes straight for the jugular. she’s very critical, to the point of sometimes being cruel. I understand why she is this way, and it doesn’t make me like her any less, but I don’t think… people generally acknowledge this. she has a very bad temper, yet I think people often regard her as a ‘calm and collected’ character, like… WHAT? NO
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: Rikku’s admiration of her was really cute?? I wish maybe they had more meaningful scenes together. 


  • How I feel about this character: my #1 favorite character!! #tidusdefensesquad
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character: pretty much just Yuna. I can ship a few other things, but it requires being written in a specific way, in a specific context. She’s pretty much perfect for him so it’s hard to ship him with anyone else aksjakksf
  • My non-romantic OTP for this character: Auron & Tidus. I don’t think people talk enough about how Auron watched over him for TEN YEARS. and for some of that time, I assume Auron was living with him, because Tidus doesn’t mention any other family, and he was 8 when his mom died….. someone had to stay with him. there’s a lot of potential here for a really cute (but really sad) relationship, and I love it, akjdhwua. 
  • My unpopular opinion about this character: PREPARE YOURSELF, I HAVE BINDERS FULL OF THEM. but one thing I wanna say is like… he’s naive, he’s rash, often doesn’t think before he speaks, or acts… but he’s not like the complete idiot that people think he is?? one thing that frustrates me about the ‘dub’ of ffx is some of the voice acting lines make him seem really fckn dumb akjdwu. for example, that one at the moonflow where he nearly blurts out that Rikku is al bhed, and somehow wakka doesn’t catch it? he doesn’t do that in the original, he just stutters a little before he catches himself. there’s a lot of things like that, where they prioritized comedic effect in the dub, which annoys me… bc choices like that contribute to a lot of people’s perception that he’s just, a blundering jock idiot, akjdhwua. even tho he consistently questions and doubts the things he’d told about yevon, has the rationality to agree with seymour (who he hates) about operation mi’ihen, and even acknowledges that some of his anger at his father ‘might just be his way of keeping him’. he says some pretty eloquent stuff at times in the game, he’s good at picking up on people’s emotional cues, and he gives pretty level headed advice to people, so… yeah. I make fun of him a lot too, but it annoys me when people genuinely think that he’s incapable of an original or useful thought, lol. 
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: not explaining how he came back in X-2 is….. pretty lame. I mean, they hinted at it in ffx, with the ending scene being him swimming to shore, so you would think they had an explanation for this all queued up………… but no. we get nothing. in the perfect ending he literally says he has no idea how he came back; if they had the time to write that scene, WHY NOT WRITE AN ACTUAL EXPLANATION OF HOW HE CAME BACK. akjdhwuad i’m all for shameless fanservice, but at least back up that fanservice with a decent explanation. if the Fayth brought him back as some kind of ‘present’ to Yuna, as the game sort of implies, I mean, okay, but did she not earn it when she saved the world the FIRST time? ‘sorry, but you gotta save the world TWO times before we bring your dead boyfriend back to life– thems the rules.’ and no I don’t want to hear ‘this is why the normal/sad ending is better’, GET TF OUT OF MY HOUSE– my son deserves to be alive & happy!!! 8( akjhawuidh
Anon’s Requested EmCee Headcanon Q&A~

I didn’t quite get this done in time for EmCee day… so I went a little overboard and had some fun with it… but in case you missed the memo:

I love our Master of Ceremonies…

(major shoutout to @justraulesparza​ for letting me use some really great Cabaret GIFs she’s created: check out her EmCee Sets 1 / 2 / 3.)

Ideas explored: favorite tunes, sleepy antics, that competitive streak, a couple personal preferences, & the reason why the Kit Kat girls hide their favorite lipstick tubes within their dressing rooms… 

“I’ll show you later~”

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anonymous asked:

Assalamualaikum kak. Saya mahasiswi yg insyaAllah masuk semester 10 depan akan lulus. Bagaimana cara agar kita tidak merasa down ketika melihat teman-teman yg lain sudah bekerja sedangkan kita masih berkutat dgn kuliah dan tugas akhir?

Saran saya, berhenti membandingkan hidup kita dengan orang lain.

Tiap orang punya jalan hidup sendiri-sendiri.

Saya dulu lulus semester 12, sempet down. Yang bikin saya down, karena karena gak bisa wisuda sama temen seangkatan. Hehehe.

Kalau kita down, karena takut kita lulus telat, bikin rezeki kita berkurang, berdoa saja sama tuhan. Kalem, urusan rezeki, itu mah udah ada yang atur.

Temen saya ada yang lulus duluan, kerja, eh sekarang nganggur.

Temen saya, ada yang lulusnya telat, kerja, sekarang secara finansial, dia lebih baik dari yang lulus duluan.

Temen saya, ada yang lulusnya telat, sekarang dagang, dan laku.

Temen saya, engga lulus, bikin perusahaan sendiri.

Gak jadi masalah lulus kapan mah, tidak memengaruhi hidup kok. Makannya ada istilah, lulus tepat waktu, dan lulus di waktu yang tepat. Yah, mungkin ini memang di waktu yang tepat.

Yang menentukan hidup kita mah, kegigihan kita sendiri kok.

Masalah lulus mah, Contoh Bill Gates aja, dia DO gak sampe down, karena dia tau, kenapa dia mengambil keputusan itu.

Ya, jadi, tenang aja, keep calm. Yang kadang bikin gak kalem dalam hidup, ya karena kita ngebanding-bandingin.

semangat anon, relaks

Salam hangat, dari mahasiswa MBA (Menjelang Batas Akhir)


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Genre: angst/fluff

Length: :D

Summary: You and taehyung are childhood friends, but things happened to Taehyung and changed him. You get to be his classmate in High School, but he end up embarrassing you in front of the class, and this end up you being bullied. HS ended and now you’re in college. Will you finally be free from the bullies?

Warning: Swearing

Part 23/?

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