down and out in london and paris

Having grown up in DC, statues of various dead guys on horses are basically background radiation, or they were before I became Hamilton trash and started noticing them again. Now it’s like every time I turn around there’s a Founding Father looking at me like I personally disappointed him, and it’s getting a little unnerving.

Although: as a result, I sort of want to write a magical realism thing where that can really happen. Where if you do something they would have disagreed with strongly enough, the statues climb down off their columns and lumber down Mass Ave to the Russell Building or the Capitol, where they stand on the sidewalk, arms crossed, glaring into the window of whoever’s just introduced legislation that offended them. They don’t speak, or attack anyone, or damage anything– well, they do tend to bump their heads on low-handing streetlights, sometimes, but that doesn’t count. Mostly they just stand there, mournful, accusing, for everyone to see.

Sometimes lawmakers can talk them around, convince them they’re not actually betraying the political ideals of their predecessors. Politicians who are good at this tend to have much, much longer careers than the ones who aren’t. Politicians who piss off the wrong statues seldom get reelected.

George Washington rarely budges, and when he does it’s front-page news, nationwide. Madison’s always been easier to talk around than most. Hamilton spend more time off his plinth than on it, but he cools off fast. Jefferson holds grudges, to the point that hardly anyone worries too much about making him mad. 

It’s not just politicians, either, and they don’t always come to life in anger. Joan of Arc’s bronze horse will shiver to life in Malcolm X Park, sometimes, and carry her off to join protest marches, when she thinks their cause is just. Gandhi walked with Iraq War protestors. The Spirit of American Womanhood, outside Constitution Hall, danced on the day that Roe v. Wade was decided, and when Obergefell vs. Hodge went through, Eleanor Roosevelt taught a clumsy Lindy to Baron von Steuben. 

Lincoln has only risen from his seat once since he was put there in 1922, and that was to nod in solemn approval at LBJ from the White House lawn.

Some cities rarely put up statues, and many have taken theirs down. Paris has a great many artists and writers memorialized, and curiously few politicians. In London, during the Blitz, Nelson shinned down his column to help dig people out of collapsed buildings, until he was broken to pieces himself; he stands atop the column again today, reassembled, but has never moved since. In the last months of the Soviet Union, a desperate Communist Party had the statues of Moscow chained in place. These days, Monument Avenue in Richmond is punctuated with  a long series of empty plinths and bare columns. 

But DC keeps theirs, and keeps building more.

She was wrong

Liz Forbes never really liked to admit when she was wrong. 

After all, being a female Sheriff in charge of a mostly male department wasn’t easy and she’d had to cop a lot of flak from not only her colleagues but from the town people who didn’t like being ordered or arrested by a woman. 

So being wrong about something could mean losing what respect and footing she’d gained. 

But this time, she would gladly admit she had been wrong all those years ago. 

It had been an overcast summer day, raining heavily and she had been watching an afternoon movie in her living room, deliberately pretending to be engrossed in the tv while she was definitely aware that her daughter was in a car parked just a few houses down the street, making out with Niklaus Mikaelson. 

Although, that wasn’t what she had been wrong about, after all, anyone could have seen that her daughter and that boy would end up dating, it had been very clear since they were about six years old and Caroline had come home with a Valentine’s Day card that had been an origami heart. 

Liz was pretty sure they still had that somewhere around the house.

They’d been inseparable for years- until now. 

Klaus had been granted a scholarship and early admissions to Sorbonne University in Paris to study art. 

He would be leaving at the end of the summer, which was only another two weeks away. 

And Liz had figured that their relationship would survive that. 

Being in two different time zones and two different continents? 

No matter how much Caroline plotted and planned, Liz had watched the two of them with a sinking heart and guessed that they would drift apart until they stopped making a place for each other in their lives. 

And she was sorry for that, because the two of them were so in love that it felt good to see them together. 

And when Caroline came home after seeing Klaus off at the airport, three hours late because she hadn’t been able to drive she was crying so hard, Liz felt her own heart break too. 

Then had come the postcards, one sent from the airport and arriving almost every day until the mailman was almost as invested in the relationship as she was. 

Then one day, not only had the daily postcard arrived, but it had come on top of a thick package from the United Kingdom. 

And when Liz had seen the stamp and address, she’d committed a federal crime and opened it.

Inside was a letter congratulating Caroline on having been accepted to study Urban Design at University College London, followed by a long list of the scholarships she had won. 

Underneath that, had been the loyalty card that Caroline had already signed up for on a train called the Eurostar, which ran from London straight to Paris in just over two hours. 

It’s at this point that she starts to suspect that she had been wrong. 

And her heart breaks again at her daughter going so far away to study but when it’s one of the top twenty universities in the world, she can’t stop her, so she and Bill coordinate meeting at a hotel near Richmond airport, taking Caroline out for dinner before seeing her through the gates and then finding an airport lounge to drink and cry with pride over how their baby girl has grown up. 

The postcards from Paris don’t stop arriving but the number dies down, Klaus still keeping in touch and postcards from London soon follow, along with skype calls and long emails. From what Liz can gather, every Thursday night (because God forbid humanities students have classes on Fridays) Caroline either catches the train to Paris or Klaus comes to see her in London, and Liz felt sorry for their roommates until she found out that they had their own rooms. 

Klaus graduates before Caroline and from what she can gather from her daughter’s email, something about his visa meant he had to go back to America without her because she was finishing exams. 

Liz somewhat suspects that is bull and when Klaus turns up on her doorstep looking a little nervous, she finally admits to herself that she had been wrong. 

“I think you two should work for a year before getting engaged,” she tells him before he even steps inside, “Have you spoken to Bill?”

He exhales, “I’m seeing him next, I really did have to get my visa sorted out in New York.” 

He reaches into his pocket and draws out a blue velvet box, 

“I sold a few paintings and bought this for Caroline, do you think she’ll like it?”

Liz notes the Tiffany and Co stamp, opens the lid and swallows her shriek at the square cut diamond in the platinum band.

Damn, her daughter knew how to pick ‘em. 

She manages to hold herself together long enough to hug the poor boy and until she gets a call from Bill where he mutters that he wish Steven had bought him a ring like that. 

She feels as though she wants to cry but can’t stop smiling. 

She manages both when a year later, on Christmas Eve, Caroline surprises her with a visit back home and practically bounces through the door with the engagement ring on her finger. 

And Liz Forbes had honestly never been so glad to be wrong about something. 

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Omg I love that modern dates answer haha what else did she say? About nessian and also about the other couples?? What would their date be like??

Here is how the modern date conversation went down!

Tristan (me): “Hey Sarah do you mind me asking what would be the perfect modern-day dates for the ACOMAF couples?”

Sarah: Ooh! That’s an interesting question I never really thought of before! Let me think here…*ponders* I can see Rhysand taking Feyre on a private jet ride to Paris where they would visit the Louvre and see the famous artwork inside. It would be romantic as they walked down the city streets and eventually wind up at the Eiffel Tower-

Josh (Sarah’s Husband): *teasing tone* Maybe I should be taking notes so I know where to take you for a date?

Sarah: *laughs* You definitely should! I wouldn’t mind a trip to Paris!

Sarah and Josh: *Continue to tease each other about dates AKA all around cuteness!*

Sarah: That reminds me! Lucien and Elain would go to London and tour through the gardens before making their way out to the countryside. They are pretty much happy to be out in nature the most.

Sarah: And for Cassian and Nesta they would go to a private island or the Maldives where they would have some quality alone time if you know what I mean. *insert suggestive look*

Tristan: *laughs* Oh yes! I can imagine them “venting anger” towards each other on the island!

Sarah: *chuckles* Oh my goodness yes! They would have a LOT of time to “vent that anger” alone together!

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What do you think would happen in Clockwork Princess if Tessa hadn't got recaptured by the Dark Sisters (I can't remember whether it was Black or Dark that got her!) Would Jem have made the decision to die, or would he have still become a Silent Brother? Do you think Will and/or Tessa would have shared their secret? x

I’m actually going to lean on a word of god comment for my answer here. (Who am I and what did I do with Asha?)

CC said once that one of the reasons she didn’t put in any of Jem’s POV in CP2 is because he had been considering the Silent Brother thing for a long time and she didn’t want to give away that twist by having it right there in his narration. 

So yes, I think he would have. I think Tessa would have thrown a fit but come around to support him in taking the risk. 

To know it was coming, to know he was losing that bond and that Jem was potentially going to die and even if he lived, he wouldn’t be there the way Will wanted him to be – would be hell for Will. The waiting would kill him. Waiting for the bond to break. Then after it did, more waiting. Waiting for news of whether it broke because Jem was dead or because he wasn’t. 

Will is a wreck at the end of it. It’s worse than grief. He struggles for a long time to get himself back together and he shuts Tessa out even harder than he did before. 

I have this plot bunny in my mind where instead of getting married at 17, Tessa leaves for a little while and goes off to make sense of her magic and herself. I think that that would fit in this world. Because no, Tessa and Will wouldn’t talk about that secret in this context. 

Magnus leaves and she goes with him - to Europe maybe, rather than New York. I don’t think she’d want to go back to that city or to be that far away. 

Jem and Tessa still have their yearly meetings. Will still gets to see Jem sometimes but Tessa and Will don’t interact for a few years. Charlotte doesn’t get the promotion because the attack on the Consul doesn’t happen in the same way. 

Tessa comes back to London five or six years later. Will and Tessa reconnect as adults who are getting their shit together. They get along better than they did as teenagers. More at ease with each other. More able to communicate and meet as equals. Still both very much in love and very much suppressing it. 

Will would eventually go to Jem and say something simple and direct along the lines of, “I’ve been in love with your fiance for years.” 

“I know.” 

“Of course you do, you stony mind-reading bastard,” a ripple of something like humour in Will’s head that is the closest Jem can get to laughing any more, “I told her once, before I knew of the engagement. I don’t think she suspects I’ve never been able to forget it. To forget her. I haven’t told her. I haven’t told anyone and I’m starting to think that if I don’t. I’d lose my mind.” 

“You should tell her,” Jem says. 


“Because she deserves someone like you to love her. There’s no reason for a secret.” 


“I am this. I cannot be what she needs or wants or deserves. You could.” 


Jem leans in so their shoulders touch, “If you break her heart, I’ll find a reason to have you incarcerated down here so I beat the hell out of you myself.” 

Will starts to laugh. 

It still takes him a few weeks, maybe months, to get there with being able to open the subject with Tessa herself. They spend time together, touring around London, Tessa showing him magic tricks she has learned and telling him stories of Prague and Paris and Berlin. He trades back stories of the Clave and London and Charlotte and Henry’s children. 

He has held onto the book with the letter inside and he gives it to her one day and tells her it’s something he had meant to give her a very long time ago. 

She has no right as a warlock to go down into the Silent City but she manages to cajole Charlotte into pulling enough strings to get her an audience with Jem. She sits with him with the book and its letter pressed between her hands. 

“He loves you and I think he always has,” Jem tells her. “Anything that could make you happy, eases my mind. Always. If you came looking for my blessing, you have it. If you came looking for permission, you don’t need it. I could ask for nothing more than that you take care of each other.” 

“I love you.” 

“And as long as some part of my heart remains my own, I will love you. But love is not finite. You can love and love again.” 

Tessa and Will have a long courtship as they try and settle into being comfortable with each other and the missing space in their lives and hearts where Jem should be. 

Will still proposes at Christmas. They still marry in the spring. Their marriage is long and happy and they find ways to fit Jem into it where they can. 

Wander with Me | JUNMYEON

Genre: college!au | so fluffy i am decaying

Member: Junmyeon / Reader

Word Count: 1,300+

Warnings: too soft

NOTE: this college!exo series is heavily inspired by THIS amazing edit by @pcyults. i’m sorry if this doesn’t accurately represent junmyeon, i’ve written one fic for exo and that was yonks ago, so this is me trying to get into the swing of things again.

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Blood and Scars

A/N: I will probably add onto this in the future but for now this is for a writing challenge for @teenwolfdramaqueen ! My prompt was with Blank Space and I put the lyric in there! Enjoy!

Tags: @sumcp @experienceddreamerevermore

Characters: Mitch x Reader

Words: 3,010

Originally posted by hoechloin

Stumbling through the door of the gas station restroom, you wondered how you hadn’t passed out yet. Clutching your side, the wound was still leaking out blood. Looking down, you let out a sob as you spilled out onto the floor. You had been shot before but the person who pulled the trigger hurt you more than the bullet. “Why, why, why?!” you cried as you leaned up against the sink. Grabbing some towels, you did whatever you could to stop the bleeding. Hair soaked in sweat, you were getting colder by the minute. “C’mon. Stay awake. Stay awake,” you spoke to yourself through clenched teeth. As your complexion paled, you wondered how you ended up here.

A knock at the door startled you. As you looked around, there was no way you were opening it. “Hey, is everything alright in there?” the worker of the station asked through the door.

“I’m fine!” you yelled back, trying to keep your voice as steady as possible. Reaching for your phone in your back pocket, you still had no one to call. Debating whether 911 would work or not, you quickly remembered that he’d just find you at the hospital. With no weapon or car, you couldn’t leave. Maybe you were better off dead like he had said.

Legs feeling numb, you let yourself sit on the bathroom floor and pressed your back up against the door. Your breath slowing down, all you wanted to do was live at that point. You wanted to live and show him how wrong he was. Vision growing fuzzy, you decided to close your eyes for a second. Before you knew it, you couldn’t open them and a world of darkness took over.

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Missing You - Part 1

WillNE X Reader

Requested : nah

Notes : lol still not done the requests but will do soon, just had this idea pop into my head.


Half an hour. That’s all you had left until you could see your best friends once again. And most importantly, Will. You’d been dating on and off for a year but, with your trust issues, every chance of a kiss or more or the chance of actually becoming official, you’d dodge by a mile.

You were on the plane back from Amsterdam. You’d been on a rowdy family holiday for 3 weeks to European capital cities.

Your cousins had been there too. You chatted to them loads about Will before and they had made you realise that, on this holiday, you had missed him more than ever. At first, you argued against them, telling them it’s just because you were hormonal. But after a while, you began to realise it wasn’t just hormones, it was because you truly did miss him.

As the plane touched ground with the runway of London Heathrow, you beamed with happiness. “Y/N, you weren’t even this happy in Paris!” One of your cousins laughed as she grabbed her luggage from the over head locker. You made your way out of the plane and down the steps, raindrops hitting your face.

After collecting your luggage, you texted Gee to see where she had parked to pick you up. She had offered to let you sleep round her flat that night instead of you driving down to Kent, which is where you live. She messaged back saying ‘We are outside in the pick up zone’. Your heart fluttered. “We”. Did that mean Will was there. You waved bye to your family and practically ran to the exit.

You looked around and saw Gee and Josh stood outside a white Audi. “What’s this then?” You laughed, nodding to the car.

“It’s my new pussy patrol car” Josh replied, Gee slapped his arm. “Hmm, it’s very nice” you complimented as you lifted your bags into the boot.

No sign of Will.

On your way home, you chatted about your holiday but also what was going on in Gee and Josh’s life. “I think Will missed you, Y/N. He’d try and FaceTime you constantly, but obviously with the lack of wi-fi…” Gee said, turning to you. You felt your cheeks burn slightly at the sound of his name.

Josh helped you with one of your cases and Gee helped with your hand luggage as you shoved yourselves into the lift and up to Gee and Will’s floor. “Is Will home?” You quickly blurted out. Gee nodded, adding a giggle. Your heart fluttered as you watched the numbers of the floors climb.

You reached the floor and pulled your luggage out of the lift. Gee led the way to the flat and Josh trailed behind, leaving you to bring up the rear. She opened the door to her flat and sang “We’re home! And we’ve brought someone with us!” She said calling for Will. You dumped your luggage where the others had and started walking into the lounge. Gee and Josh took a seat on the sofa as you walked through the lounge door.

Suddenly, you were engulfed in a huge hug. Your arms reached round their waist and their arms strangled you. A black hoodie. Skinny black jeans. Fresh cologne. It could only be one person. Your hands gripped the material of the jumper as you repositioned yourself. You put your arms around Will’s neck and pulled him down so you could rest your chin on his shoulder. “I missed you” you mumbled out, barely inaudible. “I missed you more” Will mumbled back as he pulled you closer.

You finally pulled away and looked up and the gorgeous man in front of you. He ran his hand through his hair as he gestured for you to go and sit on the sofa. “Uh, do you want a tea or anything, Y/N?” Will asked flicking the kettle on. You sat down on the sofa next to Josh. You hummed in agreement and you slipped off your shoes and pulled your hair up into a ponytail.

Will passed you your tea and began to walk off with his own. “Hm, well I guess I’m going to go and continue editing then… you know…” he said awkwardly. What’s happened with him? You wondered. You looked down at your tea. Your favourite mug. The perfect colour. You couldn’t help but smile.

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wow don't you love how sameer and charlie are gay for eachother wow

binch i know…… 

remember when sammy was watching charlie sing with a fond look on his face

and when they liberated the village and charlie was trying to take out the sniper but his aim was off because of his ptsd…… and sammy cared more about calming him down then rushing him to take the shot. “it’s ok charlie just breathe. relax.”

wow can’t believe sammy and charlie moved in together after the war and charlie sung to sammy every night and they had a long happy life together in london.

The Case of the Phantom Part 1

 A/N: Here you go guys. I received more likes than I thought. So I upload the first part. I hope you like it as much as I do.
Also Ereena Valenza is an OC of a friend of mine and besides the known characters of Sherlock every other perso mentioned in it is imagined by me.

Word count: 2140 (sorry for mistakes you may find)
Warnings: None (I think)

(Y/N) (Y/L/N)  = Your Name Your Last Name
(Y/H/S) = Your Hair Style
(Y/H/L) = Your Hair Legnth
(Y/H/C) = Your Hair Color
(Y/E/C) = Your Eye Color



A cold wind blew in the air of Paris. It was in the early evening of October 1929. Cars were driving in the muddy roads of the French city, a few horses here and there were also seen, rare in this time when you had the money for one of this useful vehicles.

One of these vehicles drove near the old Opera House, which held an auction of all the reminding items in the old building. Out came a Lady in her 40‘s with blond hair that already had a few little grey strands in it. She wore a green coat that ended by hear knees and had brown fur at the end of it. Together with a Nurse she helped an elder men out of the car and helped him into a Wheelchair. „Thank you love.“ the man said in a gruff voice. The blond Lady smiled to the man. „But of course Father. It is time for me to return what you gave me all your life.“ With that the Woman walked first to the Opera followed by the nurse who pulled the wheelchair.

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Raining in Paris

a Jack Lowden Imagine (requested by @wardley10 )

Originally posted by fairyprincewinwin

Midnight comes in
Paris and as
I light my cigarette
The rain it hits my face

“Jack, there have to be a million people on this lawn right now,” you complain just a bit as he leads you, your hand in his, past blankets filled with tourists and Parisians alike.

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Changes : Paris

Ariana cancelled her London, Belgium, Poland, Germany, and Switzerland shows and this is her first back after the Manchester Terrorist Attack. I wont be posting the Manchester changes now. But here are the Paris ones wherein she did so so well. 


  • The Way ft. Mac Miller
  • Dang! ft. Mac Miller
  • Somewhere Over The Rainbow


  • The burnt orange moon jumpsuit and white moon boots is here to stay in replacement for the baggy pants


  • The Manchester ribbon was the visual for Somewhere Over The Rainbow
  • Fans during soundcheck sang ‘La Vie en Rose’ to Ariana and she started crying  
  • She got too emotional during One Last Time to sing most of it but the crowd was loud and supportive
  • Ariana dedicated One Last Time to ‘’her 22 angels’’
  • The roads surrounding the venue were reportedly closed for safety reasons
  • Security was strict in patting down fans
  • Security handed out water to fans at the front of the stage

January 21st 1950: George Orwell dies

On this day in 1950, the acclaimed English writer George Orwell died in London aged 46. He was born in 1903 as Eric Arthur Blair in Motihari, India, as his father was a colonial civil servant there, though moved to England while still an infant. The aspiring writer penned his first poem when he was four years old, and had his first poem published in a newspaper at age eleven. Blair studied at the prestigious Eton school, and went on to work for the imperial police in Burma. After he returned to England, he adopted the pseudonym George Orwell and published his first book - Down and Out in Paris and London - in 1933. Even in his early works Orwell demonstrated a keen interest in political issues, and offered a sharp critique of the British class system and colonialism. In 1936 he joined the international brigades fighting in the Spanish Civil War on the side of the Republicans, against the fascist Francisco Franco. He was injured in the fighting in Spain, and his health didn’t improve when he returned to England, where he was diagnosed with tuberculosis. He continued to write, and worked for the BBC for a couple of years as a propagandist during the Second World War, before resigning in 1943. It was after he left the BBC that Orwell wrote his two most famous works - Animal Farm (1945), and Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949). The former is an allegorical satire of the Soviet Union, as while a socialist himself, Orwell had become disillusioned with Stalin’s betrayal of communist ideals. The latter is a dystopian novel, set only thirty-five years after it was written, that envisioned a world characterised by excessive government control and curtailment of civil liberties. This novel introduced several phrases into the lexicon that are still used today, including ‘Big Brother’, ‘doublethink’, 'Room 101’, and 'thought-police’. Orwell achieved great success with these two works, but sadly lost his ongoing struggle with tuberculosis in 1950.

“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”  
- George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”  
- George Orwell, Animal Farm

Defiance: Chapter I


Remember when I said I’d write that super long fanfic that would “conclude” Connor’s story? Well this is it. Takes place shortly after the events of AC3 and details the later half of Connor’s life including his victories, struggles, the allies/enemies he made, and how he changed the assassin/templar conflict during the late 18th and early 19th century.

Any and all feedback is much appreciated and if anyone has suggestions about what exactly they want to see in this series, don’t hesitate to let me know!

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Late Night Swim II Abbi&Damien


“Yeah?” he said with a smile. “Well, one of these days, I’ll just have to tell you about all my adventures.” He smirked a little. “But, really. If’ you’re that curious, I’d love to tell you all about my travels,” he said. He grinned a little, nodding. “I do come in handy…in more ways than one,” he teased. “Oh, yeah. I’m sure it’s sexy. Though, I don’t see you pissing me off anytime soon.” he laughed a little, watching as she began to focus on him, and when his pants slid down, he let out another laugh. “Naughty!” he teased, though it was clear he was pretty impressed.

“Why wait? You should at least give me something now. You know, a little taste to tide me over until whenever this later would be” she grinned back. “So yes, I really would love to hear about everything. I’ve done a bit of traveling, but nothing too terribly interesting” Most of her travels had consisted of posh London society approved places, such as Paris and Milan. Nothing but stuffy hotels and stuffier people..a total dream for someone like her. “Oh don’t be too sure about that, I can be a right bitch when I want. Like..I could hide your pants now if I really wanted to. So that’s me..naughty Abbi”


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So cy!! Come on give us your entire opinion on her look HAIR makeup all of it! I'm dying to hear


OBSESSED! I’ve been telling you guys I want her to cut her hair short for months now, the bob is such a beautiful look on her, I almost wish it was shorter but for what she’s doing tonight it’s perfect. Really, really, happy she debuted her new hair at an event, too, I loove when celebs do that. I love that it was down and not pulled back in anyway, it was so chic and fitting for the vibe and something new but still safe.


Not much to say here. It’s a super, simple glam. The natural look we’re use to with her. I really wish she had done a dramatic dark eye, maybe smokey, to bring out her green/blue colour like I think that would’ve really made her face pop even more but helloooo fuck her face tonight was about that BODY.


FIRST OF, BIIIIITCH, THAT BODY. She looks amazing, the whole suit fits her perfectly no wonder she went to multiple fittings and had to be the last out. I think the faux low back (because there’s a nude/sheer mesh going up to her neck) is so iconic, I love it to death, and I think she looks so tall and fit in it. Like tight, tight looks can be so awful but it fits her in all the right ways and I think that has to do with whatever metal wiring he has over it, like I think it’s so cool and unique. I love that she’s fucked doubling it up with Bulgari bracelets, too! Like that little detail I felt was nice. Love the sharp red nails, too. 

It doesn’t really fit the theme but compared to the others it’s one of the best fitting, she didn’t wear a damn prom dress like 90% of the women there tonight and she didn’t look ugly like 90% of the people who nailed the them. It’s a good meeting ground. Love that she wore a full body suit instead of a dress all together, too. Immediately makes her look stand out, imo.

She was eyecatching and I’m glad she has her “Cannes moment” for 2016 down already. Another reminder to keep an eye on Bella Hadid and I’m glad to see it was Wang and to see him iteract with her, he seems to really like her so I hope that’s a sign he’ll use her more for his line, because would be amazing if she could get set with a US designer like she’s already got Karl plugging her for Fendi in Milan, Dior in Paris, and who cares about London, sorry.


DEAR LORD. She was stunting so hard- the twirling and smiling, she didn’t make one sour puss expression the entire time, like truly looked so happy and was serving killer looks. She was giving off such positive, effortless, and confident vibes in her attitude alone that we didn’t even need the faux-nude, skin tight cat suit to know she was feeling the fuck out of herself.


Imma give tonight a 10. Like the outfit is, admittedly, not my favourite thing but I think for this event, the styling of it, her fucking snatched body, and her own energy made up for it not being as wild as I wanted for this event but she brought a new Bella out into public view and I really can think of so little that would make it better.

Karen Harvey, “The History of Masculinity, circa 1650-1800″ in Journal of British Studies 44 (2005): 309.

Look we all know about John “Homosocial” Laurens, can someone just give me the fic or art with the above going down?  A bunch of the aides-de-camp, a bottle of something strong, one of them sitting up on the table to read aloud from a pamphlet he saved; round-robining smut on the fly while dead tired and drained, taking a break at their desks from the monotony of writing, trying to outdo each other with how over the top they can make it; comparing styles across the pond (“Yeah, this is typical London filth, but what’d’you see in Paris?”); Hamilton reusing lines that got a good reaction at the campfire in his letters and hoping he wouldn’t be called out on it or planning on at least being able to let the allusion act as a deflective shield.