down and flowy hair

I think school dances should be more like they were in the 70's

I mean, just think about it

  • super fun disco music
  • boys in tight fitting clothes
  • bell bottom pants
  • platform shoes
  • A girl get pigs blood poured on her then proceeds to burn down the school murdering everyone inside
  • long flowy hair 
  • no bras

idk about you, but i think that sounds like a blast

You added a layer of mascara to complete your look and stood back, looking at your reflection in the mirror. Your beige long flowy dress complementing your skin and your hair down in a retro hairstyle along with your black flats that you wore for your personal comfort. Not like anyone would see your shoes from your dress anyway. You held your black clutch in your hand and made your opened your bedroom door.

“Come on, baby, we’re going to be late!” You heard Harry shout out from downstairs.

You walked down the stairs and looked at him as he was on his phone. “I’m ready.”

“Final-” He stopped mid sentence, his eyes traveling from your head to your toe. His eyebrows were raised in surprise before a grin broke out on his face, “Wow.” He breathed out, walking closer to you and wrapping his arms around your waist. “You look unbelievably beautiful.” He said before kissing your neck and your cheek.

“Do I?” You giggled, wrapping your arms around his neck and felt him nod, “You look handsome, love but we really are going to be late.” You patted his chest as you got out of his embrace and walked outside your house.

“Going to be the death of me.” Harry said to himself with a chuckle and a shake of his head.

You were both going to Harry’s cousin’s wedding that was on the beach. Harry in his cream colored suit and you in your dress. Harry drove, one hand on the steering wheel while the other held yours on your lap, Niall’s Slow Hands playing on the radio.

“I’m so proud of him.” You said, smiling and leaving your head on the window.

“I am too. He’s an incredible lad.” He agreed.

You looked in the backseat to make sure that you haven’t forgotten the gift you got to Nancy, his cousin and calmed when you saw the wrapped gift. You had gotten them a rectangular wooden canvas of a love quote along with their names engraved on it. You and Harry were quite proud of it.

“Y/N! Look at you!” Harry’s aunt immediately hugged you tightly once you and Harry walked where everyone was.

“You look wonderful! How old are you now, 20?” You held her at arm length.

“Oh, always the one with the nice words!” She put her hand on her heart, “Harry, darling, I’m very proud of you.” She hugged Harry.

“I think you like my girlfriend more than me, Auntie.” He joked, crossing his arms jokingly.

“Oh you know how much I love Y/N. Learn how to share.” She gently slapped his arm, laughing.

“I’ll try.” He smiled, holding your hand and entwining your fingers together.

“There’s Anne.” You pointed, “We’ll see you later, lovely.” You kissed Harry’s aunt’s cheek and smiled as Harry did the same and both of you walked towards Anne.

You wrapped your arms around Anne’s neck loosely, giving her cheek a kiss and laughing when she squealed before she turned and engulfed you in a hug. “I missed you so much, dear.” She said, giving you a kiss on the cheek before wiping her lipstick from your cheek.

“I missed you too, Anne. You look amazing.” You smiled.

Anne hugged Harry, giving him a kiss as well and wiping her lipstick later, “Really? I was very nervous that this wouldn’t be my color.”

“You know you can rock any color.” You complimented, wrapping your arm around Harry’s torso.

“Oi! Keep complimenting my family like that and I will be thrown outside the family.” He joked, bumping his hip with yours.

You and Anne laughed as you shrugged, “Deal with it. They love me more.”

“No objections there.” Anne joked.

“Hey!” Harry frowned before laughing.

After greeting everyone, you and Harry were seated as the ceremony began. You had a thing for weddings. They made your heart flutter and made you emotional. You and Harry’s hands were intertwined on your lap, your other hand wrapped around his arm and your head leaning on his shoulder, his head leaning on your head. He gave your head a kiss before leaning back on it.

The groom was standing with his best men, looking nervous as ever as he kept exhaling through his mouth and fidgeting on his feet. The music began and you lifted your head up, turning to see the beautiful bride walk down the aisle with her father, your eyes getting tearful as you stared at how beautiful she looked.

Harry looked at you, a smile on his face as he watched you watch her like a child looking at a princess, feeling his heart flutter at it. She reached the groom, who was crying and it made you wipe your tears away as he began laughing and shaking his head and mouthing “Beautiful” to her.

You leaned your head back on Harry’s shoulder, closing your eyes for a moment as he pressed a kiss to your head before whispering in your ear, “One day, princess.” You looked at him with surprise before you grinned and squeezed his hand.

You cried during their vows. They were so in love, it made everyone happy and smiling. When he was finally able to kiss her, everyone cheered as he let out a yell of happiness before kissing her again, making everyone laugh happily.

You were now seated on tables, you sitting opposite to Harry as people danced behind you. “Let me take a picture of you.” You said as you held your phone up.

Harry tugged on his shirt underneath his blazer and looked to the side making you laugh, “Harry!”

He laughed and grinned for you, you successfully taking the picture and smiling at it before locking your phone and putting it back in your clutch. In that moment, Harry had snapped a photo of you, looking down at your phone and smiling. He set it as his home screen before locking his phone and putting it in his suit pocket.

He stood up and walked to your side, opening his palm for you to place your hand in, “Dance with me.”


How is he this beautiful?
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this request actually comes from evie over at @ihearthemcallingxx who needed a little help filling all of the requests she was getting and she asked me to fill a couple for her. this one came from iv over at @stylessemantics, so here it is! thank you to both evie who let me do this one and to iv for requesting and i hope you don’t mind that i filled this instead of evie *insert eye emoji* and adding on to that i changed the prompt a little oops ?????

request: “The skirt is supposed to be this short.” ((kinda))

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Cursed (pt 3)

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Cat!Yoongi x Reader AU

(A/n) Oh would you look at that~ I updated~ 

Your mind runs through a number of possible relations this woman could have with Min Yoongi, your insides twisting at each one.

Cousin? Friend? Old classmate? Lover? One night stand? It could be anything, and you didn’t want to be someone who would jump immediately to conclusions. It could be anything, and you didn’t want to raise your hopes up. Hopes up for what? The possibility that he could be single?

And who were you to suddenly have a possessiveness over him, he was your cat, but now he was a free-willed human who you didn’t have to carry around? He could now do things on his own now that he was back in human form, you had no rule over that. Yoongi wasn’t even yours to begin with.

Glancing at the woman, who is dressed in all black, from her flowy skirt and blouse down to her heels, even her hair is pitch black contrasting against her pale skin and vibrant scarlet lips. Her eyes are dark, accentuated by her winged eyeliner and light colored shadow, as they focus solely on the man in front of her. You can’t help but resent her despite not knowing who she was, you can’t help the jealousy that this beautiful woman was now talking to Yoongi.

She’s chewing on her bottom lip, and curling her hair around her index finger flirtatiously, and you just want to vomit. You’re not too fond of flirting, but right now, you find it absolutely revolting.

That’s when you remember, a flicker of hope sparking inside of your chest at the thought, if she were someone of importance to Yoongi in an intimate way then why had he sounded and looked so upset when he saw this woman? Perhaps an ex girlfriend? There’s that possibility of what if. What if this? What if that? You wonder if maybe you’re expecting too much out of your cat turned human.

The longer they talk, the more you think you’re going to go crazy with misunderstanding and questions. You sit there obediently, waiting for Yoongi like he told you to as he converses with this stranger. That’s when you wonder how the roles have suddenly switched, not too long ago he was your cat who you always scolded and told what to do.

Okay, maybe, you were just overthinking everything.

No no no, you couldn’t be, right? Wasn’t it normal for a female to feel jealous when some gorgeous woman comes walking on over to their man? Yoongi was definitely not your man in some way whatsoever. He was your cat, let’s get that straight. It was just a bonus that he was actually a cursed human.

You had gotten him out of pure luck. Hell, you had a probability of one out of twelve, how the heck did you get somewhat lucky enough to score a cat that would inevitably turn into such a good looking man. If you think about it, you could have ended up with any other cat and wouldn’t be in this situation.

Maybe it’s God looking down upon you and thinking about how he should do something about your status as never dated ever, and celibate as fuck because she can’t even keep a date for more than the date itself or for more than five minutes when they’re brought home. Perhaps Yoongi was a sign, that he was the one, this was your only chance. A rather peculiar sign, but a sign nonetheless that your wishes to have a man in your life were answered with this cat-man—

Okay hold the damn phone.

You inhale sharply when the woman places a hand on his hand, her eyes catching yours as she leans closer until her scarlet lips are barely touching his ear. Her eyes are mysterious just like the first time she caught your gaze, narrow and mischievous as she speaks into his ear.

Maybe it’s just you, but you can swear her expression is way too sensual to be a normal conversation. It’s not like you know the definition or living image of what sensual looks like with how much of a virgin you really are. When she smirks at you, the curl of her lips annoying you greatly, you feel shivers run up your spine and you quickly look away.

It’s a few moments later when Yoongi returns to your side. When you catch a glimpse of where he last stood, the stranger is long disappeared as if she hadn’t existed.

“Hey, (y/n), what’s wrong?”

There’s hands gripping your shoulders, and Yoongi’s face is just inches from yours. You notice there’s no longer any trace of anger or resent, as if he didn’t just have to speak to a rather gorgeous woman and it was just a figment of your imagination. Your next thought is that he for the first time called you by your name and not a kinky pet name, your heart pounding at the sound of it, sounding so perfect from the first to the very last syllable.

His lips are moving, you’re well aware of that,  but you don’t hear the words and just focus on what it’d feel like for them to be pressing against yours. So pink and soft, you want him to swallow you whole, to ravish you with just his mouth.

“(Y/n)? Hey, tell me what’s wrong before I kiss you.”

At this rate, you kinda don’t want to respond and let him do as he pleases, but you look up at him with a frown, “Nothing’s wrong.”

He raises a brow at your curt response, the distracted look on your face.

“Are you sure?”

“I’m fine,” you say, wincing at the sharpness of your voice, noticing how he backs off immediately and shrugs it off, “Let’s just go home now, I’ve gotten enough fresh air.”

There’s awkwardness lingering in the air as you both walk back to your apartment, you walking ahead of him as he quietly follows after. You can feel the stare burning into the back of your head as you punch in your floor number and retreat into the corner of the elevator.

You wonder if maybe you’re just over exaggerating everything, it’s not like you even knew who that woman was. It was none of your business in the first place. Min Yoongi might have been your cat, Suga, but now he was pretty much a total stranger with a past you knew nothing of, and personality and habits you have yet to find out if he chooses to stay with you.

He makes attempt to speak to you, but you’re still unsure of what to do with the twist inside your chest. It’s an all new version of jealousy, and you want it to stop.

Inside your apartment, it goes on like this for the rest of the day. And you can tell it’s really bothering him and you just want to spill all the secrets of world to him at the distressed look on his face. He’s pouting and scrunching his eyebrows, and you start to think that maybe he’s making these faces on purpose because he knows how you have soft spot for him, cat form or not.

The silence is too much to bear, especially with the conspicuous way he’s blatantly staring at you. When you stand from the couch, he’s mirroring your move and following you.

“Okay I can’t take it anymore, you need to spit it out whatever is bothering you.”

Your face flushes, as you practically sprint to get to your room if it weren’t for the quick hand that curls around your arm and keeps you from home plate.

When you’re turned, you forget how to breathe. He pulls you against him, chest-to-chest, nose-to-nose. You swear you could just lean forward just one inch and you’d be able to finally taste his lips.

However, that’s far from your mind when you remember the look the woman had given you and the strange smile on her face she had directed at you.

“It’s nothing,” you say, pulling away to create some distance in between you both, “Today has been rather strange.. okay?”

“I-I’m going to go sleep now.. G-good night..” You try, you sincerely try and get yourself out of the situation, but obviously you can’t when his grip is firmer than ever around your wrist and yanking you backwards and into the wall.

A yelp escapes you as your back meets the wall, your arms pinned under his hands on both sides of your head. He’s so close, so very close, his body melding into yours, until you wonder if it were possible to get even closer than he already was.

His eyes are constantly flitting from your eyes and down to your lips, his tongue smoothing over his bottom lip slowly. When you think he’s going to lean in for a kiss, his lips are at the curve of your ear, his hot breath making you tremble and squeeze your eyes shut in anticipation.

“You may not know me, but I know you (y/n), and something is bothering you.”

Honestly, you’d like to slap him and scream at him that as of now your problem was not being jealous but that he was pressed up against you with his lips at your ear.

His hands move from your wrists, fingers sliding slowly and rather sensuously down your skin, over your clothed sides and making purchase on your hips, massaging and fingering gently at your shirt.

With your hands free, you place your palms flat on his chest and try to push him away up until he fully wraps his arms around your waist.

“Stop ignoring me, kitten, I need answers not silence, tell me what’s wrong.”

His breath is gone from your ear, when you feel his lips peck your forehead lightly. Opening your eyes shyly, face flushed, you’re welcomed by a warm smile that curved his mouth.

You’ve never been kissed before, just any kind of kiss in general, and your heart is racing at the speed of light when you reach up to graze your fingers over your forehead.

“U-uh.. I…” you stammer in a fluster, the male watching you expectantly.

You suddenly feel embarrassed, that maybe after all you were just overreacting and that Yoongi did not deserve you being short with him. You suddenly want the wall behind you to swallow you, to hide away in fear or upsetting this man.

“I.. Wh-who was that woman?”

The confusion that crosses his expression makes your heart drop. Did you say something wrong? Fuck, maybe you should’ve just kept your mouth shut, or acted like it didn’t affect you that he was talking to the opposite gender. Oh fuck, what if he hates you now for asking a personal question or seeming clingy when you both weren’t even dating?

“Woman…?” He repeats blankly, before realization crosses his expression and a peculiar emotion hardens his eyes before amusement quickly replaces, “Oh! At the park, you shouldn’t worry about her, she was one of my classmates back in high school, I never got along with her anyway so don’t you worry.”

He pauses and stares at you for a good second or two, his eyebrows drawing together in concentration before he chuckles and pokes your forehead, “Could it be, you were jealous?”

“Pff wh-what? Jealous? Me?” You want to facepalm yourself, or even better, slam your face into the wall, “N-no, I was just wondering who she was..”

“Lying is a bad thing to do kitten,” he whispers against your cheek, leaning back to get a good look at your reddened face.

His lips are moving again, pulling back into a wide smile with his eyes lighting up like how you imagined a star’s brightness to be, his voice much quieter though when he says, “Fuck, you’re too cute.”

“As much as I’d like to show you why you shouldn’t be jealous, I plan to woo you,” he grins mischievously, pressing a kiss to the same spot atop your forehead, “Take you out on a proper date, take it slow you know?”

“Would you like that?”


What? You blank out, staring at him before his questions settle in your mind, your cheeks are glowing brightly and your eyes are widening into saucers. Was he asking you out? Was this what they called “to ask someone out”?

Maybe you were expecting too much. Weren’t these types of questions supposed to be romantic, or were they this awkward. It’s not like any normal confession would be pinned up against the wall. Technically Min Yoongi wasn’t a normal man you had concluded after he had transformed from being your cat to the man you desire.

Wait. Would this even be called a confession? He hadn’t said he liked you, he just said he wanted to go on a date with you. Were men always this confusing?

It was just a date, why were you freaking out like a middle school girl, you’ve been on dozens of blind dates, what difference was this? Oh yeah, because all of your dates, maybe except for that Nam-something guy, weren’t as gorgeous as the being in front of you.

You feel all the more pressured to not embarrass yourself in front of him than you already have.

He clicks his tongue and shakes his head, “I need answers (y/n).”

Fuck, did your name always sound so good?

“So how ‘bout it?” He grins, one side tilting higher than the other, eyes locking with yours, “A date?”

“Hey, if you keep looking like that, I’m gonna have to spoil our first kiss and do it right now.”

Oh fuck no. His lips ghosted right over yours, eyes focused on your mouth and imagining the taste and the feel of them against his. And deep down inside, you know you sincerely want to give in and let him have his way with you. 

Gaining a sudden strength, you push against him, with your eyes squeezed shut. You wonder if maybe you’d actually been granted super strength because his arms slip from around you and he’s flying off you like a feather. Then again, you didn’t shove him that hard, and plus the guy was fairly stronger than you.

“Ah fuck…” his voice hisses, “That bitch better not be playing with me right now.”

“You can open your eyes kitten, I’m not going to be doing anything to you.. yet.. At least not while I’m in this form..”

You’re half expecting him to be sprawled out beneath you from your shove, but to be met by his clothes haphazardly strewn at your feet with your silver cat crawling out from underneath. He’s frowning, eyes hooded and narrow as he licks his paws and smooths them over his head.

“It wasn’t like I was gonna kiss you anyway, save the main course for our date you know,” the cat speaks, grinning like the cheshire cat, but all you can focus on is that it was talking.

God, you were going insane.

“Y-you can speak as a cat?!”

He stops grooming himself and nods as if it were the most obvious thing in the world, “Uh yeah duh, why wouldn’t I? Did you think I was gonna talk to you when I first met you at the pet store? I tried that the first time, scared the shit out of a little girl.”

You forget for a second that he’s actually a human when he keens at you expectantly, and you immediately pick him up and move to the bedroom. It’s in the midst of changing when you remember and throw your shirt at him.

“What gives, the view gets even better.”

“Shut up and close your eyes!”

When you slide into bed, even though he’s a cat, he’s all smirks and teasing playfulness when he curls up into your side like he always did as a cat.

“I better not wake up to you naked in my bed again,” you warn him, only to receive a smirk back.

“You’re in luck kitten, because I don’t control when I transform, so save those pretty little lips for me when I do.”


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A soft breeze gently swept over the fields outside of Luna Nova. The leaves of the two young memorial trees rustled slightly. It was an unmistakable sight up on one of the hills in the vast fields. They were growing right next to an old weathered dry stone wall, that was possibly a millennia old by now. In between them there was a simple granite headstone. The spot had undeniably been an important location for the two witches who now rested there. The inscription on the headstone was short and succinct:

Croix Meridies
Chariot du Nord
A believing heart is your magic

It was a late summer afternoon and the memorial hill was visited by an elderly couple. The two robed, gray-haired ladies were standing in front of the small monument, with arms linked together. Of the two, the slightly taller, silver-haired lady was holding a very elaborate bouquet with various flowers, ready to be placed on this grave.

The two witches resting on this hill had possibly been the two most influential witches to usher in the new era of magic. Their impact couldn’t be understated. Croix, the Italian genius whose research and technology had laid the groundwork for magic to be used ubiquitously. Almost every industry used magic nowadays to achieve things that had previously been impossible or infeasible without her work. However, despite that her influence could be seen everywhere, Croix had remained generally unknown to the public except to researchers and scholars.

Chariot, on the other hand, had been later hailed as a pioneer as Shiny Chariot, for the magical shows from her youth. Countless of people had been inspired by the French witch, and several witches had taken on the mantle as successors to Shiny Chariot through the decades. Some of which Chariot had taught herself while she still had been a teacher at Luna Nova. While her magical shows were remembered fondly by the general public, her true influence was not as obvious; giving people a love for magic. And the two whose hearts she had touched the most were now standing in front of her resting place. The two successors to her dream and the two who had changed the world.

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Runaway Part 2

Sister Winchester - Runaway Part 2

Pairings: Sam Winchester x Sister Reader, Dean Winchester x Sister Reader

Y/N = Your Name

Y/E/C = Your Eye Colour

Word Count: 2574

Episode Inspo: What is and What Should Never Be: Season 2, Episode 20

Warnings: just one death of a monster

Summary: You save Sam and Dean’s asses once again by absolute coincidence of being at the right place at the right time. As a result you can finally return home

A/N: SORRY IF I SPELT DIJINN INCORRECTLY, I wasn’t to sure of how exactly to spell it hehehe. Other than that this one is a bit of a long one and I hope I did an alright job just seeing how many of you guys liked the original. You can thank  spacelordofallthingsspacey for asking me for continuing the story and helping me have some idea where to take it in part 2. I might not be writing for a while because I will be busy with exam revision and exams. However I promise i’ll jump writing another asap. Love you all, sorry for my rookie writing and grammar skills. xx 


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You gripped the blood tipped knife in your clenched fist as you stalked towards the large abandoned warehouse. Like usual, people had been disappearing. It wasn’t werewolves, shifters, demons or vampires in this town but rather a dijinn that was responsible for the kidnappings. Thus why you were approaching the warehouse, where they the dijinn was likely to be hiding. 

You pushed the heavy door open, as it’s rusty and discoloured latches squeaked in protest. You silently stepped through the small opening and creeped into the dijinn’s lair alone. But that was fine because you did everything alone as you didn’t have anybody else. Being a Runaway had its ups and downs. You enjoyed the freedom of your independence but you missed the company, especially of your brothers. You wondered about them as you wandered through the halls. You were in fact wearing Sammy’s flannel which you stole. His smell had disappointingly left the fabric fibres and was masked by your own. The same went for the top of Dean’s which you also took. The musky smell of gun powder and whiskey had left and so was some of your memories of them. Not in large ways, but more in the ways you forget the sound of loved one’s voice or their laugh in the morning. You had just passed the three-year mark of not seeing your brothers, making you now 19. Sometimes you wished you had turned around and ran back to them or just stayed in the first place. At the end of the day you knew it was the right choice for you to become a Runaway.
You pushed through one last door to find a large open room with high ceilings. On the far side of the room you recognised five of the missing persons from their photos and quickly ran to remove the needles from their necks as well as cutting them loose from their restraints. You worked down the line of victims, gently laying them on the ground when you were done. You got to the sixth victim and lifted his drooping head up to remove the needle lodged in his neck, but instead you gasped and fell to your knees in shock when you recognised him, not from the missing persons’ photos but from your own past.

*Sam’s POV*

Sam sits with his peers who also wear black scholar robes with matching graduation hats. The sky is a surreal blue and the lawn was immaculately green and trimmed. His peers sit up straight as the names of their cohort are read out to the applauding crowd. From Anderson to Brown to Clarke the list of last names file down alphabetically before reaching Williams, Wilson and finally Winchester. Jess grins widely in pride as she leans over and gives Sam a quick kiss. Their hands meet and Sam’s thumb rubs over the silver engagement ring which lays on her dainty fingers. Pulling himself away from his fiancé, Sam stands and shuffles through the pews of his peers before walking to the stage and up the small flight of stairs. This moment of happiness and pride marks his features as he shakes hands with the Headmaster and receives his diploma with honours. He looks out into the crowd and spots his over enthusiastic and sharp looking family. Dean’s hair is combed and he is also cleanly shaven. Dean’s eyes twinkle as he claps proudly at his brother’s achievements. Sam couldn’t help but notice how nicely he brushed up as he wore a pair of chinos and a navy jacket, over an iron blue plaid shirt and tie. Next to him, Mary smiles behind her camera whilst taking a photo of Sam receiving his diploma before waving proudly at her youngest boy. John’s arm is draped around Mary’s shoulders as he too waves and cheers at his son. Lastly Sam’s meets your dazzling Y/E/C eyes as you stand next to your father. You whistle, clap and cheer whilst wearing a flowy white dress with your hair down and held back with a headband, something Sam never thought he’d see you wear but thought it looked lovely on you. Sam couldn’t have been happier in this moment. He had his whole family back safe and in support of him trying out the apple-pie life. He had his beautiful fiancé with him as well and now both were prestigious graduates of Harvard. Everything was perfect, everything was at peace. He looked back to his headmaster to be shocked when he saw a battered and bruised Dean standing in the distance. Dean’s mouth moved around silent words which couldn’t reach Sam as Dean waved his arms around in concern and warning. A chill ran up Sam’s spine as his eyes darted back to his family where the well dressed and proud Dean was still standing and continued to cheer in a rhythmic and continuous pattern. Sam’s eyebrows knitted together in confusion as he tried to come to some rational conclusion why there were two Dean’s at his graduation. It must be a trick of his mind, Sam thought, probably an imagination caused by the energy of the moment, he concluded nodding his head and centring himself with a steady breath. He turned his head back to where the battered Dean had been thinking he would have now disappeared, but that wasn’t the case. Dean was still standing with sad eyes and a pale complexion. Next thing Sam felt was as if he had been pulled backwards by some unknown body or force. But when he hit the supposedly solid stage he fell through it as it was tissue paper.

Through the darkness Sam wakes up with his head resting on the counter of a familiar motel room. He lifts his head as paper’s stick to his sweaty face to see Dean’s concerned face staring ahead, “Dean I just had the weirdest dream-“

“I’m sorry Dad I didn’t mean to… I just wasn’t thinking… I didn’t want to see you get hurt.” Sam saw as your 16-year-old self, followed theirfather into the living room of the rented motel room. Before John turned on his heel to face you, “You do as I say Y/N. Always. When I tell you to hide, you hide not jump out of your spot and play bait! Are you stupid? Taking on three vamps is way out of your skill level. If your brothers didn’t catch up to you, you would have been dead meat, you understand?”. Sam remembered that hunt and how well you performed. He was so proud with your natural talent. You had definitely saved your Dad’s, Sam’s and Dean’s asses on that hunt.

“Oh my God!…Sammy? Sammy!…Sammy wake up!…please c’mon please…I can’t lose you like this, not when I just found you again” a disembodied pleading voice which Sam recognised belonging to you, echoed around the memory and made Sam jump in his seat. The voice was older and deeper, a little broken and it choked up when it said Sam’s name. But even in the intense atmosphere of the motel room, the voice didn’t seem to affect you, John or Dad. The memory continued as before of you fighting with your father when it was interrupted again by your disembodied voice, “Please Sammy…Please wake up… alright this is going to hurt, sorry Sammy”. John swung his arm back before thrusting it forward and slapping the younger version of you in the face as Sam felt the same sharp snapping sting lace his face as well. Sam fell through the pain and into the darkness once again as he felt his now hot cheek. He knew he had landed in a new place once again but this time he felt so drained and weak. Sam’s eyes were heavy when he heard your voice again, “Sammy? Oh thank goodness, that worked, it’s okay I got you now. Just try and stay awake I’ll get you home soon…Sammy it’s me, Y/N… I got you now”. Through Sam’s numb mind, he thought that your voice seemed a little clearer than last time. As if it wasn’t being spoken through a glass window anymore but rather as if you were right in front of him. Sam didn’t want to accept the newest stage in his dream in this new landscape. You had always been his greatest weakness and he thought he would surely break if he accepted you were there just for you to be pulled from your side for a second time. However, he willed his eyes open and a concerned image of you swam in his vision.
Your eyes searched Sam’s in disbelief. What were the odds, of all the towns to be in, of all the monsters, of all the hunts you could be on, it had to be the one which allowed you to save your brother just in time. A loud crashing and commotion came from behind you as you saw Sam’s eyes bulged as the reflection of the dijinn responsible in Sam’s state appeared in his eyes. With an almighty force, you were hit away from Sam’s side by the dijinn. You slid across the concrete flooring and stopped when you crashed into some metal shelving. You bring one hand up to wipe the blood seeping from you busted lip as your eyes pan the room and stops when you spot an unconscious battered and bruised Dean lying face down on the floor. Fury crashed over you, running from your brain to each nerve in your body. You felt electric like the night in the hotel room, “How dare you raise a hand to my brothers…If you lay a hand on me or them ever again and I’ll make damn sure it’s the last thing you do.”, you warned the dijinn. Sam watched in fear as the dijinn just cocked his head a smirked before launching himself at you. You gripped the blade strongly as you pushed the leaping dijinn to the ground before stabbing the blade through it’s skin. A couple electric blue flashes fade until nothing as the dijinn’s heart stops.

You loosen your grip on the blade and pull your hand away from it. The blade stays in its position like the time you had stabbed the knife into the counter top between your father’s fingers. You then sprinted towards the lying Dean and turned him over so he laid on his back. You lightly shook him, “Dean-o, Hey can you hear me?”. Dean was pale and grimy much like Sam. Dean must have figured out that the two of them were under the dijinn’s control and somehow woken himself up. It looks like he was the cause of the crashed from the commotion before as he tried to take on the dijinn in his incredibly weak state. Dean’s eyes fluttered lazily open as you watched the green orbs focus on you Y/E/C ones. Shock spread over his face when he recognised you, creasing his forehead, “Y/N?” Dean voice quaked, he didn’t want to get his hopes up if it wasn’t you. “Who else would save both your asses for a second time” you chuckled in response. You couldn’t believe you had found your brothers again. You had missed them from the minute you had left that night. You knew your paths would cross again and you were so glad that they finally did. Dean’s head rested back on the ground as he sighed and chuckled in relief. Then uncharacteristically and surprisingly his emotions changed and he brought a hand up to cover his eyes as he pressed his lips into a hard line to stop them from wobbling. The tears ran down the corner of Dean’s eyes and collected the dirt littering his face as the sobs started to escape out his throat. You couldn’t help the tears as they welled and fell from your own eyes. You cried because you were so happy to find your own brothers but also from seeing Dean in pain. Hearing your sobs, Dean pushed himself up from the ground and onto his knees. He enveloped you in his hurried and strong embrace. You hid your face in the nook of Dean’s neck and inhaled that familiar scent that you had missed for so long. Dean held you like he thought you were going to slip from him again. Dean’s hand held the back of your head and patted it soothingly whilst pressing kisses into the side of your head. He never wanted to let you go, he had been away from you for too long to let that happen again. You leaned back and grasped Dean’s face with two of your soft hands as you smiled widely with tears streaming down your cheeks. You just stared at each in disbelief and laughed at good fortune in this fateful reunion. Finally, you pulled away from Dean and stood to diel 911. Afterwards you retrieved your knife and disposed of the dijinn’s body, the sound of sirens just started to be heard. Paramedics lifted the victims onto stretchers and out of the warehouse. You followed Sam and Dean being carried away and held their hands tightly as they continued to stare at you in disbelief that you were there.
With fluids given and their gashes cleaned and sewed up, you helped your brothers into the impala. Dean shouted shotgun first so that’s where you placed him in the car. You fussed around and made sure he was comfortable. A groggy and drugged up Dean responded with a simple thankyou smiling with heavy eyelids as he gripped your hand tightly.
Then you guided Sam over to the car and laid him in the back seats. His long legs remained bent but you also tried to make him as comfortable as possible. Whilst you placed a pillow behind his head,  Sam looked at you intensely with puppy dog eyes, as if he couldn’t believe you were real still. It made you feel self-conscious, “What are you staring at” you chuckled concerned as you tucked a blanket corner around one side of Sam. Sam’s eyebrows knitted, “I’m trying to take as much of you in before I fall backwards again”, Sammy sighed, “The dreams I keep having have a pattern, just as everything is peaceful and perfect I’m taken away and fall into darkness.” Sam was high on pain killers but you could tell he was still struggling with this internal conflict, “Sammy” you sighed,
“I can assure you this isn’t a dream anymore, I killed the dijinn responsible” you soothed reaching over Sam to tuck the other corner of the blanket around his waist, “Please Sammy you know I’ll always be there to save your ass and catch you before you fall.” You smiled. Sam processed this and sighed in relief resting his head back and smiling knowing you were righ, “You better stick around then”. You smiled and leant over and placed a light kiss on Sam’s forehead, “Well I think I will have to seeing you boys always run into trouble.” The three of you laughed as you slid into the driver’s seat, “Let’s go home” Dean huffed as you pulled away from the curb. You had spent years trying to find or create a home for yourself but now as the pair of your brothers slipped into a slumber you couldn’t help but smile finally knowing you had returned home once again.

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Fact Swap! My DND character Fennel grew up in the city because his father took him in kind of against his will but because he’s a half-dryad he needed nature to thrive, his room and the rest of the house (and his clothes) were covered in various flora and fauna! He also loves soft colors and flowy clothes, and his hair which is down to the back of his thighs is always a mess!

Interesting! 3 of my characters were bought to live in a commune for resistance civilians that have made their own sanctuary away from the government

Crazy Co-stars (Sebastian Stan Smut)

Okay this title is so extra i’m laughing, but also sorry it took like 4 decades to put this up I hope you guys like it. Shoutout to the tumblr who requested this you’re great. Luv you guys XX. 

Your heart was beating so fast, you gazed into his eyes and moved closer to him. His head tilted a little and grabbed your face, your lips touched and you became all tingly. You guys pulled away as the director told the camera man to stop filming.

“Alright guys that’s it for today, tomorrow is the fight scene so don’t go crazy drinking. See you all tomorrow.” she said and patted Seb on the shoulder as you and him walked off the set.

“You still coming to dinner at the hotel tonight?” Sebastian asked you.

“Yeah, I just need to go clean up and change, I’m not a big fan of all this black stuff on me.” you laughed a little, trying to rub off the makeup on your skin.

“Oh, you’ve just gotta get used to that, good luck getting it off.” he said and chuckled a little while watching you trying the rub it off your neck.

“Ugh, does it really take a long time to come off?” you asked him making a sad and angered face.

“Yeah, I think you look hot with it though.” he said and you blushed, you two had approached the hotel doors and went into the elevator. As Sebastian got off at his floor he gave you a quick little half hug before stepping out of the elevator. “See you at dinner, and you better still have that fake dirt on you.” he said and you smiled.

You had made it to your room and quickly went to the bathroom to see yourself in the mirror as you took some soap and water to wash off the makeup, which was coming off very easily proving Sebastian wrong. After you washed yourself off, you changed into  a more comfortable outfit consisting of black high waisted jeans and an off the shoulder flowy white top. You let your hair fall down out of its high bun and rustled it a little to give it some volume and made your way downstairs to where the rest of the crew were having dinner.

“(Y/N)! You made it, here I saved you a seat next to me.” Sebastian said as he reached his arm over to pull out the chair for you to sit in. You sat down across from Anthony and Robert.

“Hey guys, you excited for shooting tomorrow? I’m so ready to kick your ass Mackie.” you told him and he laughed.

“You get to kick my ass and kiss Sebastian?! I’m kinda jealous.” Anthony joked and you smiled and rolled your eyes.

“You’re jealous of (Y/N)? I’m jealous of Seb, that kiss today was steamy.” Robert said and smiled at you.

“It was nothing guys, just a little on screen action.” you told them waving your hand at their remarks.

“Not gonna lie, it was really good (Y/N).” Sebastian said and turned to look at you.

“What can I say guys, I’m just a naturally good kisser, I’m a cancer.” you said and laughed.

“You sure you guys didn’t practice a little before shooting?” Anthony said and smirked.

“Sebastian wishes.” you said and he laughed a little and placed his hand on your thigh underneath the table. Your whole body tightened, you weren’t expecting him to do this. He ran his hand up and down your thigh, while he just innocently laughed and talked to Anthony, not realizing that you were going crazy.

After you guys were finished dinner, everyone went to their rooms to sleep or do whatever they were planning to do. You and Sebastian walked to the elevator together like earlier.

“Hey (Y/N), don’t you think we should practice the kiss a little bit more? I’m not too good at capturing on screen kissing as well as you.” He said and leaned his head to the side and smiled while running his hand through his long hair.

“I’m up for it,” you said, “in my room or yours?” you asked him and he contemplated.

“Well I mean we’re already on my floor, let’s just use my room.” he said and you followed him out of the elevator and he put the key card into the door as you both walked in.

“Okay, so basically what I do for on screen kissing is I gr-” you were interrupted by Sebastian’s lips crashing against yours. You made a small noise as you hadn’t comprehended what just happened.

“I’m sorry, I’ve been wanting to do that ever since we stopped shooting today.” he said, “I just can’t get enough.” he laughed and you grabbed his face and kissed him back, smiling into the kiss.

You both backed up to fall onto the bed, you were under him, you wrapped your leg around his waist. He ran his hand up your thigh and snaked it around to hold on to you from your back. His head lowered down to kiss underneath your jaw, you leaned your head back and closed your eyes.

Sebastian stood up and unbuckled his belt and let his pants drop to the floor as he kicked them off his legs. You lifted your butt up off the mattress and swiftly unbuttoned your pants and pulled them off your legs throwing them who knows where in the room. You both worked on taking each other’s shirts off, once yours was off Seb unhooked your bra and attached his mouth to your nipple. Sucking on it and softly biting it, making it raise and giving you a small tingling sensation in your tummy. You tangled your fingers in his hair and he smiled as he kissed down the center of your abdomen. He left a trail of wet kisses and stopped at your belly button, he ran his tongue around it, and kissed around your hips, teasing you a bit. His teeth tugged at your panties, he used his hand to help him pull your panties down and drop them to the ground.

“Now I get to show you how good of a kisser I am.” he said and lifted your leg up, he started kissing all the way down your leg. His lips attached right by your ankle and he slowly moved down your entire leg, giving it small sweet kisses. He made his way to your inner thigh and started to give you hickeys, making bright red marks all around your inner thigh.

“Sebastian, please.” you said as he hovered over your pussy, making you go insane. His mouth moved to your core and he licked a stripe along your slit instantly making you moan and wiggle. He placed his arms on top of your hips as he moved the tip of his tongue in circular motions on your clit. You were becoming breathless and your  legs were shaking, your hands grabbed Sebastian’s and intertwined with them as your back arched and your moans got louder. You came and let your orgasm wash over you, making you tremble, Sebastian rose up and kissed you on the lips, making your noises muffle a little. “You’re definitely a better kisser than me Seb.” you told him and he laughed.

“We’ll see about that babe.” he said and ran his hand along your arm as your guys’ night got even more playful.

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(Art Anon from earlier) Thanks for the detailed and amazing response it helped a hell of a lot. But what about characters with more wild hair? Say Yang or even Ren? Like hair seems to be really difficult even with a reference

Aye I’m glad it helped~ ^w^

So on wild hair/hair in general, with Yang for example- 

It looks complicated at first- 

but if you break it down to its general major features (lots of random hair flips, hair bangs going inward to her face, goes down about below her hips, is wider than her shoulders,etc.) then it becomes an easier checklist of things to hit while drawing instead of having to go back and forth on references. 

think about the outline of her hair and what its roughly shaped like/flows

(also a thing- since it’s hair/especially wild hair, you can have a lot of leniency on how bangs split or bunch up- just keep its general features in mind while drawing and you’re okie doke. Think about hair as either water or fire, it doesn’t necessarily have a definite shape but it does have a nature to it?)

so what I do while drawing Yang’s hair

(1.A) I draw out my basic head shape

(1.B) I start with her bangs, they usually bunch up in the center of her face and go downward. Then I add the side bangs/flowy hair bits that go down.

  • (I like to think that yangs hair is basically a bunch of bananas/ pointy bits that are shaped like fire.)
  • (Focus on the bangs/face first and then work outwards. This’ll help establish everything else out.)

(1.C) I add more details, my own details in drawing now. I add the top and back of her hair/head. I draw her ear and behind that ear I draw hair splits because it looks cool/like a dragon 

  • (I guess the top of her hair would be a little bit above the guideline circle you drew out)

(1.D) Now that I have her general hair down. I work outwards and start drawing out the rough shape outline of how her hair looks. Her hair flips are random, but keep in mind they mostly curve upwards

  • (the lower you go though, her hair flips begin to curve/wave downwards)

(1.E) I just fill in what ever I need. In this case, I drew in some hair flips inside and some more hair flowing down.

and yup, thats how I draw hair/Yang’s hair~ vwv

hope this kinda helps! sorry its a bit lengthy this time!