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‘They Call Me Madame Vacuum’: 5 Questions With Julie Andrews

From the West End to Broadway to the silver screen, Julie Andrews has enchanted and delighted audiences for nearly 70 years. We asked the acting legend five questions, and her answers will blow you away.

1. What got you interested in acting?

When I was 8 years old, I was the key witness in a contentious murder trial. The lawyer for the defense offered me £50 to lie on the stand, which was pretty good money for a kid! I caught the acting bug that day and haven’t stopped lying for cash since.

2. The movie Mary Poppins gave you your big break. What was the audition process like?

Not many people know this, but I almost didn’t get the role because I had trouble remembering the lyrics to the song “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” I had nearly given up hope when Dick Van Dyke pointed out to me that it was just a word for a califragilisticexpialidocious that was of the highest quality, or “super.” I owe my success in that film to him!

3. You’re known for your incredible four-octave vocal range. What’s your favorite song to sing?

When I was 25, I wrote a beautiful song that inspired me never to give up. It goes like this:

“Vroom vroom vroom, I’m a vacuum
Zoom zoom, I eat the dirt in the room
Vroom vroom vroom, they call me Madame Vacuum
Zoom zoom, I’m even better than a broom.”

I’ve sung it for every single audition, and never not gotten the part!

4. What’s your dream role?

I’d love to play someone who’s incredibly sticky from sweating maple syrup all the time. This person’s socks would stick to her feet, and it would be nearly impossible for her to take off gloves if she ever put them on. She’d leave a thick trail of syrup behind her like a slug, and street dogs would probably follow her around all the time trying to lick it up.

5. Over the course of your decades-long acting career, you’ve gotten to work with many talented actors. Who do you still hope to collaborate with?

I’d love to work on a film with Dakota Fanning’s great-granddaughter. I’m a huge fan of Dakota Fanning’s work, but I know that I will never be good enough to act alongside her. However, if I had 80 more years to continue to practice, I bet I’d finally be good enough to hold my own next to her progeny a few generations down the line. Dakota, if you’re reading this: Get married!

“In stark contrast to multi million dollar jet setting boyfriend Louis Tomlinson, Briana Jungwirth, the down to earth South Dakota girl who shocked the world”

I present an actual quote on the pap photos of her house from July 2015…

That’s quite a fic they were writing.

Imagine Wash constructing the most beautiful sandwiches ever (of all time). Imagine him thoroughly sick of being the victim of distraction theft, or finding stealthy bites have been taken out of his sandwiches in the mere seconds he takes his eyes off them.  Imagine him constructing a decoy sandwich, leaving it on a mess hall table and leaving to “get a drink”.  He returns to find Connie retching next to the table, while North carefully pulls apart lettuce, slices of tomato and salami to find a thick layer of black pepper, cinnamon and slices of ghost peppers.  No one ever touches Wash’s sandwiches again.


(I only grabbed the guys from the trailer, i’ll def be trying to draw more for the new season’s content)


A small poem I wrote. Share it with anyone who seems to be down or feeling a little blue.


Pairing: Dean x Reader
Warnings: Language, mentions of sexual urges, mentions of minor character death
Notes: Just kind of threw this out. Thinking about writing a second part. Let me know if you want one too!

“Dammit!,” you hissed, listening as your engine once again failed to start. With a sigh, you fell back into the driver’s seat, letting the key fall back into the ‘off’ position. You swung your legs out of the car, looking over the scenery. Wind swept across the field you were parked beside, the sun beating down on the South Dakota grass. 

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How Tall Is The Total Drama Cast?

So yeah, since the Ridonculous Race cast has been with us for quite a while, I figured it’s time to update this thing. Except for Alejandro’s, all heights are listed in feet-and-inches, in relation to Chris’s height, and in relation to Owen’s height.

  1. Cameron: 4'9⅞" (188/224 Chris)
  2. Max: 4'10½" (157/185 Chris)
  3. Dwayne Jr: 4′11⅝” (218/274 Owen)
  4. Dawn: 4'11¾" (194/224 Chris)
  5. Sky: 5’1⅛” (164/185 Chris)
  6. Emma: 5'2½" (225/270 Owen)
  7. Beth: 5'2⅔" (From the top of her ponytail down) (178/196 Chris)
  8. Jen: 5′4″ (Top of sunglasses down) (234/274 Owen)
  9. Leshawna: 5'5⅛" (185/196 Chris)
  10. MacArthur: 5′5⅜" (239/274 Owen)
  11. Cody: 5'5½" (186/196 Chris)
  12. Izzy: 5'5½" (186/196 Chris)
  13. Kitty: 5'5½" (236/270 Owen)
  14. Gwen: 5'5⅞" (187/196 Chris)
  15. Dave: 5’6” (177/185 Chris)
  16. Crimson: 5′6⅛" (238/270 Owen)
  17. Sanders: 5′6⅛" (238/270 Owen
  18. Amy and Samey: 5’6¾” (179/185 Chris)
  19. Ella: 5’6¾” (179/185 Chris)
  20. Eva: 5'6⅞" (190/196 Chris)
  21. Josee: 5′7″ (241/270 Owen)
  22. Miles: 5′7″ (241/270 Owen)
  23. Scarlett: 5’7⅛” (180/185 Chris)
  24. Sadie: 5'7¼" (From the top of her pigtails down) (191/196 Chris)
  25. Ellody: 5′7⅜" (246/274 Owen)
  26. Tammy: 5′7⅜" (246/274 Owen)
  27. Carrie: 5′8″ (245/270 Owen)
  28. Zoey: 5'8⅛” (221/224 Chris)
  29. Taylor: 5′8⅜" (246/270 Owen)
  30. Sugar: 5’8⅝” (184/185 Chris)
  31. Lindsay: 5'9" (Base. Chris Mclean’s Height.) (From the top of her bandana down)
  32. Shawn: 5’9” (Same as Chris)
  33. Dakota (Pre-Mutation): 5'9¼" (225/224 Chris)
  34. Staci: 5'9¼" (From the top of her bow down) (225/224 Chris)
  35. Bridgette: 5'9¾" (198/196 Chris)
  36. Courtney: 5'9¾" (198/196 Chris)
  37. Jay and Mickey: 5'9¾" (251/270 Owen)
  38. Heather: 5'10⅜" (200/196 Chris)
  39. Noah: 5'10⅜" (200/196 Chris)
  40. Anne Maria: 5'10⅞" (From top of hair down) (230/224 Chris)
  41. Blaineley: 5'11" (208/214 Lindsay/Chris)
  42. Stephanie: 5′11⅛” (256/270 Owen)
  43. Laurie: 5′11⅜" (Top of hat down) (257/270 Owen)
  44. Chet: 5′11¾" (262/274 Owen)
  45. Pete: 6′ (259/270 Owen)
  46. Brick: 6’⅛" (234/224 Chris)
  47. Justin: 6'⅛" (205/196 Chris)
  48. Mary: 6′¼" (264/274 Owen)
  49. Jo: 6'⅜" (235/224 Chris)
  50. Lorenzo: 6'½" (265/274 Owen)
  51. Spud: 6'½" (265/274 Owen)
  52. Trent: 6'½" (206/196 Chris)
  53. Harold: 6'1¼" (208/196 Chris)
  54. Alejandro: 6'1⅜" (Via pixel-scaling with Heather; 226/217 Heather’s Height)
  55. Topher: 6’1½” (197/185 Chris)
  56. Scott: 6'1⅝” (239/224 Chris)
  57. Sam: 6'1⅞” (240/224 Chris)
  58. Ezekiel: 6'2¼" (From the top of his hat down) (211/196 Chris)
  59. Lightning: 6'2¼" (241/224 Chris)
  60. Duncan: 6'2⅝“ (212/196 Chris)
  61. B: 6'2⅞” (243/224 Chris)
  62. Katie: 6'3" (From the top of her pigtails down) (213/196 Chris)
  63. Owen: 6'3" (Base for TDRR Cast) (Also Don’s Height) (213/196 Chris)
  64. Tyler: 6'3⅜" (214/196 Chris)
  65. Brody: 6′4⅜" (275/270 Owen)
  66. Dwayne: 6′4⅝“ (280/274 Owen)
  67. Devin: 6′5¼" (278/270 Owen)
  68. Kelly: 6′5½” (Top of hair down) (279/270 Owen)
  69. Mike: 6'6⅞" (256/224 Chris)
  70. Gerry: 6′7¾" (Top of hair down) (287/270 Owen)
  71. Leonard: 6’7⅞” (214/185 Chris)
  72. Rock: 6′8″ (Top of bandana down) (292/274 Owen)
  73. Sierra: 6'8" (413/387 Owen)
  74. Jacques: 6′8⅞" (291/270 Owen)
  75. Tom: 6′9⅜" (293/270 Owen)
  76. Ennui: 6′10″ (295/270 Owen)
  77. Beardo: 6’11½” (224/185 Chris)
  78. Geoff: 7'⅞" (From the top of his hat down) (241/196 Chris)
  79. Rodney: 7’1⅜” (229/185 Chris)
  80. DJ: 7'1⅞" (244/196 Chris)
  81. Ryan: 7′4⅜” (318/270 Owen)
  82. Jasmine: 7’5½” (Top of hat down) (240/185 Chris)
  83. Dakota (Post-Mutation): 10'10"

So yeah, there you have it. At this point, the normal range (5′5″ to 6′3″) is no longer distinguishable from the short range (under 5′5″) and the tall range (over 6′3″). With that said, I’ll see ya next time.
Ruling on Dakota Access pipeline shutdown months away
A federal judge won’t decide until later this year whether to shut down the disputed Dakota Access oil pipeline while federal officials conduct a more thorough environmental review.


A federal judge won’t decide until later this year whether to shut down the disputed Dakota Access oil pipeline while federal officials conduct a more thorough environmental review.

U.S. District Judge James Boasberg on Wednesday approved a schedule under which both sides in a lawsuit over the pipeline will submit written arguments on the matter in July and August.

“We would expect a decision sometime after that, probably September,” said Jan Hasselman, an attorney for the Standing Rock Sioux, which filed the lawsuit last summer that was later joined by three other Sioux tribes.

The Standing Rock tribe sued because it believes the $3.8 billion pipeline built by Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners threatens cultural sites and its water supply. The company disputes that and maintains the pipeline is safe.

The long-delayed project was finished earlier this year after President Donald Trump took office and called for its completion. On June 1, the pipeline began moving North Dakota oil to a distribution point in Illinois, from which it’s shipped to the Gulf Coast.

But Boasberg last week ruled that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which permitted the pipeline, didn’t adequately consider how an oil spill might affect the tribe. He ordered the agency to reconsider parts of its environmental analysis.

Born Sinning - Nate Maloley - I

This is my first chapter of my first/new fanfiction, Born Sinning. Message me any ideas you have for the story. Thanks for reading!

WARNING; Parts in this story contain mature content. Read at your own risk.

I threw my hands up after taking my millionth shot of Hennessy tonight. I was finally letting loose after months of holding it in! Honestly, I really miss my partying days but I’m grateful for what has made me settle down. “Oh my gosh, Dakota. Slow down!” my bestfriend, Olivia exclaimed. She was the one I always went out with because she was the most fun and I’ve known her since out freshman year of highschool. I laughed at her in response, “I’ll be fine.” I smiled bright and took another shot from the sandy brown haired guy supplying them.I quickly swallowed, the liquor burning my throat.

“Damn, ma,” I spun around to see a dark haired guy who was tatted up his arm, He had his hair in a bun on top of his head and was wearing a regular white tshirt and dark washed jeans with black shoes and a gold chain around his neck. Fine as Fuck! I smiled at him, “I’m Skate,” he introduced his weird ass name. I looked at him weird, “your parents really named you that?” I was already close to being fucked up and didn’t really care if I came off rude or not. He laughed and took a drink out of the red cup in his hand, “it’s just a nickname. It’s really Nate,” He smiled and fixed his chain. I flipped my hair, “I’m Dakota,” he nodded and smiled once again. He kind of has a baby face if you ask me, “Dakota, you smoke?” I replied with a nod. I didn’t usually smoke because of the company I kept but I tried to smoke whenever I could fit time for it. Nate signaled me to follow him, we ended up sitting one of the couches that wasn’t as crowded. I watched as he started to roll up, pulling out my phone. “You work?” he asked, currently I was a CNA at a local Los Angeles hospital that was a couple miles away from my house in Calabasas. “Yeah, I’m a nurse but I’m in school to get my masters in medicine,” He smiled at me after looking up from rolling up his blunt. “That’s what’s up. I’m glad you aren’t one of those stuck up bitches whose parent’s pay for everything,” He laughed. I lowkey used to be exactly what he described. I laughed and shook my head at he thought, he finished his blunt and we passed it between us until it was just a roach.

It was around 3 in the morning and the party was close to ending, Olivia was upstairs with some dude doing her thot intentions. I didn’t blame her, it was a huge party and they mostlikely wouldn’t remember each others names in the morning anyways. I was getting really bored considering the fact Nate disappeared after we smoked, he was the only one I actually acknowledged besideds Olivia. I jumped as someone put their hand on the small of my back to snap me out of the thoughts, “chill.” Speaking of the devil, it was Nate. I turned to see him smiling at me, “you want to go upstairs?” with a smirk on his face. I knew exactly what he was thinking, we were on the same page.

We got to the top of the stairs and he instantly pulled me in for a deep kiss and pulled me down the hall to the last door on the left. He kicked the door open, revealing a messy room. Attacking me with his lips after closing the door again and pushing me onto the bed. I took control and flipped us over, straddling his waist to take my jacket off. He sat up, holding onto my waist with one arm while he took his shirt off with the other. God, his body was perfect. He then flipped us over once again to take my shirt off and toss it to the dirty floor, “fuck,” he grumbled into my neck. I moaned as he began to kiss down to my chest, coming back up to leave hickies. “Nate,” I moaned at the feeling of him sucking on my collarbone. I pushed myself up for him to take off my jeans. He did as signaled and quickly made himself to my heat, pulling my panties aside and licking up and down my slit. I moaned once again at loss of contact only for him to pulled my panties off in one swift movement. Then back down to my heat, “oh my god,” I mumbled as he flicked his tongue against my clit. I seen him look up just to smile in accomplishment because he knew he was making me feel good. He leaned up to take his pants and boxers off and sat back down, I knew what I was supposed to do. Once he situated himself, I took his hard member into my mouth and went to work. Bobbing my head up and down and stroking the part I couldn’t fit in my mouth. The music was playing loudly in the background but I was focused on Nate’s moans, “fuck, Dakota.”

I smirk, pulling my him out of my mouth and making a popping noise at the head. “You want on top, baby?” I shook my head. I loved being on top but I wanted to see how his game was first. He pushed me back onto the bed, making sure I was in a comfortable position before sliding into me. Whenever I hook up with someone, I usually make them wear a condom but I was too into the moment to even ask if he had one with him. I gasped as he filled me up, thrusting in and out to the beat of the music that was still playing the back ground.

Both out of breath and sweaty, Nate collapsed next me to. I looked to him, “do you even know whose room this is?” I laughed. He nodded in response, “my roommates,” still attempting to catch his breath. I had no idea this was his party or house. I just broke rule number one - “don’t fuck the guy who throws the party!”

Liv is going to be so pissed, I can’t tell her. I just nodded at him, not saying another word and getting up to get dressed. The “Time to ditch” rule is my main rule after hooking up with a random guy. When you have sex with a guy at a party and you barely know him, he is no longer relationship material. Want to know why? because he does it to other girls all the time and you definitely aren’t anything different from what type of lifestyle they live. I continue to put my shirt on as he grabs my arm, “you leaving already?” I nodded at him, “that’s how these type of things go,” I just smile. I tilted his head the side, looking adorable as fuck. “I mean, it’s 5. We can go for breakfast,” I declined politely. “I’m fine, Nate. Besides, you’re considered my danger zone.”

He just gave me a weird look, just letting go of my arm so I could finish getting dressed. “What do you mean by your “danger zone?” he asked, probably just out of curiosity. I turn to look at him, “we barely even know each other and you were willing to fuck me raw. That’s the danger zone.” He just looked at me for a minute, “okay but you were willing to let me fuck raw. If it was a mutual agreement then I don’t know what the big deal is if I want to take you out to breakfast,” he laughed at his own response. This dude really isn’t getting it, “its not that. Its the fact that you just fucked a random girl at party. If I let you take me out to breakfast, we actually further this whole one-night-stand thing, and start fucking with each other, who says you won’t hook up with another girl while we’re talking?” He shrugged, “just because I had a one night stand with you doesn’t mean I’m a fuckboy.”

I laughed at him, “probably not but Dakota can’t take any chances.” Nate just smiled at me, “you need a ride home?” I scoffed playfully, “I’m not broke, Nate. I have my own car.” I walked out the door, bumping into someone who was trying to head to same room I was coming out off. “Sorry, babe” He said as he walked into the room I just left a naked Nate in. “Dude, what the fuck,” I heard the unknown boy scold Nate. I heard Nate laugh, “bro, I told you not to lock the dog in my room tonight!” “You’re so washing my sheets later, Nate” I continued down the stairs, noticing the party was basically over and people were picking up cups, trying to wake a drunk person up that was passed out on the couch, and two people were making out by the doors. I looked around for Liv but she was probably outside, waiting by the car like she always does when she can’t find me. I walked out side to see her and some guy leaning against my car swapping spit. I approached my driver side door, “ready Olivia?” I asked her, breaking up their make out session. I got in my car and started it up, “I thought your name was Brittney?” The guy who was making out with Liv asked, making me bug up laughing. She got in the car after exchanging numbers with him. I started to back out of the driveway until I seen Nate running up to the car in nothing but grey sweats. This boy is literally killing me, “who is that?” Olivia asked, I ignored her question as Nate knocked on my window. I rolled it down as the guy Olivia was making out with sat and watched, probably wondering what Nate was doing. “What, man?” I asked him, looking at his smiled then his eyes. “No need to get rude, love. I just forgot to get your number,” I rolled my eyes. “Why should I give you my number?” I asked. Knowing he had a witty comeback, “cause you didn’t let me take you out the breakfast.” 

Olivia’s huge mouth opened, ‘it’s (818) 334-7280!” I looked at her with a what-the-fuck face. Nate looked over at Liv, “you aren’t playing me, are you?” she shook are head in response. These bitches have got to be kidding me!

Hope you guys liked he vey first chapter of Born Sinning :) Yes, this will be regularly update! Comment feed back in my ask!

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for yourself

“Great, because i don’t like people enough to dream of pairing them together. @amethystolson and @jencohen win the first two spots, hands down. @dakota-vonnegut is cute and caught my eye thought I’m not too sure about her game. Guess I could stomach @lenxpearson because she seems like a wild child though I’d choose my wing man @chasejfc over her any day. I guess @chacemaddox could have a chance too if he asked nicely.”

Found out today that my trainer had to put this long time lesson pony down.

Rest easy Dakota. Thank you for being so tolerate and level headed with me. You were a wonderful teacher and an amazing little pony. We know you’re no longer in pain and able to gallop around with Van again, but we are all going to miss you so much.

See you again someday buddy. 💔

Mark Jefferson Head Canons

Dating Mark Jefferson would include:

  • You acting up in class on purpose
  • Leading you to get a detention with Mr Jefferson
  • Which is actually just an excuse for the both of you to spend more time together
  • Having to go on dates out of town so you don’t get caught in Arcadia Bay
  • Quickies in the class room (sorry not sorry)
  • Sexy pictures taken of you, of course 
  • Specifically picking on you in class because he likes to see you get all flustered
  • Sexting him during class, causing him to have a boner during the lesson he’s teaching
  • Texting him cute things causing him to turn bright red
  • Going to dinner at an expensive restaurant (his treat -wink wink-)
  • Hand-brushing when he walks past you
  • Stealing his glasses 
  • And trying them on
  • He says you look cute in them
  • And then you hide them
  • Sneaking out to his place during the night
  • Quick butt grabs when no one is looking
  • BDSM in the bedroom (just imagine him as Mr Grey)
  • Buying expensive gifts after an argument because he doesn’t know how else to make it up to you
  • He’s taller than you so he tends to kiss your forehead or cheek when he comes up behind you
  • And let’s not forget his special place, the dark room
  • After all, all the naughty business remains down there

-Dakota and Scar

(Dakota is mainly the one in brackets)