500+ Toddler Face (Nobody asked for !!)

Okay, lil story about this face here: I was just fucking around in photoshop. And this is old as dirt. But, like..still really proud of it. 

Suppose to be Jammie baby’s face but that got a super glow up and this isn’t even needed anymore. lol

It’s kinda a newborn skin but it can be a toddler skin if you get rid of the uneven skin parts. 


@chisimi (x x) (Side note: Wanna get rid of uneven skin? Use these.)

@simplyimaginarypeople (I think? I have no idea but just to be safe.)

@google and every reborn doll I cut up in order to make this happen. Lmao


PLEASE!! DO NOT JUST SLAP IT IN A PACKAGE AND USE THE ENTIRE THING!! PLEASE!! But can be used as a base!! But actually do something with it!!

PLEASE!! Give credit!! (@ or tag me if used!!) (makes me warm in side when I know people actually use my trash.)



I still can’t believe I have this many followers, thank you so much to everyone who took the time to follow me! It means a lot, really.

So as a thank you gift I’m uploading the tray files of one of my favorite sims, Aubrey Wise.


  • outgoing
  • music lover
  • lazy

CC and dowload link under the cut

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Elisabitch the third
All da muns
Senpia notice me
Where can i dowload a girlfriend
Bitch needs sight
I live off coffeee now
Wake me up inside
Voldamort genderbend
I just want my fucking ice cream
There is one of me in every hood
Im scary but i clean your shit
bitch got no eyes.


Phoenix Cabernet for @dustofsims!

Traits: Hopeless Romantic, Athletic, Ambitious, Angler, and Diva
LTW: Presenting the Perfect Private Aquarium
Favorites: Pop, Dim Sum, Spiceberry
Other Info: Trans Man (he/him pronouns), YA, Berry, Non-Occult

TOU: Standard terms of use, don’t change too much appearance-wise, save for clothing/hair. Respect his pronouns and identity and we’ll be set. Changing traits if you’re short on packs/don’t use said pack is A-Okay too.

Custom Content Used: Skin (Jazzberry) | Hair | Top Surgery Scars
Expansion Content Used: Base Game, Generations, Showtime, Seasons, University Life (but lbr I cannot remember for the life of me and he was one of two photoshoots I did, and forgot to check! I’m pretty sure it’s these packs).

DOWLOAD… is private atm. I didn’t see anything for or against a public DL, but since he’s going to be up in a poll, it’s safe to say private until further notice.

anonymous asked:

Hello, I'm starting a new simblr and was wondering what (free) photo editing software I should use. I'll be posting mostly the Sims 3. Thank you, in advance.

Hi ! well I don’t really know a lot of good and free editing software but before dowloading photoshop I used to use photofiltre. But I heard that some people use gimp here so maybe try that !