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In need of money to make art, do it for the fluffyness! (please read)

Hello there fluffballs! As many of you may know my art-blog is going dowhill because my dear dear not so dear tbh computer broke to death, losing a lot of artwork files and with it the possibility at all to make the digital art I post, I don’t want my family to think I’m a failure at art for the third time and much less to stop drawing, since drawing is pretty much what makes me happy, specially when I can share my ideas or present them as surprise gifts to make other people smile. But without a computer I can’t make art at all much less post it, and they (my parents) wont buy me a new laptop, since “I need to pay it myself” but with what money? So I’m really depending on all of you guys to continue my life as an artist, If you really like me as an artist and wish to see more of my artwork being uploaded and executed way better than before, I please need you to reblog this post and/or donate to the paypal account “”! even one dollar could make a huge difference! as soon as I reach the goal I will notify on my blog. Plus I will give a clean sketch comission to anybody who donates over 20$USD (Send me a fanmail or ask notifying me on the ammount of money you’ll give if it goes over 20$USD). and I will return the money to anybody who donates after the goal has been reached, in case my blog has been that death, here are a few examples I managed to save on a USB, tho most of them are quick doodles of 20 minutes barely 30 of work, they are the ones I saved since they where for my friends:

So if you want to support me as an artist, I beg you on my knees to help me out with the money issue: rebloging, donating…or both! :DD I will finally answer all that procastinated ask box and will make sure to post at least twice at week. Hope you are all having an amazing day guys, love you all! <3

Friday, July 11th, 2013

a long way to go
so say you hordes
but this moment is away in a blink or two

impossible odds
so say you hordes
but odd how I keep surprising you

but odds, be they steady,
you insist to implore,
every senseless risk a
chance at triumph or more

and hordes, perhaps we
should loathe to ignore,
will do what hordes do
while we stumble and soar

bless the telephone by kells                                                                               aka a song from tro’s spotify playlist that i think is very cute

It’s nice to hear your voice again
I’ve waited all day long,
Even wrote a song for you
It’s strange the way you make me feel.
With just a word or two
I’d like to do the same for you.
It’s nice to hear you say hello.

And how are things with you?
I love you.
But very soon it’s time to go.
An office job to do
While I’m here writing songs for you.

Strange how a phone call can change your day
Take you away, away
From the feeling of being alone
Bless the telephone

It’s nice the way you say my name
Not very fast or slow
Just soft and low, the same
Cause when you tell me how you feel
I feel the same way too
I’m very much in love with you.

Strange how a phone call can change your day
Take you away, away
From the feeling of being alone
Bless the telephone
Bless the telephone

World we live in

we’re living in the world
with the thoughts and meanings cold
that’s funny
‘cause the thing that makes you horny
                                      and bold
is money
we’re living in the world
where man is not a weapon
that on sale in the market
      he’s already sold
      and ready to become
a target
we’re living in the world
world of tags to tag each other
tags presenting tags consuming
 or causer
and the faces on their gold
but not on humans
we’re living in the world
with diseases and disasters
that we able to
but we won’t to do
while believing in the masters
 of the puppets who are hold
cut the rope
we’re living in the world
and in the world you live
you always hear a voice
                         that told
you things and you can make a choice
what to believe