Zeus, king of the Greek gods, master of lightning, smiter of those who offend him, god of the sky who rules on Mt Olympus. Zeus the superlative: kydistos, megistos, hypatos – most glorious, most great, most supreme. Father of men and of gods, he sees all, he plans all. We cannot and may not understand his mind, but nothing comes to fulfilment without Zeus, as the Elders in Aeschylus’ tragedy, Agamemnon(1487), intone.
—  Dowden, Ken - Zeus

After Anne Ophelia Dowden

Anne Ophelia Dowden was a scientific illustrator who lived in Denver during the early 1900’s and really got Botanical illustration started as a recognized art form.  She worked in watercolor and did full-plant compositions.  I did this lovely orchid after studying her style, and it’s part of my portfolio.

Media: Watercolor, Gauche, and Watercolor Pencil on Strathmore Mixed Media Paper.

Size: 16 x 20 inches

Time 40 hours

Unless you know Dowden and Katie Bear, you wouldn't know what it's like having absolutely amazing, hysterical, hyper, random friends is like

You two are possibly the most amazing people I have ever met. Period. And we should really have Philip’s and Claire’s wedding reeeal soon! ;3


So guys! This Darrian😊 she messaged me on tumblr a few days ago saying that she follows me on tumblr and that she felt like she lived in the same apartment complex as me because of the similar features of our rooms that she saw in one of my snapchats and she was right, we’ve both lived here for over a year and never bumped into each other, turns out we’re practically next door neighbors! So we decided to meet each other and here we are! ✨😊 darrian-dowden you’re such a wonderful spirit and I can’t wait to hangout with you soon! 🌻🌻🌻

In Memory of
Daughr. of Mr. EBENEZER & Mrs.
departed this Life (in hopes
of a better) Sept. 19th 1794,
Aged 21 years & 10 monts.

Why do we mourn departing friends?
Or shake at death’s alarms;
‘Tis but the voice that Jesus sends
To call them to his arms.

Are we not trending upwards too
As fast as time can move,
Nor would we wish the hours more slow
To keep us from our love