dowager style


Steal Her Outfit: Formal attire in summer for the Empress Dowager of Qing Dynasty (From top to bottom, left to right)

鳳冠(Fengguan; Phoenix Crown)

朝珠(Chaozhu; Court Beads)

領約(lingyue; neck dress)

 金約 (Jinyue; golden neck dress)

彩悅(Caiyue; colored beads)

耳飾(Ershi; ear decoration)

朝服(Chaofu; Court Uniform)

朝褂(Chaogua; Court vet)

朝裙 (Chaoqun; Court Dress)

*note that the character 朝 (Chao) appears a lot, it means Court. The term 朝代 (dynasty), shares the same character with many of these items!

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