I built this “modern” gramophone yesterday evening. It basically amplifies music from my phone and looks cool in the process. The wooden box is a 1930s DuPont explosives container. It uses no electricity except that of your charged phone. The inside of the box can still be used as storage for anything you wish to hide. Please listen and enjoy.


Meet the newest addition to our product line, the STOR Filing Cabinet.  Hand dovetailed solid walnut casework waterfalls down the left hand side while black oxide steel plate wraps around the back and right side.  Open the hand dovetailed, solid walnut drawers by pulling on the drawer edges along the front face.  This subtle detail allows the cabinet to be distilled to the simplest form possible, allowing the beauty of the hand finished materials to take center stage.

Custom sizes/species/finishes available.

PS: And that planter riding on top was designed/made by my friend Brian Bosworth of Bkbceramics

Here is what my hand cut #neck #dovetail ended up looking like. It was definitely a bit trickier to fit with the #fingerboard extension needing to be #scribed and fit to the top. I’m happy with it. My next few weeks of time in the #workshop is very up in the air, meaning I’m away from my shop. Not sure how much more I’ll get done. I may see if I can bring some small things with me to work on and try to keep this moving. Tons of #sanding, but looking forward to starting the French #polish. #guitar #archtop #luthier #woodworking #handtools