The finished table in french Walnut. I think it turned out very nice. It has exactly the chrystalline structure I was aiming for!


#4 and the last of the end caps. #endcaps #douglasfir #dovetail #stillalittletight #planingbench #wood #woodworking

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I made this box as a birthday gift for a dear friend and fellow woodworker, Kim This box is made from cherry. Making hidden/blind dovetail mitres are not the easiest and straight forward joints to do, but the result when fitted together feels pretty nice. The lid is anigre veneer, and I inlayed his logo ( on it. 


Explosion Cabinet, Look-Again Collection - Sebastian Errazuriz

With just a few simple pulls, this simple-looking maple wood cabinet quickly ‘explodes’ into a complex geometric form; with a single central seam that beckons the touch of the user. In moments the intricate series of rails slide apart and reveal the true nature of the product.

“A beautiful, surprising, and confounding work that represents the playful conceit of the master cabinet maker showing off” - Rachel Delphia, exhibition curator.

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a series of unlikely crossovers: 

c: That’s it! I am officially over candlelight
k: Really?  I’ve heard some people find it —
c: — Quaint? Romantic?  That kind of wore off after lighting five billion of them.