doves in flight

‘A flock of doves takes flight, alarmed by the sudden crumbling of stone. Across the ruins, the form of a large reptile rises from its slumber. I look to my adventuring companions as I reach for my holy symbol. 

“Dragon,” someone whispers. I was never sure who. Kain reaches for his javelin as we see the creature’s maw and horrible, glowing eyes crest the wall. It’s eight legs lift it over with ease as the structure cracks like spiderwebs. It was most definitely not a dragon. Our group was never known for our heroism. We start to run, barely looking back to see Quinn’s falcon crash to the ground, grey and made of stone. There was no sense of relief when we were finally safe. We knew that any one of us could have suffered the same fate as that bird.’

I feel sad,
I feel blue.

I go outside and rub my cold fingers-
on the sleek shell of the silent night.

I see that all lights of contact are dark,
All lanes to relate us- are blocked.

Nobody will introduce me to the sun,
Nobody will take me- to the gathering of doves.

Keep the flight in mind,
The bird may die.
—  The Bird May Die, Forough Farrokhzad
Translation: Maryam Dilmaghani

y’all doin math or some shit: phil used a dove emoji,,doves represent marriage and peace.. dan and phil are going to come out,, BUt wait, doves can FLY,, flight represents moving which means they are going to buy a white suburban house in the countryside, and what lives in the countryside and chases birds you may ask?? DOGS,,,,, dan and phil are adopting a big white dog they are going to name it dove this all makes sense now 


It is an average day.
It is average weathered and average tempered.

Crickets chirping.
Leaves rustling.

The traffic is usual for the hour and people hustle like they always do.

A dog barks.
A crow caws.

A wave rumbles in and retreats.

Suddenly, light. It floods the landscape of my thoughts.

She is anything but average.

A dole of white doves takes flight.

I can hear singing in the distance. Angelic voices reciting heavenly hymns.

A mighty old stag raises his crown and listens attentively.

A warm breeze blows over me. It is fragrant with the scent of the earth, the scent of the mother divine and I am its child.

It warms me. It warms my heart.

I am engulfed now, from all sides, by the multitude of this angelic melody. As though an entire orchestra was playing at my feet, the vibration perfuses me. It consumes me.

A peacock raises his feathered skirt, looks me in the eye.

My heart implodes, then it explodes, too much load.

I cannot bear it.

I think in fractals. Straight doesn’t exist anymore.

I’m blown to tiny fragments by the perfection I experience.

Any act on my part is utterly futile. I am bewildered beyond measure. Incapable of adequate action.

My mind is lost, its sanity a cloudy memory.

Mist rises from the ground and floats by me, floats through me, unhindered.

I give up, kneel down.

I wait.

Cheng Ren for #GucciGram Tian

Cheng Ran’s (@CHENGRANCHENGRAN) multi-media video projects merge landscape, music, and a chill sense of urban alienation to channel the experience of youth culture in an era of globalization. His videos feature a flock of rock doves startled into flight—channeling the effects of technology on the natural world—or a futuristic landscape filmed in rich colors, overlaid with a conversation full of Internet jargon. His work references the way we consume and make media, like the use of a vertical iPhone-esque frame, but they also have an edgy component: handbags burst into flame, a rock band plays. In his remix for Gucci, Cheng Ran’s drawing is centered on a surly kitten, the Tian pattern swirling in the background. — Larissa Pham