dover england

Indie Travel Challenge - 2: Indie Travel

Challenge two is to talk about what makes travel Indie

I talked about this a little in my last post. Indie means Independent, but this doesn’t have to mean you are traveling by yourself. I travel primarily on cruises if I’m leaving the country, while I’m in country I do my own travel planning, but I still see myself as an Indie traveler. Indie travel is more of a way of looking at the places your traveling too. Like I said in my previous post I am always looking for those little places that make cities unique. I like just sitting somewhere and having somewhere gorgeous surrounding me. I like exploring and learning hands on. One of the things I like about Disney cruises is that when you go on their excursions they take you places where you can do something and feel like your part of something instead of just looking at it. So that’s my definition of an Indie Traveler.

And here’s a picture of Dover I took in 2010 cause I love the cliffs :)