Man down, shots ringin’ out loud
Man down, everybody get the fuck down!

Hollywood Undead Asks

I know there’s a few of these going about but i was bored and decided to make one. Sorry if there’s any repeated questions, I did try.

Undead: What was the first song you heard by Hollywood Undead?

Sell Your Soul: Will you always fight for what you believe in?

Scene for Dummies: Ever went through a scene phase?

Dead in Ditches: Ever used a gun?

Turn of the Lights: Do you like any of Jeffree Star’s songs?

Christmas in Hollywood: Do you like Christmas?

Everywhere I Go: What countries have you travelled too?

No Other Place: What is your favourite place?

No. 5: What are you like when you’re drunk?

Young: What did you want to be when you were younger?

Black Dahlia: Ever wanted to kill someone that you loved?

This Love, This Hate: Have you ever been lied to?

Bottle and a Gun: Who’s your favourite comedian?

California: Ever been to Hollywood?

City: What is your favourite city?

The Diary: Ever successfully managed to keep a diary?

Pimpin’: Ever cheated on someone?

Paradise Lost: Ever moved house?

Pain: Do you have a high pain threshold?

The Natives: Do you like your home country?

Knife Called Lust: Ever been in love with someone who didn’t love you back?

The Loss: Ever lost someone close to you?

Dove and Grenade: What band merchandise do you have?

Tear It Up: Are you carefree?

El Urgencia: Ever met a celebrity?

Bitches: Ever spoke about someone behind their back?

The Kids: Do you want children? How many?

Circles: Have you ever not been able to get out of a situation?

Been to Hell: Do you believe in Heaven and Hell?

Apologize: Do you believe in second chances?

Comin’ in Hot: Do you drink alcohol regularly?

My Town: Do you want to move out of your town?

I Don’t Wanna Die: Ever been near death?

Hear Me Now: Ever felt ignored?

Gangsta Sexy: Do you find piercings attractive?

Glory: What do you want to be remembered for?

Lights Out: Are you scared of the dark?

Coming Back Down: Who are you most scared of losing?

Bullet: Ever had suicidal thought?

Levitate: Have you ever thought that you had magical powers?

Pour Me: What is your favourite drink?

Tendencies: What type of person are you?

Mother Murder: Ever seriously wanted to murder someone?

Lump Your Head: Have you ever been in a fight?

Le Deux: Who is your two favourite members of the band?

S.C.A.V.A.: Do you think that Scarlet and Ava are adorable?

Street Dreams: Do you remember your dreams?

Dead Bite: Do you like Halloween?

From the Ground: Do you like gardening?

Another Way Out: Ever got lost?

Lion: What’s your favourite animal?

We Are: What is your friends like?

Pigskin: What’s your favourite flavour of ice cream?

Rain: What is your favourite weather?

Kill Everyone: Do you hate anyone?

Believe: What always keeps you going?

Up in Smoke: Have you ever smoked?

Outside: Do you enjoy being outside?

Medicine: Do you like the taste of medicine?

One More Bottle: Can you come up with comebacks quickly?

Delish: What’s your favourite food?

I Am: What is your job? Are you still at school?

New Day: Do you prefer day or night?

Usual Suspects: Ever been arrested?

How We Roll: Can you drive?

Day of the Dead: What is your favourite holiday?

War Child: Do you like parties?

Dark Places: Did you ever believe in monsters?

Take Me Home: Do you feel as if you belong where you are?

Gravity: Do you find space interesting?

Does Everybody in the World Have: Would you keep everyone you’re friends with in your life? to Die

Disease: Ever been in hospital?

Party By Myself: Do you enjoy staying in alone?

Live Forever: Would you like to be immortal?

Save Me: Ever been addicted to something?

Guzzle, Guzzle: Ever done drugs?

I’ll Be There: Do you have someone that depends on you?

Let Go: Let Go by Hollywood Undead or Let It Go by Lorene Drive?

Ghost: Do you believe in the paranormal?

Sing: What is your favourite song by Hollywood Undead?

Fuck the World: What do you hate the most about the planet?


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Theo Raeken - Allie who used to be enemy

TeenWolf/Theo Raeken - Bad boy

Theo Raeken / Dove & Grenade ( S05 - S06

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