dove cage

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Hi! ♡ Could I have a drabble with ayato and the reader, it being nsfw and the reader watched ayato during a basketball game and afterwards he felt that the reader was some what teasing ayato (they totally were teasing him!) and he wants to punish her in the nearest closet or dark room avaliable? Thank you so much! ♡ ♡

  • Word Count: 1391
  • Characters: Sakamaki Ayato & reader
  • Theme: NSFW

          Breathes huffed, sweat dribbled down his cheeks, as his fingers curled around your wrist within a puff of air fanned across your face. His chuckled groan thundered into your ear whilst the lightning lashed before you stretched across the surface of the small cage you dove yourself into. The trap had been set and you were the prey that dove right into the bait he had planted out in the open. An intellectual he may not be as he barely held himself together in a snatch of waves slapped across the rocks as he slammed you against the wall, however the little trickster managed to play out his plan within a couple of sleeve rolls as his teeth bite over his bottom lip.

Rustles and rackets of clothes shuffled in the heated mess of hands roamed across your body and tongue slithered pass your teeth as he ripped past the fabric constricted him of his desires. Torn underneath his finger tips as he threw the unnecessary materials towards one side, Ayato’s hands cupped over the meat flesh he could hold onto. Lips curved as his head crooked towards one side, his emeralds tuned upwards to watch as your face lit up in flusters of red painted across your cheeks. It didn’t help as your bottom lip stuttered before it had been bitten away by his fangs as his fingers squeezed at your breast.

Fangs grazed across your lip as he bit down onto the flesh, his lips mould against your bottom lip as he sucked at the flowed crimson into his mouth. Oozed out from your body as your eyes wavered from the sparked eyes gleamed over your expression to his hands plagued over your breast to hips with every ponder, squeeze and pinch he could make with each grunted growl slipped past his lips. “You tasted good as always, chichinashi… But Ore-sama wants to taste down here,” he poked your breast. “You’ve been pulling at that shirt around, and now you don’t have one… Heh, still small as always, aren’t you? Don’t worry, I’ll make them bigger!”

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Since the beginning of the heavens and earth, countless soldiers
Spun history by overlapping their lives

On the bank of a river
Is a single dove in a cage
Waiting for you

Selfishly I find myself dwelling on the past
My body hurts all over–Aching in my bones
Maybe I’ll chase the pain with sweets
I’ll open my eyes; When I finally wake up
I will be as brave as a lion

The red I wear on my clothes
Is there to show selflessness
I promise it’s fine to rely on me

Side by side both of us looked at the stars
While a moon-coloured rabbit made medicine

Moving with pride
How the dragon flies

Stars suspended on banners of red
That shine down on us

The death that I’ve seen, the grief
Why doesn’t the world just end?
I can’t seem to recall
What I’m fighting for

Though I’m tired and worn
A time will come when these wounds will heal
I promise I’ll always be there for you
It’s fine to rely entirely on me!

No matter where we’re from.
We still look at the same moon, don’t we?


Robert Plant photographed by James Fortune

“I was onstage with Led Zeppelin at Kezar Stadium, and there were some white doves in cages that were to be released at the end of Stairway to Heaven. When the signal was given to release them, out they went… but one circled for a moment and flew right into Robert’s hands. Robert was the prince of peace, the Golden God, and this photo would look ridiculous with anybody else holding the bird. Any other male, that is.”- James Fortune 

“In the early 90’s, we had a brownstone on 91st street where we cared for homeless babies that were HIV positive. In the backyard there was a mural that showed a flock of doves escaping from a cage. Every time one of the babies passed away, we’d paint their name beneath one of the doves. Most of the babies died. But a few of them lived. And Eric is one of the ones who did.”


Gretchen Buchenholz heads the Association to Benefit Children. Founded in 1986, ABC aims to ‘amplify the voices of defenseless children by combating the debilitating effects of poverty and championing the right of every child to a joyful and nurturing childhood.’

  • Taylor: anything goes!
  • Me: *somersaults into Tampa juggling sticks of fire, riding on an elephant, grabs onto the spinning stage during shake it off and goes for a ride, lets 13 doves out of a cage during clean, creates a human pyramid in BSTAGE to reach up to Taylor, skateboards around the arena*