dovasari balitang

  • Dove: Aly, for god’s sakes –
  • Aly: No Dove, please I beg of you, will you just shut your beautiful pie hole. Just sit there, let me stare at you, while you silently support me on this game plan.
  • Dove: Aly –
  • Aly: Shhhhh, Dove, your quiet support means the world to me, as well as your tacit endorsement of all my behaviors.

Every time I read Trickster’s Queen, one line reduces me to complete sobbing. I don’t even have to read it, I can just think about it, no matter where I am or what I’m doing. It’s so visceral and hard-hitting that I picture the tone of voice it’s said in, the surroundings, the smell in the air, and the way it made everyone feel.

“They’re killing her! They’re killing our hope!”

TRICKSTER’S QUEEN FANCAST: with Yara Shahidi as Queen Dovasary Balitang, Jennifer Lawrence as Aly, Gary Carr as Nawat, Janelle Monae as the Jaguar Goddess, Michael Obiora as Kyprioth, Lupita Nyong'o as Jimarn, Aisha Hinds as Chenaol, and Jai Courtney as Taybur Sibigat.

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Dovasary, it is the most common of all behaviors to listen at doors,” he told her. “As a lady, such coarseness is beneath you.”

Dove looked at Aly and rolled her eyes, then went to stand before her father. “You told me curiosity was healthy,” she said. “Is that confined only to books and nature? Sarai would just have told me anyway. I’d have made her.
—  Mequen and Dove, Trickster’s Choice by Tamora Pierce, chapter 8
Dove took the braided garland she’d just finished and placed it on her head. It promptly fell to pieces, startling a laugh from those who watched. Just as instantly they stopped laughing and drew back.
She pelted them with vines. “And that for making fun of a poor, fumble-fingered country girl!” she told them with a smile. Laughter went through the onlookers. A couple of them ventured to give Dove hints on how her work might be done better. Dove looked at Aly from the middle of a cluster of advisors.
Aly gave her a pleased thumbs-up.
—  Trickster’s Queen by Tamora Pierce, chapter 16