The Dragonborn DLC
  • You:*kills Alduin*
  • You:*stops Harkon*
  • You:*slays the dragon priests*
  • You:*slays 2 dozen or so dragons and eats their souls*
  • You:*lead the companions, the college, the thieves guild, and settled the war between the imperials and stormcloaks*
  • You:*are the champion of many daedric princes and defier of the rest*
  • Miraak:.......Okay..that all sounds fake but okay...

NEW Skyrim Dovahkiin Ring!

Personalize your ring with your name or the name of your character or anything you’d like up to 9 characters. (Yes, that means you can have FusRoDah) Available in a variety of different metal materials. Please see product page for more details. 

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“Dovahkiin”. Companion piece for “Nerevarine“.

The stories of the two games are different, the settings are different, and so they demand the heroes to be different (in my case, ahem, not too different, it seems). Dovahkiin is, kinda, a considerably more “hey, let’s drink all the mead and then go fight some horrifying monster!“ type. A more worldly type, too, to me at least. But he has some twists, sure. Any hero does.