The Dragonborn DLC
  • You:*kills Alduin*
  • You:*stops Harkon*
  • You:*slays the dragon priests*
  • You:*slays 2 dozen or so dragons and eats their souls*
  • You:*lead the companions, the college, the thieves guild, and settled the war between the imperials and stormcloaks*
  • You:*are the champion of many daedric princes and defier of the rest*
  • Miraak:.......Okay..that all sounds fake but okay...

NEW Skyrim Dovahkiin Ring!

Personalize your ring with your name or the name of your character or anything you’d like up to 9 characters. (Yes, that means you can have FusRoDah) Available in a variety of different metal materials. Please see product page for more details. 

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