Well guys, it’s been great but I have a schedule to keep and a vacation to go on, so its time to put all my roleplaying on hold for a week while I  have breakfast with Winnie the Pooh ad Disney World. And when I get back I’ll put Athol on a little break while I move on to @astrongwill for a couple weeks. But worry not lovely followers, I will be back once I’ve finished with @irxnborn and its time to restart the cycle.

I have queued up all my responses, but once again, I will be gone for a bit while I work on my other blogs so take your time responding to my threads. Once my roleplay cycle starts back over I will make an announcement that I have returned to Athol’s blog.


Things To Do In: Skyrim - Trick Shot

I am so going to do this XD

The first time I got my “We know.” letter from the Dark Brotherhood, I had completely forgotten I’d even done Aventus Aretino’s quest. I honestly had since it was on my first character where I did all the possible quests and did them all randomly, regardless of which questline they were from. I just did quests whenever I felt like it so I was kinda freaked by the letter. Like, “Who the hell is this from? Who knows? What do they know? What did I do now?!” Cause I remember Skyrim requires you to do a lot of weird stuff or stupid things and people try to kill you for them so I was so confused for a while.