I was tagged by my tumblr amigos @fat-teawitch @strawberrystained-kisses and the awesome @letthew00kiewin thanks guys! im braving it and posting with my fluffy hat 😂 oh btw im tagging y'all back 😋 and i also would like to see @fourthorandsevenyearsago @victoria-krueger @metal-horror-mayhem @loverleaver and to my followers who’d like to as well sorry im terrible at remembering names 😅😄

This is where I’d make a joke about arriving six years late with Skyrim fanart and Starbucks, but then, Bethesda keep re-releasing the game so…

To the surprise of noone that follow me, yeh, my Dragonborn is a sword and shield nord. I pretty much just use the candlelight spell. Otherwise I just hit stuff. … because I’m simple like that. Walkthrough, PSD and all that will be available through my Patreon!

Closeup of the chestplate because I made the mistake of looking at some pretty italian and middle-eastern armours and got carried away.