dov epstein


“I've always had hints about her sexuality—you know, I talked to the writers about it, back in season one, I questioned if she was really in love with these guys that they had been putting in front of her. It was something that the writers had taken in their back pocket and kind of always toyed with the idea, and even if no one was noticing, but I would kind of play it like you didn’t know. Because she could have really been happy with men, but we don’t necessarily want to put labels on it, because we don’t know. It’s all about discovery, right? So I think with Gail, like, I just love the idea of cracking her open and kind of finding out what’s inside of her. Because even if she isn’t gay, she’s discovering something new and trying a new experience. But if she is gay, and it’s this kind of amazing journey of going through and discovering oneself."