Pleasing Kagami
VA: Yuuki Ono
Pleasing Kagami

Like promised yesterday, here’s brand new Kagami audio - and I mean brand new, as this CD was released recently. 

This is NSFW, dummy mic audio, so put your headphones on!

- More Kagami audios
- More character audios

This is from Drama CD “Kareshi ga Icha××(Ero) wo Kyouyou Shite, Douyou no Toru Mattaku neraremasen! Vol.1 Haruto”
Thank you for cozynoon for pointing this out for me!

Shuuen -Re:Mind- lyrics (1/2)

I wrote all the romaji lyrics of the Shuuen -Re:Mind- exclusive songs, and will be posting them in 2 posts. Still, be aware of REALLY long post under the cut. PART 2 HERE.

The songs in this post are: Houfuku Revival, Ketsumatsu Yumelody, Fighting Girl, Nostalgic Junk Food, Game and Girls and Yasashii Obakebanashi. To look for a specific song, you can use ctrl+f and put the song title in the search bar :3

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I miss the old days of Hello! Project, where they’d be doing almost anything; Kids albums (Minimoni and the Douyou Pops series), Hawaiian cover albums, sports festivals, movies (not just a member appearing in a movie, but full group movies), video games… it was so much fun, and there was something for everyone.