Yes, you read right, I made DouWataHima fan children. AND THE FIVE OF THEM LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER IN AN AU TOGETHER.

Almost immediately after I discovered a post by stardropdream which briefly described DouWataHima children, I started creating these two. I’ve been doodling them only in my school notes for MONTHS, and finally I decided to sit down and draw an actual character sheet for them.

The girl’s biological father is Doumeki, the boy’s biological father is Watanuki, and their mother is Himawari. They are fraternal twins. And yes, it is possible for fraternal twins to have two different fathers. Okay, so the chances of it happening are extremely rare, but I reasoned that it was probably the only possible way for Watanuki and Himawari to ever have a child together, because Doumeki’s child would get the Doumeki family aura and cancel out any bad luck during pregnancy. We are assuming that Doumeki’s aura is more likely to be inherited than Himawari’s misfortune, of course ;). They are about 9 years old in the drawings. 

Random character traits so far: The girl was born first. She is slightly taller than her brother, and she has a protective streak over him. She loves all of her family but her favorite parent is ironically (or is it predictably?) Watanuki. She wishes she could cook like her daddy (Doumeki is “papa”), but her attempts as of yet leave *ahem* something to be desired. She sometimes gets picked on for having her papa’s sanpaku eyes and it used to bother her when she was little, but not so much anymore. On the whole, she more readily shows expression/emotion than Doumeki, but for the most part she is not easily ruffled… at least not on the surface. 

The boy is their ‘miracle child’ so to speak. Aside from the mere fact of who his biological parents are, he also met with some complications during his birth, which remarkably only left the effect of him being somewhat klutzy. He has his mother’s cheery disposition and is very energetic and enthusiastic, but he’s on the naive side, and the combination of those traits unfortunately made him prone to “leaping before looking”, and that gets him into trouble sometimes. Like his dad, cooking comes easy to him. He loves his sister a lot and sticks up for her if he ever hears other kids make fun of her eyes. 

For all that I’ve put into creating them however, I STILL CANNOT DECIDE ON THEIR NAMES ;w;.   

SO, FANDOM, if you would like to help me decide their names, here’s a list of potential names and their meanings under the cut:

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I honestly went into the xxxHOLiC drama only wanting one thing from it: A HAPPY ENDING WITH THE DOUWATAHIMA OT3

I wished for it hard enough and it FREAKING CAME TRUE. WE ENDED IT WITH THE THREE OF THEM AND A BENTO BOX FOR THEM TO SHARE AND THEY’RE HAPPY AND SMILEY AND TOGETHER AND IT’S BEAUTIFUL. So for all the little quibbles I might’ve had throughout the drama, THANK YOU.

and the drama also gave me the added bonus of getting to see Yuko lose her cool enough at Watanuki for saying idiotic things like that he’d sacrifice his life that she SLAPPED HIM. GOD THAT WAS SATISFYING.

What happens when I want to draw and my only tools available are a sheet of notebook paper and a ballpoint pen. Been doodling these kids EVERYWHERE these days… 

Watanuki’s by far the easiest for me to draw from memory, Himawari would be a close second if not for her wild, curly hair @_@. But Doumeki… I still can’t quite get to look right all the time, and I always inevitably make him look too young (or at least, too young for the point in time I always draw Wata or Hima. I JUST DON’T DO CHARACTERS WITH BROADER CHINS AND SANPAKU EYES OKAY!?)

Lawl that smoke doesn’t even look like it’s coming out of the pipe.

loracarol asked:

xXxHolic? For the meme thing. :D


M/F OTP: Watanuki/Himawari: Because I CANNOT resist those heartbreaking cuties who have the nerve to be selfless and selfish enough to still love each other in spite of all the obstacles in front of them. I JUST WANT THEM TO BE HAPPY

Also, Doumeki/Himawari: Mostly the fault of fanfiction, because these two have a LOT of potential angsting over/making fun of their dumb boyfriend. 

M/M OTP: ……It feels like pulling teeth to admit this, but I will begrudgingly say that I ship Doumeki/Watanuki. BUT ONLY ON MY OWN TERMS, I AM REALLY ANAL ABOUT THIS, I’M SORRY. But yes, I do ship this awful piece of work. 

F/F OTP: Zashikiwarashi/Amewarashi: I feel like their appearances in the manga are pretty self explanatory for this. They’re really sweet <3 even if Zashiki still has her crush on Watanuki. YES I KNOW CLAMP SAID ZASHIKI IS PROBABLY TECHNICALLY GENDERLESS BUT  STILL


Favorite Canon: Hahah. Canon. What on earth IS canon in this manga anyway? I guess in a totally non-conventional sense I ship Kohane/Doumeki, because I like speculating about how that came about and how they handled it. 

Favorite Crack: Watanuki/Everyone: And I mean everyone. Because let’s face it, who DIDN’T end up weirdly attached to Watanuki in some matter in this manga!? 

If that doesn’t count I’ll go with Watanuki/Child Kitsune or Watanuki/Syaoran. But those aren’t really crack….

Guilty Pleasure: Yuko/Watanuki: I would’ve put this under OTP category but I figured it best fit here given how problematic the relationship is. I have an unhealthy attachment to Watanuki’s unhealthy obsession with her and I admit that wholeheartedly. Also, Clow Reed parallels. Do note that I ship them in all possible forms, it really depends on my mood at a given time. 

Pairing I Hate: None that I can really think of, honestly. The closest would be Doumeki/Watanuki but that’s mostly because I’m really effing tsundere towards that pairing, because I get seriously and unreasonably FRUSTRATED, everytim I see them together in the manga and Himawari isn’t there with them. I JUST WANT MORE ATTENTION PAID TO HIMA-CHAN OKAY!?

late night OT3 post-Rou reincarnation fanfic plotbunny

Since I’m on a huge DouWataHima kick right now. 

So we all assume that Doumeki’s family will be watching over Watanuki for however long they have to, and that the Doumeki line will continue to have lookalikes… I’m dreaming up a scenario where the latest Doumeki generation xerox one day brings a friend to the shop (who may or may not actually currently be his girlfriend but whatever, the point is they know one another and are friendly) and not only can she see the shop… she looks identical to Himawari. And Watanuki somehow eventually comes to the unnerving revelation that for once, Doumeki is not just a Doumeki descendant, but actually Shizuka’s reincarnation, and the girl with him is Himawari’s. 

Angst ahoy, because neither Doumeki nor “Himawari” have memories from their past lives, and Watanuki has to endure them both visiting while he has to act like they didn’t have a history (and he has to constantly remind himself that technically they DON’T, not in this life) but has missed them both so badly he can’t bear to tell them not to come visit. Also playing with the idea Watanuki’s known this Doumeki since he was a child and had told him stories of his old friends in the past to ramp up the awkward (But this is a CLAMP series so…). 

Probably mostly from Doumeki’s point of view, with the poor guy having to deal with his favorite unaging “uncle” suddenly becoming more distant than usual and with weird mood swings… and after he’d actually been quite happy to find he’d now had someone who could see the shop that be could bring along sometimes for visits too. I’d imagine there be switching POV’s though to get the full story, poor Himawari would start off not knowing at all what’s going on ;w;.

Too bad I have no patience or time or ability to write fanfic :P. 

…..I’m probably going to look at this in the morning and pick apart all the reasons why this either a) is dumb or b) wouldn’t work/make sense. 

patriciaselina asked:

E, L, and P!

E: Have you added anything stupid/cracky/hilarious to your fandom, if so, what?

Unfortunately I feel like all I ever do is thrive on stupid/cracky/hilarious things that other people contribute to fandom.That being said I have come up with some funny comics? I think? I don’t know if that counts as crack or…

Oh wait, there’s LingxWallet=OTP

L: Your favorite fanartist/author gives you one request, what do you ask for?

I’d probably ask a fanfic writer to select something from one of my endless headcanons and plotbunny ideas and write it, since i obviously cannot do so myself.

….I think the things I’d most desire to see get written would be my DouWataHima xxxHOLiC reincarnation AU or DouWataHima Tomoeda AU. Those are the most thoroughly plotted AU’s I’ve come up with and it’s a crying shame I probably will never see them come to life. 

P: Invent a random AU for any fandom (we always need more ideas).

Uhhhh. Random eh? I feel like I can’t think of any at the moment hmm… all I’ve got on my brain right now is HoriKashi but right now I feel like all the good AU’s have already been conceived in some way, or anything i come up with will just be a variation .

Ah. I like reincarnation AU’s I’ve noticed, so what about something like the plot of NG Life, where Hori and Kashima are the modern-day reincarnations of a pair of people who had an important connection (maybe they were lovers, best friends, even rivals or enemies,) who died in some disaster or war. Now in the modern world they have to deal with building a relationship up again and also the baggage of having memories of their pasts. This is heavily customizable and i’m just shooting out the general premise. One or both of them could from the start have vague memories from their pasts, or maybe only one of them has all of their memories but the other doesn’t have any. Or maybe neither starts out with memories but they slowly start returning after they meet. I’d heavily advocate one or both of them having gotten genderswapped in the reincarnation process. If they were originally at odds with each other, that could serve as a major point of drama and conflict. Oh, and the rest of the GSNK crew is also a reincarnation from their time period, though they also may or may not be aware. Their past lives could have come from anywhere. Feudal Japan? China?Medieval Europe? idk. 

OH AND A SHOT OF INSPIRATION JUST NOW - SOUL EATER AU??????? Has anyone done this yet???? In this case who do you think would be the weapon and who would be the meister? Cuz’ frankly with their relationship, either could viably be one or the other (btw do you think it’s possible for a weapon to also be a meister? I mean, Patty and Liz were shown to be able to wield each other if Kid suddenly went AWOL, but officially do you think it could happen? I suddenly thought of this scenario where Hori and Kashima end up becoming this amazing tag team who will switch up depending on the environment because they’re different weapons that are best suited for certain types of situations, or something)