Okay here is every all together! red and blue, i spent way to much time thinking who can stand next one another  

Like Grif could not stand next to Sarge and had to stand next to Simmions, But Simmions needs to also be close to Sarge. But Grif need to also be Close to Sister to keep an eye on her. and i wanted, I really wanted to Caboose be all up in Church’s Space but it would knock church over like 90% of the time 


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Okay guys, game design 101. I knew something about BOTW bothered me and I figured out what it is. So if you don’t want spoilers don’t read any further. 

Alright, so when you’re playing or rather when you’re making one. You decide the best way to teach your player how to play the game. In Ocarina of Time the entire game lead up to the fight you have with Ganondorf and it teaches you how to platform and navigate a 3D world for the very first time so you can play tennis with him. It was the first game to implement Z targeting and let’s be real if you didn’t know how to do that then the final boss fight would be a smidge more difficult. In Twilight Princess that’s the first game where horseback combat was introduced. So, when you found other enemies on horseback they would rush you! Leading up to the final fight when you and Zelda are having that kick ass fight on the back of your horse and light arrows are flying everywhere and Ganondorf is trying to rush you! It’s exhilarating! 

Breath of the Wild is really the first Zelda game in which we’re both able to jump freely and climb just about everywhere. It’s hammered into us that we can squirrel our way up just about anything and everything. 

Are you still reading this and you don’t want to be spoiled? Stop.

The final confrontation with Ganon is probably the most lackluster final battle I know I’ve ever thought. It was just playing keep away and learning to deflect guardian lasers properly which in itself is fine for like anything that isn’t a final boss. A mini boss like this would be a lot of fun. 

But how cool would it have been if you make it into the inner sanctum. Ganon breaks free from the hold Zelda’s had him in for the last hundred years and he’s fucking massive! (Also a pig because wtf is that design? I’d take Akumadorf over whatever the heck that was any day.) Like the size of a couple of stone talus and different weak spots appear on him. You have to find your way up to them and hit him a few times and then he gets either stronger or smarter as you go on. Maybe he punches the wall open and a flurry of guardians crawl down his arm like spiders so you have to deflect lasers or maybe use the lasers to hit Ganon!

Then you dispatch of the guardians and crawl back up on him and wail on him! Then he breaks out of the castle and you have the big pig fight since you’ve learned horseback combat in the game as well and have to chase after him, shoot him with arrows, and smack him in the faces a few more times. 

I feel like getting to all of the boss fights were far more fun than the actual bosses themselves. The final battle felt so anticlimatic to me which is such a shame since it soured the ending to an otherwise phenomenal game. 

It definitely has its issues and I have my nitpicks over the game for sure but I just feel like if they did a few things differently or handled the final battle in a better executed way it would have been way more fun.