Day 1: 25 Days of Outlander.

Favourite Location: Doune Castle as featured in the show as Castle Leoch. 

What a genius idea this is @gotham-ruaidh and @lenny9987!

So; I hope I interpreted this correctly. Done Castle is absolutely magnificent! As well as being a location for ‘Outlander’, it was Castle Anthrax in ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’ (amongst other things within the movie). Their audio guide is read by Terry Jones and has little snippets of ‘Monty Python’ strewn within. It is AWESOME. I really can’t shout its praises enough. So when it popped up as Castle Leoch I think I had a small moment of madness. It’s most certainly my favourite location from the series so far. 

Mini Claire and Jamie are hiding away there too…