I’m looking for queer witches of color. Yogis or yoga teachers. Doulas. Healers. Etc.

Please share your wisdom, or recommend resources I can learn from. I want to become a healer of the body and spirit and don’t know where to begin. Especially since some of the practices have been heavily white washed.


nascimento do martim

The benefits of having a Doula
  • In all types of pregnancies, even high risk ones, having a doula significantly reduces rates of induction, epidural, narcotic pain killer use, forcep use, and c-section.
  • Doulas reduce the length of labor significantly. With first time parents especially, labor tends to be longer and without a doula they tend to go to the hospital earlier than need be.
  • For teen parents having a doula increased rates of nursing and decreased c-section rates, epidural rates, inadequate prenatal care, premature births, and low birth weight.
  • For teens especially having a doula can help raise self-esteem which means they’ll take better care of baby and themselves.
  • In many studies parents who had a doula were more loving towards baby, more affectionate and attentive, reported a closer bond, spent more time with them and there were lower reports of abandoning baby at the hospital, lower reports of infant abuse, and increased father involvement.
  • Studies show that parents who use doulas tend to have a better relationship postpartum.
  • Studies indicate that families with doulas may have less pain during labor, or were able to cope with it better.
  • There are also reports of less health problems with babies who had a doula, which may have something to do with increased breastfeeding rates and increased time spent with baby.
  • Parents with doulas tend to have lower rates of postpartum depression.
  • Parents using doulas report less fussing and crying from baby.
  • Doctors, nurses, and midwives tend to work in shifts meaning it’s very possible they won’t be there throughout your pregnancy, especially if you’re giving birth in hospital. A doula however, will stay as long as you need them.
  • A doula can help guide you in applying what you know to the hectic and chaotic actual labor experience
  • They can help you take a break during a long labor
  • They can bring you drinks, food, hot packs, ice, or whatever you need so other people attending your birth like your partner can stay with you.
  • They can reassure your partner that you’re doing fine
  • They can help you understand what is going on during labor
  • They may be able to help photograph or videotape the parts of the experience you want.
Dean and the Doula

Cas is a doula, guys.

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“Fuck. Fuck!” Sam’s voice cuts through the phone and Dean winces and holds his cell phone back from his ear.

“Sammy,” Dean says in his calmest voice. “It’s gonna be fine, man. I’ll be at the hospital in like ten minutes, okay? And you’re only an hour out. So just calm down, hang up the goddamn phone, and drive your ass safely there, alright? Eileen is fine.”

Sam’s reply is a garbled growl followed by a tense, sharp exhale. “Okay. Okay, you’re right. Eileen said her doula’s there already.” He sighs again. “Fuck. Okay, it’ll be fine.”

“Yeah, man. She’s cool. Her, uh, doula’s there, man. Everything’s okay.” Dean spends the rest of his drive soothing his brother – after making sure Sam’s got the phone on bluetooth speaker rather than holding it in his hand like a jittery idiot. Until he pulls into the hospital’s parking garage Dean wonders, what the fuck’s a doula?

* * *

The maternity ward is quiet this time of night. It’s past normal visiting hours so Dean just passes crisply pressed nurses wearing patterned scrubs, a couple women huffing as they pace the halls with planetary bellies, and a few new parents with deep bags under their eyes clasping newborns in varying states of wakefulness. Eileen’s room is at the end of a nice, quiet long hallway painted rose petal pink. Anne Geddes prints pockmark the walls. Everywhere Dean looks he sees flowers and babies and he thinks, shit, I should’ve brought a bouquet with me. As it is, he’s going empty-handed into the hospital room where his brother’s wife will be giving birth. He knows he’s just a placeholder for his brother who’s been out of town working on a case the past two days. Maybe the gift shop’s still open. He’ll sneak down after Sam arrives.

Dean’s not sure what to expect when he gets to Eileen’s room. Given what he’s seen in movies, he’s braced himself for screaming, preternaturally strong hand holding, and possibly some Exorcist level demonic glares at any man who dares cross the threshold. What he doesn’t expect is to walk into a dimly lit room. Two softly glowing rose salt lamps sit on a table near the bed and the air in the room smells like springtime lilacs. A TV screen at the far end of the room displays rolling ocean waves on an idyllic sandy beach. Eileen isn’t on the bed, her face contorted in rage. Instead, she’s settled on a large exercise ball, belly out, slowly rolling her hips. Her face is calm, relaxed and smiling as she signs something across the room. Eileen is turned slightly away from the door, so Dean turns to see who she’s signing to and freezes.

Hot guy alert.

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