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[Doujinshi Translation] trifle

Original art by: 鳴十ジングルベルベル=ポンチョリン
※permission to translate was given by the author via pixiv (natto) & twitter (bellrin)
Scanner/Recleaning/Redrawing/Translator: sarapyon
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Todoroki asking Midoriya out on a date. 
He said yes

Also he did not realize hat it a date, yet

Full translation would be coming later 

I wish i have more free time

My works is choking me 

Permission gained because i have paid and bought and scanned the doujinshi myself

An Unfortunate Announcement

Dear all,

I’ve noticed there are numbers of my translated doujinshi, and my other fellow translators’ doujinshis are being made into youtube videos, without proper crediting. I tried to contact several youtube accounts regarding this, respectfully asking them to link the original link of the translated doujinshi and artist names in the description for credit, and a majority of of them complied. However, not all are requests were well received,  there are channels that are not cooperating, even deleting my comments when I tried to link the original links in the comment section.

From this time on, doujinshis that I will be translate will no longer be “blank” like before. This means, there will be a watermark on each page at the most random place, not being able to remove easily.

This is very upsetting and disrespectful to the artist and translator’s work. They are uploading other people’s work on youtube, the least people can do, I believe, is to properly credit those who deserved it in the description section, where everything is visible to everyone (unlike a tiny small credit page at the end where you can’t even read the words properly).

The artists tried their best to create doujinshis, they are not free-work and you have to purchase them to read. Accessing free doujinshis at this point is incredibly lucky for the Internet community. Translators aren’t getting paid to translate these doujinshis, neither are scanner or cleaner. We volunteer to do them.

Crediting the right person, in a bold visible way, isn’t that hard to do.

Good day,


——— A note from my partner, editor Chiu ——-

Please take into consideration of the people who make the works, and those who take the time and effort to clean and translate them. We do this voluntarily, in our own free time, and we don’t get paid. Work like this is not easy, people must take time out of their day to work with their parents to get things done. There are people who will pester translations groups to update and update, but there is only so much we can do.

And as Chibi said, these doujinshi are not free. Translators have to buy them from the source  to work on them, so they are spending their own pocket money to give a free service to the community.

So if you are re-posting our or anyone’s works, or uploading to other platform, please either ask us and credit, or link back to us with the credit. We really appreciate it.

Thank you for the support,