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I’m planning on making a comic for V, and of course it’s about V x MC.

I know that a lot of people hates V after playing his route, blaming him for hided things and for t h a t. Poor my chocomint boy, I wanna hug him tight. V tried his best to protect the RFA and all-of-the-MCs and got nothing but overshadowed in HIS OWN ROUTE.

Nani the f*ck?

V aka Kim Jihyun, he deserves to be happy, and lots more!! 

I love him no matter what. Nobody is perfect, none of the RFA’s members are perfect (even scary sometimes), but we always helping them go down the right path and willing to accept who they truly are. Then why not V? A lot of you guys acting like he is a devil or something, THAT IS FREAKING UNFAIR!!

My heart is broken to pieces whenever seeing the hate towards V. You’re right, he have a soft personality and saying “I am sorry” a lot, but then what? He was already like that from the begining, but you guys wanted to save him back then and now wishes he were dead in SE1? OMG… how could…

C r u e l

NDRV3 fanart doujinshi

‪sample here: (warning:spoilers and au)‬

I made a NDRV3 fan art doujinshi(not manga, but a illustration book). It’s for the upcoming Breakshot8! DR event in Osaka, Japan 10/22/2017.
It will contain:
☑️Chapter Themed Fanart
☑️My version Execution Art for each of the survivors + victims (+ Ch6 blackened) I tried to make the art style similar to the execution art style (emphasis on TRIED)
☑️few characters from previous games
☑️other spoiler fanart

It will NOT contain:
🔲ship related content
🔲NSFW (however i won’t recommend you to openly bring it to school or work because of the execution art…not going to have extreme gore or hentai but non-DR Fandom people might find it distasteful)

I plan to sell the leftovers online around $6USD/book(not including shipping fee) via pixiv booth website.
Release day and other details will be updated as soon as I know.

Hope you’ll like em doods!

I just read the 4th installment of nozonico/nozoeli goddess’ 上林眞/Kanbashi Makoto’s/(group name:むしやき/Mushiyaki) NozoNico series and… wow. My kokoro hurts. The whole series’ characterizations are just amazing, and how their relationship developed since their first meeting. It all started with a simple handshake and gradually moved from friendship to perhaps something more. But how do you cross that line? Or should you even cross that line? Or was there even a line to cross at all?

  1. Anata to Akushu (Holding your Hand)
  2. I Trust You
  3. Little by Little
  4. Still Far Away   

^Just pixiv links and the cover art
OTL I can’t wait for the last one OTL My kokoro needs healing *goes to dig through pixiv for WAFF nozonico pics*

If you can buy doujinshis somehow through the net or something, I highly recommend this artist’s works (whether nozonico or nozoeli)