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I just read the 4th installment of nozonico/nozoeli goddess’ 上林眞/Kanbashi Makoto’s/(group name:むしやき/Mushiyaki) NozoNico series and… wow. My kokoro hurts. The whole series’ characterizations are just amazing, and how their relationship developed since their first meeting. It all started with a simple handshake and gradually moved from friendship to perhaps something more. But how do you cross that line? Or should you even cross that line? Or was there even a line to cross at all?

  1. Anata to Akushu (Holding your Hand)
  2. I Trust You
  3. Little by Little
  4. Still Far Away   

^Just pixiv links and the cover art
OTL I can’t wait for the last one OTL My kokoro needs healing *goes to dig through pixiv for WAFF nozonico pics*

If you can buy doujinshis somehow through the net or something, I highly recommend this artist’s works (whether nozonico or nozoeli)


New doujinshi cover + sample + goods lineup I’ll be bringing to the HxH Only event “Re:HUNTER 02″ in Japan in a couple of weeks!! I’m both so nervous and super excited to share spaces with my japanese friends and idols haha;;;

And, as promised, I’ll merge both my doujinshis into an english language anthology! More info on that after I return from Japan ^^


Hey everyone! So I have accumulated a bunch of UK x US doujinshi from Hetalia a few years back and I am sad to say it’s time to part with them. They were bought straight from Japan. Prices will be ranging between $10 to $25. They will depend on quality and thickness of the book. They are in like-new condition with no folds or bends! They were admittedly impulse buys, browsed through then stored for safe keeping.

Doujin circles/artists include: MENU, COC, Frenzy, cloud9, Syrup, INKO, Harumitsu, EPU/gucce, and etc… The majority of the doujinshi are R-18 so this sale is only for 18+ buyers please! (With the exception of the non-NSFW doujinshi)

I will be creating a separate post (and/or a side blog) to post each individual doujinshi with sample pages and their prices by next week (or hopefully by this weekend– sorry, please be patient!) They will be shipped within the U.S. only! Feel free to message me for any questions. :)


This is En-Ka again~


I got a big scolding from ahokitsune though, I’m sorry and thank you very much, you are my goddess!!

Anyway! This Doujin will be available in OTPCon in Jakarta Design Center at 2 August 2015! BOOTH #34 FUJODOME!!!! :)
Limited stock!! First come first serve! :)

P.S : I was thinking of selling this in digital version for overseas AkaFuri shipper—but IDK—anyone intersted? :)

P.S.S : As you know I already posted the cover here, but I got the wrong file! I forgot the galaxy layer LOL