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I just read the 4th installment of nozonico/nozoeli goddess’ 上林眞/Kanbashi Makoto’s/(group name:むしやき/Mushiyaki) NozoNico series and… wow. My kokoro hurts. The whole series’ characterizations are just amazing, and how their relationship developed since their first meeting. It all started with a simple handshake and gradually moved from friendship to perhaps something more. But how do you cross that line? Or should you even cross that line? Or was there even a line to cross at all?

  1. Anata to Akushu (Holding your Hand)
  2. I Trust You
  3. Little by Little
  4. Still Far Away   

^Just pixiv links and the cover art
OTL I can’t wait for the last one OTL My kokoro needs healing *goes to dig through pixiv for WAFF nozonico pics*

If you can buy doujinshis somehow through the net or something, I highly recommend this artist’s works (whether nozonico or nozoeli)


New doujinshi cover + sample + goods lineup I’ll be bringing to the HxH Only event “Re:HUNTER 02″ in Japan in a couple of weeks!! I’m both so nervous and super excited to share spaces with my japanese friends and idols haha;;;

And, as promised, I’ll merge both my doujinshis into an english language anthology! More info on that after I return from Japan ^^


This is En-Ka again~


I got a big scolding from ahokitsune though, I’m sorry and thank you very much, you are my goddess!!

Anyway! This Doujin will be available in OTPCon in Jakarta Design Center at 2 August 2015! BOOTH #34 FUJODOME!!!! :)
Limited stock!! First come first serve! :)

P.S : I was thinking of selling this in digital version for overseas AkaFuri shipper—but IDK—anyone intersted? :)

P.S.S : As you know I already posted the cover here, but I got the wrong file! I forgot the galaxy layer LOL