FUTURE AU Headcanon(s): KuroKen, OiWa & BokuAka

A series of short skits with Future AU theme about my OTPs, born out of my delusions tender loving care for the babies ~ tee hee (⊙ヮ⊙) I imagine the third years are rooming up for college, some separated but still occasionally hanging out like the old days, living together, fighting together and being lovey dovey with their partners ~ (•⊙ω⊙•)

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FUTURE AU Headcanon: TsukkiYama

When Tsukki and Yams are in college, they share an apartment where they room together. Just the two of them. Because Tsukki can’t stand living with other dudes (being the troll he is) and wants to hog Yams’ free time to himself. (•⊙ω⊙•) 

Maybe they go to separate colleges that’s close to each other? Either way, Tsukki and Yams spend a lot of time together nevertheless. Tsukki’s a med student and Yams majors in education (he wants to become a teacher). ✿✿✿

P.S.: If you have your own TsukkiYama Future AU headcanons, let me know ~ 


ACT. 1: “The King and the Grump”

Oikawa Tooru is the Club’s no. 1 dancer, his stage name is the Grand King. He’s massively popular with the female customers. But instead of all the other ladies, there’s one Grumpy-looking customer who caught his eyes … ;0

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Kenma is a third year now. Between Volleyball and Exams, both Kuroo and Kenma haven’t been able to meet up for months at a time. Though they constantly texts and calls each other every day.

Finally, after Kenma’s done with the Entrance Exams (he’s applying for the same uni as Kuroo though different faculty), they reunite! ✿✿✿ Kenma lives at the uni dorms, then visits and stays over at Kuroo’s on weekends, when they spend a lot of time together (occasionally c*ckblocked by the bothersome roommates) ~ (=゜ω゜)

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ACT. 2: “Cats and Crows”

The guys are visiting their friends at their part time job, partly cos they’re a bunch of curious college kids (possibly never even been to a ‘normal’ strip club) who just went to have a silly good time! Lol. But of course, nothing goes too normally in the Gold Diggers Club! Especially not with these rowdy kids. ;-)

P.S. Sorry I’m not replying to any messages for a while. Just dropping by to drop updates. I will reply when I have more free time. (;w;)

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Akaashi is a capable vice-captain and an even more understanding boyfriend. He’s accepted Bokuto with all of his quirks and flaws (whether he intended it or not), and he’d thought he’d seen them all, until he dropped by Bokuto’s place for the first time, and saw probably the only thing he can’t tolerate…

… the horror that is Bokuto’s bedroom. Ufufu ~ ( °٢° )

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