IMG: Ib • Mary • Garry… The long awaited full color DoujinPress Ib Collab! Featuring amazing artwork from 19 amazing artists, this Ib collab is the definitive art collection from 2013!

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Front Cover: Kurot, Rear: Pompi
Interior Artists: PurpleKecleon, Lavender Ice, Ninamo, erumi-on, Foxy-Sierra, pharos-chan, mykyo, citruspencil, nephsech, exjuice, roos-vicee, calia30, chitralala, kumake, gehirnkaefer, ButterCupSaiyan, aineedyuu

PurpleKecleon Joins DoujinPress Staff

I am very happy to announce that Melanie aka PurpleKecleon has joined DoujinPress staff.  After a very busy but fabulous weekend with her at SacAnime, we decided late Sunday evening to bring her into the fold.  Starting this week, Melanie will be representing DoujinPress (along with her own organization) at conventions across the United States.  Depending on the setup and audience of the conventions, Melanie will be selling DoujinPress exclusive items at:

  • Mechacon - Sept 7-9, New Orleans LA
  • Midwestria - Sept 14-16, St. Charles, IL
  • Rainfurrest (AA) - Sept 27-30, Seattle, WA
  • Aki-con - Oct 26-28, Bellevue, WA
  • SacAnime - Jan 4-6, Sacramento, CA

Melanie will also occasionally be involved with other things like artist recruitment and marketing efforts.  I am really looking forward to this arrangement and hope that between the two of us we can do some really awesome things for all the really awesome artists that work with DP!

DoujinPress Announces Shingeki no Kyojin Art Collab

Shingeki no Kyojin Art Collab Doujinshi
Theme: Life within the walls
Cover Art: TBD (applications welcome for front and back)
Friendship and romance, a thirst for escaping the confines of the known world, melancholy and loss, titans amongst humanity… The situations, emotions, and feelings of life within the walls.

About DoujinPress Collaboration Books

Quality entries are accepted from even non-DP artists.  These can be B/W manga pieces or full color artwork.  Collaboration books will have their own deadlines.  Each book has a theme or series.  All involved artists will be given 5+ copies of the book for free, depending on what they submit (shipping not included).  Key artists that put in more than 25% of the book will be given a cut of the sales.  Collaboration books are mostly for promoting artists, but with the free copies it’d be easy to make some money as well.  Additional copies can be purchased at artist price (email for details).

Recently released collaborations:

IMG Ib • Mary • Garry: An Ib Collab Artbook

Currently planned collaborations:

Madoka Magica (Focus on witches but main characters okay too, non-adult, color, cover by *purplekecleon) PAST DUE
Shingeki no Kyojin (Theme: Life within the walls, non-adult, color, cover art slot is open) DUE NOV 1ST

Please notify us if you are planning to submit for one or more collabs.  Include your DA or Pixiv link so we can credit you for your work.  Collaboration submissions should be emailed to:  Questions should be emailed to  DoujinPress reserves the right to reject any submission.  Page format is JIS B5, templates are here.

Autumn Children

In the long awaited second book by House of Sixten, Shizuha the goddess of the autumn leaves is filled with envy for her popular and well known sister, the goddess of harvest Minoriko. Faced with a demon’s plan and supported by the new found friendship of believer, what will Shizuha do?

It’s Marisa!  And this is an advertisement!

Interested Yet?  Read Below~

DoujinPress is looking to work with talented Touhou artists immediately for national publication. Doujin, prints and buttons all accepted.  Deadline for contributions is… ASAP, though for larger projects like doujins the deadline is November 20th.

Specifically, DP is looking for doujinshi representing all pairings (preferred characters below).  Fluffy light yuri acceptable for 14-24 year old audience preferred.  28-44 pages in length, inside B/W (600 DPI B5) with a full color cover.  We will also accept high quality print artwork (B4 size 300 DPI ONLY) and buttons designs (1.25” and 2.25” 300 DPI).  We prefer non-adult material, though will accept adult material as long as it doesn’t contain rape or such.  We are offering improved artist cuts (higher than normal starting cuts) for all accepted artwork.

In general it’s best to consult with me before beginning a big project to make sure that your final piece will be approved.  Regardless, interested artists should email me at

Preferred Characters:

  • Reimu
  • Marisa
  • Alice
  • Yukari
  • Cirno
  • Suwako
  • Kanako
  • Sanae
  • Sakuya
  • Remilia
  • Flandre
  • Yuyuko
  • Youmu

Open to additional suggestions~

DoujinPress @ Fanime 2013, San Jose, CA

Learn Riichi Mahjong
1-8pm, May 25 & 26, Tabletop Games (tentative)
San Jose Convention Center

We have been given the go ahead to volunteer and teach riichi mahjong at Fanime as volunteers!  Well, we as in myself and my friends.  If you are curious about mahjong, or just want to meet me, or just want to meet my friends who are probably more normal than me… This is your opportunity!

Sometime on Saturday or Sunday, I will be leaving the mahjong action to wander around the Artist Alley.  If you are an artist that wants to talk with me and you are going to Fanime, leave a comment or note and I’ll be sure to stop on by!

What is riichi mahjong?

Riichi is the Japanese variant of mahjong.  It is the most widely played table game in Japan!  Combining luck, strategy and a sharp mind, riichi mahjong is a super fun and competitive game with similarities to rummy and highway robbery!  The goal is to build a hand of tiles that has 4 sets and a pair.  Actually highway robbery is not part of this game.  But taking people’s point sticks is!

Anyways, see you there~