(finally) responding to theaussielemming!

Time and Day: 9:29am EDT, 7/31/2015
Average hours of sleep: Seven to eight if I manage to crawl into bed on time.
Last thing I googled: get a load of that guy
Nickname: Dougster, Dougie Fresh
Birthday: January 23rd (Aquarius!)
Gender: Male
Height: 5′10″
Favorite Colors: Green and red
One place that keeps me happy: My front porch
How many blankets do I sleep under: Usually one
What am I wearing: T-shirt and athletic short jammies
Last book I read: ‘Monstrous Regiment’ by Terry Pratchett
Favorite Beverage: Lo-carb Monster runs through my veins
Favorite Foods: Mei fun and buffalo wings
Last Movie I watched in Theaters: Guardians of the Galaxy
Dream Vacation: To travel through Europe, there’s so much I want to see over there
Dream Wedding: Someplace by a sea or lakeside. I have a certain fondness for Ridgewood Lake, but, well, its Ridgewood Lake. Maybe up atop the hills overlooking the Mapleside apple orchard….

Dream Job: Novelist and/or comic book writer.

Tag 10 people I want to get to know better: A little late to the party so tag yourself!