dougster poynter


i feel like i haven’t made one of these in quite a while and i’m about to hit a really cool number of followers so at this time i’d like to present

katie kittenmichael’s latest follow forever

This is actually basically my blogroll but in my defense, I follow so many good blogs (well, i follow just under 40 blogs, but theyre all good the quality overshadows the quantity) and if you don’t follow them yet you should fix that like, now.

♥♥♥ 5sos-official ♥ 18yearoldcalum ♥  ashtonpinkman ♥ bandaider ♥ blazeitmichael ♥ @calingual ♥ caluminpanties ♥ clemmingos ♥ clemmings ♥ cliffical ♥ dougster-poynter ♥ emoloving ♥ flechter ♥ hemmophobic ♥ hiashtonirwin ♥ hoodclum ♥ jandjob ♥ kushandclemmings♥  liamschesthair ♥ louweetomlinson ♥  lukecliffords ♥ mccallclifford ♥ michaelgclifford ♥ noodleboymichael ♥ prettyprincessluke ♥ punk-et-disorderly ♥ shroomcal ♥ stopitcalum ♥ teamcalum ♥ teamclemmings ♥ zenonzequel  ♥♥♥

you all are so rad and i can’t believe people as cool as you follow a dweeb like me but i definitely appreciate it and ily a lot !!