Unproblematic Fave: Special Agent Dale Cooper

  • Endlessly positive and trusting
  • Probably fueled solely on black coffee and pie
  • Wants his friends to be good to themselves
  • When an 18 year old girl sneaks into his hotel room and gets in his bed naked he says that he just wants to be her friend because he knows thats what she needs and talks about her problems with her
  • When an old friend shows up having decided that they do not fit the gender they were assigned perfectly he adapts to her new pronouns and apologizes when he messes up.
  • Rly loves douglas fir trees
Pompeii 27

@thefreckledone Days later and Sakura was still reeling from the generosity of her friends. Gifts were one thing, but it was hard to shake the feeling that there was something more to her first birthday in Pompeii based on how they blessed her. There were flowers for her almost daily when she came down for work. Every other day someone came in during her lunch break to bring her food and sit and eat with her. Days before she had felt a lacking in the town as more and more people went ‘off’ on business she didn’t understand, but suspected to be tied to Orochimaru’s recent activity. She had mentioned it once and now it seemed all her friends in Pompeii were attempting to compensate for the few weeks she wasn’t bathed in affection.  

Sakura loved her friends, and loved the validation from their gifts and visits…but…

“It’s too much.”

Shizune nodded in agreement. “Well, the Senju dropped off flowers yesterday. It’s no surprise the Uchiha would want to outshine their good neighbors.”

Sakura grimaced at the gaudy floral display left on her desk. It was even more lush with flora than the one yesterday, left by sweet Kawarama Senju on behalf of him and his brothers. Sakura had forgotten the blackbirds who saw and heard everything when she took the flowers from the youngest Senju, and gushed to him about how happy she was and how much she loved them.

“The smell is overpowering,” Shizune admitted with a shy shrug. “But it’s still lovely.”

“Yeah, it’s gorgeous,” Sakura agreed, looking over the swelling display of a dozen different flowers artfully arranged. “It’s just too much. Even for a birthday present, I’ve never been so…spoiled. Is this normal? I mean, it’s been over a week already.”

“Yes, but it’s your first birthday here. Sometimes special celebrations can continue on for weeks. Weddings typically last a whole month when they happen here. It all depends on how important or valued that person is to the community. You have a lot of people in Pompeii who see you as a member who is treasured.” Shizune nodded, eyes rolling towards the window. “Plus, people would much rather celebrate you than the spring equinox celebration that’s coming.”

“What? Why is that not a good thing? I thought the spring celebration was for like…rebirth and new life.”

“Oh it is, but this is just the quadrennial spring celebration. Every four years the spring celebration is a little different and people just don’t like the traditions as much as the others.”

“Is there a reason for that?” Sakura asked.

“It’s important to preserve our history and remember the mistakes we and our ancestors made in the past. So, instead of every year we decided that every four years we would add an additional ritual of appeasement into our spring celebration. It’s no terrible thing and we enjoy ourselves well enough because it is a celebration, but it’s not as fun compared to celebrating the life of a person important to you. We would much rather just celebrate you, Sakura.”

“What’s the ritual of appeasement for?” Sakura asked, noticing how the crows outside her windows were gone and the room felt much larger than it should. The windows were far away and the doors even farther. If someone had been listening in on them there would be nothing for them to hear.  This was Shizune’s doing.

“It’s better you not know that much,” Shizune whispered sweetly, something sad in her eyes. She reached out and pat Sakura’s cheek fondly. “There’s no need for you to share in our penance. Forget I said all that I did.”

Sakura wanted to ask what the penance was for and what she would do if she didn’t have to share in it, but another part of her wanted to ask about the woods and if what happened to her last autumn was tied to the spring celebrations. She had been back to the woods only once since that last incident, but there had been no more stairs to nowhere or evil fires stalking her through the night.

But that had been before…

“Shizune, we don’t have anyone else for the next hour, I want to check on something in my room real quick. Holler for me if we get a walk in?” Sakura asked.

“Of course.”

With a grateful wave Sakura skipped back and doubled up the stairs to her room on the second floor. Inside, the book had been left on her bed and that’s where she found it once more.

“Heeeey, old friend,” Sakura chuckled, picking it up nervously. Sometimes it didn’t want to talk to her and sometimes it did. She hoped she could get something out of it today.

“What is it now?” the book groused, sounding tired.

“It’s not about Orochimaru this time, I have a different sort of question for you. Do you know what happened to me last fall in the woods? Do you know what that was?”

The book warmed in her hands, she knew it was awake, but it didn’t reply. Sakura held her breath and waited, knowing it could be temperamental with her if it wanted to be. She could feel it still awake, it hadn’t gone to sleep on her, she could tell that much by now. Finally, it shifted in her hands.

“I know what it was.” The book then went silent.

“What was it?” Sakura asked.

The next silence was even longer and Sakura grew afraid that was all she would get out of the book before it shifted and turned open it’s pages. Sakura saw one bleed with a sloppy hand of ink. The ink ran into words and Sakura mutely read.

‘The truth is in the forest. The trees know!’

“The trees know what?” Sakura asked, feeling the book grow cooler under her fingers.

“You’ll have to ask them that yourself, won’t you?” the book chirped before turning on itself and falling out of her hands onto her bed, closed once more.

When Sakura reached for it she could feel how cold it was and knew it was sleeping. There would be nothing more to glean from it after this. This time the book hadn’t answered her on its own, but showed her the answer someone else had discovered.  

“I have to go back into the woods again to find the answer,” Sakura said out loud. “Why does that sound like a bad idea?”

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I Know What I Want (Christmas)

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A/N: Just a little something that came out while I was studying for my Politics Final Exam :)

Dean x Reader

Word Count:780

Warnings: Fluff

The first snow fall of the year had instantly turned you into a little kid. And after hours of dragging Dean, Sam and Cas out to play in the snow as well as walk around the woods that rested behind the bunker – the boys had gone into their respective rooms and were currently taking nap. You, on the other hand, were too happy and giddy to sleep. With the holidays just around the corner, and with the boys taking a few days to rest, you were just overwhelmed with how well everything was going.

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Merry & Bright

Wade smiled as he watched Peter frolic through the Christmas tree lot. This was their first real Christmas together; the others don’t count. Every year before, something horrible has happened to ruin it and this year Wade is determined to make this the best Christmas ever. So, of course step one would be decorating. It’ll be easier to be festive if the apartment is decorated. Wade ran into a little extra money (that Peter didn’t need to know the source of) and told Peter he could choose any real-life tree he wanted. Peter was ecstatic and quickly put on his boots, jacket, scarf, gloves, and hat. They loaded up into a cab and headed out.

Peter bounced around from row to row of different types of trees. He spun around to smile at his boyfriend as he ran his hand over the branches of the nearest White Spruce. The smell of the lot was heavenly and made him wish they lived in one of those picturesque ski cabins he saw on Pinterest. He finally settled on what was apparently a Douglas Fir tree. It was about 5 feet tall and was glittering with snowflakes resting on the needles. It was simple, but it was perfect.

Wade and Peter grunted and tripped as they attempted to carry their tree up the stairs of their apartment building. The elevator was broken and usually Peter would swing his way up through the window, but he didn’t trust Wade to hold onto him AND the tree. They finally managed to get it into their apartment and sitting in the corner next to the window so the whole city could see that they’re having the best Christmas ever. Wade began stringing the colorful lights onto the tree and Peter went off to get his ornaments that have been in a shoebox for 3 years. As Peter dug in his closet for the box he heard muffled singing from Wade. He grinned and walked out to see his boyfriend casually dancing to a Mariah Carey song and untangling a string of lights.

Peter brought his box over to the tree and began to help Wade put the lights on the tree. Wade had begun to dance more enthusiastically when Peter walked in and was now singing at the top of his lungs and using the string of lights as a prop.


Wade smiled as he hung the lights around the back of Peter’s neck and pulled him into a kiss.

“You need to focus”, Peter grinned and jokingly wagged a finger at Wade.

They finished putting the lights up and Peter very carefully opened his ornament box. Wade watched as Peter thoughtfully decided where each ornament should go on the tree. He was so caught up in the adorable look of concentration on Peter’s face that it took him a minute before he realized that the ornaments were shaped like different planets.

“Wait, are you putting the solar system on our tree?”, Wade asked as he gently ran a finger over Neptune.

“…yes.”, Peter blushed slightly and tried to casually hide his face behind the tree.

“Oh my god. You’re such a fucking nerd.”, Wade chuckled as he lovingly looked in between the branches at Peter.

“Shut up,” Peter laughed, “I made them with Uncle Ben when I was in the fourth grade. They were originally for my science fair project but I didn’t want to throw them out.”

“Just when I thought you couldn’t get any more adorable.”, Wade sighed.

Peter finished hanging the ornaments and gasped when he saw the time,


Peter jumped over the couch and began furiously flipping through the channels. He stopped on one of the local channels and let out a sigh of relief. Wade sat down next to him and handed him a cup of the hot cocoa they had been warming up all day. They were just in time for Rudolf.

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congrats on 800!! my favorite artists are Young the Giant and Rex Orange County! ❤

thank you laine!


space: asteroid // galaxy // the stars // dark matter // earth // mars // the moon

colours: red // blue // yellow // green // purple // pink // black // white // orange // pastels // grunge-y

flowers: roses // lilies // chrysanthemums // hyacinths // camellia // hydrangea

weather: sun // cloud // rain // hail // rainbows // fog

teas: earl grey // green jasmine // orange pekoe // peppermint // chai // coffee // hot chocolate

trees: douglas fir // oak // birch // spruce // acacia // maple // cherry

times of the day: morning // noon // afternoon // evening // night // midnight // three am kinda feel

dan and phil: phil // dan // both

overall: succulents and fuzzy socks // fairy lights and cherry blossoms // ice cream and the sea // soft piano and old books // black marble and wrought iron // converse and plaid shirts // chandeliers and cursive writing


laine? the best blog? it’s more likely than you think.


Rural hardly describes it. “Remote” is a better word. It was so still and quiet the only thing we heard were some raindrops making their way to the ground and an occasional deer thrashing through the brush nearby. We were on gravel roads for miles and miles before we got to this point. I kept thinking it would be a bad place to have car trouble or need any kind of assistance.

Despite the fact that it was cloudy, it was serene and beautiful.

Above Dairy Creek, Northwest of Portland, Oregon.

I hiked a 7 mile loop in a redwood forest this weekend. It was breathtakingly spiritual and humbling to wander amongst massive trees that were hundreds—sometimes thousands—of years old. 

The trail first led us 1000 ft down into the bottom of a valley, where there was a small creek flowing under felled giant redwood trees from the cliffs above. The forest floor was dark and its breeze cool, with the hot sun blocked out by the canopy of Giant Sequoias. It was mid-afternoon but felt like dusk. I grabbed a stone from the creek and took a moment to enjoy the silence, only broken by owls hooting and the water babbling.

In the wall of the valley, I found a pool of sap below a redwood tree whose roots were exposed. It smelled heavenly. I wrapped some of the sap in maple leaves and took it with me for the rest of the hike. I plan to make powerful tar water with it for a lovely woman on Etsy who requested a custom protection box. Not too far up the path, I also grabbed some brick-colored wood from a felled Douglas Fir tree that must have been thousands of years old. 

On the way back out of the valley, the sun was starting to sink, and the rays threaded horizontally through the trees, barely reaching the forest floor. As we hiked higher up, the path opened up into a huge field of tall grass, huckleberries, and honeysuckle. You could see the entire valley and, surprisingly, the Pacific Ocean beyond it. We were so far away from the water, and yet, there it was, glistening in the distance. 

Fog rolled in as the sun set behind the western mountains and temperatures dropped. We weaved through groves, pastures, and cliffs on our way back up to the top of the mountain. In the last hundred yards of steep incline, my legs burned with every step, but in my hand, I clutched the stone from the creek, knowing I just hiked up 1000 ft from the valley where I found it. I keep that stone on my altar now, a reminder that no matter how entrenched I am in life’s depths, I can always climb my way out with confidence, discipline, and adrenaline. 

On the next full moon, I’m going to use the stone to do a talisman spell for inner strength. 💜🔮💜

"New Traditions” – Deputy Jordan Parrish Imagine (Teen Wolf)

My Teen Wolf Master List

It was the first week of December and your house was already decorated inside and outside from top to bottom with Christmas decorations. Outside, Christmas lights outline the house, fenced with lit candy canes around the driveway, huge inflatables of Santa, Frosty the Snowman, and Rudolph with fake snow scattered on the grass, and a huge wreath hanging on the front wooden door. Inside the house, garlands with white lights were wrapped around the stairs, a pair of matching stockings with names hung from the fireplace that had Charlie Brown Christmas figurines on top of the mantel. Red and green throw pillows where placed on the white couches and in all the bedrooms, throughout the house where little Christmas figurines with peppermint candles everywhere, and a mistletoe hanging in the middle of the arch way before entering the living room. The only thing that was missing was a tree.

Jordan called earlier saying he would be home about an hour later than usual for a surprise. You didn’t mind because all day you had been working on a surprise for him as well. All week long you spent numerous phone calls and emails between your mom, grandma, Jordan’s mom and his sisters for different cookie recipes. Jordan had a sweet tooth for anything with sugar, even more so with Christmas cookies. Ever since Jordan left for work this morning, you had been baking non-stop, making the house warm, cozy and smelling like heaven.

“Honey! I’m home!” You heard from the kitchen. Right on cue, your last batch of cookies were done. You turned off the stove and walked to the living room to see your fiancé dragging in a very tall Christmas tree and placing it next to the fireplace.

“Umm, babe, what’s that?” You point at the tree. 

“That right there,” Jordan gives you a quick peck, “is an 10 foot Douglas Fir Christmas tree. I got the best for the best.” He grins. “I got the last one and the retailer sure gave me a run for my money but I knew the moment I saw it, it would be perfect for our first Christmas together. The first of many to come as we start our lives together soon.”

“Oh… okay. Thanks.”

Jordan noticed you’re not exactly thrilled about the tree. “Honey, if you don’t like it. It’s okay. I’ll take it back and we’ll pick one together." 

"No! It’s fine. You went through all that trouble to surprise me. I like it. I’m just not used to having a real Christmas tree. I’ve never had one before.”

“What?!” This time you surprised Jordan. “You’ll love it. The smell will make the entire house smell like Christmas.”

You walked up to the tree and examined it. It’s not what you’re used to seeing. You touched it and it felt like slippery rubber but fresh. You took a whiff of it and you felt like you were in the woods surrounded by pine trees. It’s different but you could make it work with some beautiful ornaments, white lights, and a lighted star on top.

“It’ll look better with some string popcorn, multi-colored lights, red ball ornaments and an angel on top,” Jordan says.

Your smile vanished at his words making you realize you two have two different visions for your Christmas tree. Then your mind began to wonder. What if you two have a lot of different Christmas traditions? Would you two be able to compromise together without hurting the other one’s feelings? What if this was a make or break situation in your relationship?

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congrats on 800 !!! my album is healing by in love with a ghost 🌷🌷

i wonder what it’s like to be in love with a ghost,,


space: asteroid // galaxy // the stars // dark matter // earth // mars // the moon

colours: red // blue // yellow // green // purple // pink // black // white // orange // pastels // grunge-y

flowers: roses // lilies // chrysanthemums // hyacinths // camellia // hydrangea

weather: sun // cloud // rain // hail // rainbows // fog

teas: earl grey // green jasmine // orange pekoe // peppermint // chai // coffee // hot chocolate

trees: douglas fir // oak // birch // spruce // acacia // maple // cherry

times of the day: morning // noon // afternoon // evening // night // midnight // three am kinda feel

dan and phil: phil // dan // both

overall: succulents and fuzzy socks // fairy lights and cherry blossoms // ice cream and the sea // soft piano and old books // black marble and wrought iron // converse and plaid shirts // chandeliers and cursive writing


paige i love your blog sm it gives me such calm feelings :(

Description: Douglas-fir trees, which are also called red firs, Oregon pines, and Douglas spruce, are neither true fir trees nor pines nor spruces! The scientific genus name Pseudotsuga means “false hemlock,” alluding to another kind of tree that Douglas-firs are similar too.

The Douglas-fir: a tree of mystery. What is it? Well, we can tell you what it's not. 

Imagine #3 - Jamie Benn

   "Is it on every station?“ Jamie groans, turning the car radio off with a huff.

   ”‘Tis the season,“ you reply. "But would it kill you to be festive? For me?” You reach over and put the radio back on, turning the volume up a bit. “All I want for Christmas is you!” You point to him theatrically as you sing along.

   He scrunches up his nose with disdain, but gives in and smiles when you grab his hand in yours and kiss him on his cheek.

   "We’re here!“ You exclaim, as Jamie pulls the car into a parking space. "Time to get into the holiday spirit, Grinch,” you laugh, climbing out of the car and walking toward the Christmas tree lot. You pull Jamie along behind you.

   You two barely make it through the front gate before Jamie lets out a loud sigh.

   "What is it, babe?“ You ask, looking over as he rolls his eyes.

   "The song,” he grumbles and points upward.

   'All I Want for Christmas Is You’ is playing, drifting through the pine trees from unseen speakers. It had just started.

   "It’s my favorite, though, Jamie!“ You squeeze his hand and give him another peck on the cheek to loosen him up.

   "I know, I know,” Jamie smiles, turning to pull you into a kiss. “Now, let’s just get this tree picked out so we can go home.”

   "Fine,“ you agree, making your way to the back of the lot, where all the biggest trees are. Then you think of something that you know will get Jamie into the festivities. "I bet you I’ll find a perfect tree before you do!”

   "Oh, you think so?“ Jamie retorts playfully.

   "I know so!” You smirk at him.

   "You’re on, [Y/N],“ he laughs.

   The two of you split up and start at opposite ends of the aisle of pines, your competitive sides kicking in. 

 "What kind of tree do we usually get, baby?” Jamie hollers to you from behind a row of trees. “Douglas Fir?”

   "If I told you, it’d be cheating,“ you tease. "And, besides, it doesn’t matter, as long as it looks nice.” You come around a corner, meeting up with Jamie.

   "Well, I like this one,“ he declares, proudly presenting to you his selection.

   You circle around the tree, looking it over. "It’s nice,” you say, leaning in, “and it smells wonderful! It’s going to make the house smell lovely.” You finish your circle around the tree. “Good job, baby.” You wrap your arms around him.

   "So, does this mean I win?“ He asks you, a cheeky grin on his face.

   "Not yet! You haven’t looked at mine,” you respond, lacing your fingers through his, leading him towards your choice. “Ta-da,” you singsong, gesturing to a much bigger pine.

   Jamie looks it up and down before weighing in. “I think mine’s better. Besides, this thing is huge. Not even you could possibly have enough tinsel for this thing.”

   "Fair enough, Benn, you got me this time,“ you digress.

   "So, I win?” He asks, turning to give you a big smile.

   "Yes, you win,“ you smile back. "But, I got you into the spirit, and that’s all the win I need. You make me so happy.” You hold onto both of his hands, enjoying the look of delight on his face.

   "Tree or no tree, win or no win,“ Jamie starts, stepping closer to you, "I’d be the happiest man on earth, because,” he chuckles to himself before continuing, “all I want for Christmas is you, [Y/N], Merry Christmas.”

   "Merry Christmas,“ you reply, "I love you.”

  “I love you more,” he says, wrapping his arms around you to pull you into a kiss.

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my favorite song right now is either Cherry Wine by Hozier or Alice by Bianca Ryan ;))

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space: asteroid // galaxy // the stars // dark matter // earth // mars // the moon

colours: red // blue // yellow // green // purple // pink // black // white // orange // pastels // grunge-y

flowers: roses // lilies // chrysanthemums // hyacinths // camellia // hydrangea

weather: sun // cloud // rain // hail // rainbows // fog

teas: earl grey // green jasmine // orange pekoe // peppermint // chai // coffee // hot chocolate

trees: douglas fir // oak // birch // spruce // acacia // maple // cherry

times of the day: morning // noon // afternoon // evening // night // midnight // three am kinda feel

dan and phil: phil // dan // both

overall: succulents and fuzzy socks // fairy lights and cherry blossoms // ice cream and the sea // soft piano and old books // black marble and wrought iron // converse and plaid shirts // chandeliers and cursive writing


emily your theme is so cool

Why wildfires are necessary

Did you know that several forest species need fire to survive?

In the conifer-rich forests of western North America, lodgepole pines constantly seek the sun. Their seeds prefer to grow on open, sunny ground, which pits saplings against each other as each tries to get more light by growing straighter and faster than its neighbors. Over time, generations of slender, lofty lodgepoles form an umbrella-like canopy that shades the forest floor below. But as the trees’ pine cones mature to release their twirling seeds, this signals a problem for the lodgepole’s future: very few of these seeds will germinate in the cool, sunless shade created by their towering parents.

These trees have adapted to this problem by growing two types of cones. There are the regular annual cones that release seeds spontaneously:

And another type called serotinous cones, which need an environmental trigger to free their seeds:

Serotinous cones are produced in thousands and are like waterproof time capsules sealed with resinous pitch. Many are able to stay undamaged on the tree for decades. Cones that fall to the ground can be viable for several years as well. But when temperatures get high enough, the cones pop open.

Once it’s gotten started, a coniferous forest fire typically spreads something like this: flames ravage the thick understory provided by species like Douglas Fir, a shade-tolerant tree that’s able to thrive under the canopy of lodgepole pines. The fire uses these smaller trees as a stepladder to reach the higher canopy of old lodgepole pines. That ignites a tremendous crown fire, reaching temperatures of up to 2400 degrees Fahrenheit. At those temperatures, the serotinous cones burst open, releasing millions of seeds which are carried by the hot air to form new forests. After the fire, carbon rich soils and an open, sunlit landscape help lodgepole seeds germinate quickly and sprout in abundance. From the death of the old forest comes the birth of the new.

So however counterintuitive it may seem, wildfires are important for the wider ecosystem as a whole. Without wildfires to rejuvenate trees, key forest species would disappear—and so would the many creatures that depend on them. And if a fire-dependent forest goes too long without burning, that raises the risk of a catastrophic blaze which could destroy a forest completely, not to mention people’s homes and lives. That’s why forest rangers sometimes intentionally start controlled burns—to reduce fuels in order to keep the more dangerous wildfires at bay.  

From the TED-Ed Lesson Why wildfires are necessary - Jim Schulz

Animation by @provinciastudio