Fern Gully

Today kind of sucked at first. This morning was fun as we got to play with and identify random invertebrates they had in the lab and organisms that we collected off of pilings and tires on the rocks. My ID skills are getting better. But wow, algae are weird.

This afternoon I was certified in CPR, first aid, and O2 utilization. This class was specialized for dive-related accidents. Although it is useful, it was 5 hours long with minimal breaks.

Luckily dinner was super tastey. They made vegetable curry with tofu! After dinner, I decided to go for a run. So with some time to digest, I put on my gear and hit the trail.

I can’t even come close to describing how beautiful it was. The trail is lined with towering conifers, robust shrubs, and gigantic ferns. The huge Douglas Fir trees block out the shade, and this mixed with the fact that it was dawn, created an ethereal lighting through this open forest. It reminded me of the movie Fern Gully!

I wrapped up my night by sitting on some metamorphic rocks by the water, listening to my favorite music, and looking up at the moon. As I see all of these beautiful things, I can’t help but think of the amazing people in my life. Sending you lots of love!

With love,