douglas murphy

Heads in the Women’s Ward

On pillow after pillow lies
The wild white hair and staring eyes;
Jaws stand open; necks are stretched
With every tendon sharply sketched;
A bearded mouth talks silently
To someone no one else can see.
Sixty years ago they smiled
At lover, husband, first-born child.
Smiles are for youth. For old age come
Death’s terror and delirium.

Philip Larkin - pictured with Richard Murphy, Douglas Dunn and Ted Hughes 

Hey hey, who needs a name? Well, the Machine does, for one thing, but also, how about this guy?

The press release says his name is Murphy. So… that would be Officer Murphy? He’s wearing a uniform to do what looks like his usual job, so I’m thinking yes. And we really need either a first name or a title (OR BOTH!), because, well, tumblr is a pain. How many millions of Murphys will I find if there’s just the one name to search?

Take a look at the lovely actor who played the role, John Douglas Thompson.

He’s won an Obie! (Off-Broadway Theatre Award)  He was born in England to Jamaican parents, he grew up in Montreal, and he worked as a traveling salesman in New England.

And then he decided to try acting! And he’s done pretty well!

So… Officer Murphy, yes? Hi, Officer Murphy! Hail, Officer Murphy, the man who gave the Machine a belief system! (And then she forgot it, but she remembered it again, so that all worked out.)