douglas mackrell

Fake Gravity Falls Screenshot for Douglas Mackrell, who won the screenie giveaway I hosted (during the last moments of) last year.

And he requested himself in GF style!

AAAANNND FRIGGIN SORRY FOR TAKING LONG!!! (I was about to submit it like weeks earlier, but Photoshop corrupted the ENTIRE FILE so, after mourning for like a week, I did a better one. Aaand RL jobs and procastination and commissions and health issues (mental breakdowns included) took time from my life, so yeah).

Hope the wait was worth it!

If there’s anything I have to change please tell me!


Secret Screening’s Douglas MacKrell gives a great rundown of a recent episode of the podcast, “It’s a Duck Blur!,” on which Frank Angones revealed some fun and fascinating tidbits about DT 2017. My favorite tidbit was about the unexpected challenges they encountered in recording Lin-Manuel Miranda as Fenton. It’s not shocking that he was almost too good in the role…

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Bill Cipher’s wheel according to Douglas Mackrell from The Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel

Many people try to match characters to their symbol, but very few of them as themselves “why?”. I have a theory. Since the ongoing theme of Gravity Falls is, I believe that the character is connected to their symbol once they show a sign of growing up.

original wheel