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Le Soleil, le foyer de tendresse et de vie, 
Verse l'amour brûlant à la terre ravie 

 Courfeyrac // Les Misérables 

Do you think that the number 42 will have any significance in season 2?
As far as I know Douglas Adams was the person who said that 42 is the answer to life and the universe. And when Dirk & Todd were in Zechariah Webb’s maze and saw the screens I think there was a screen with the number 42 on it…
What are your thoughts?

after scientists discovered that deep-sea dragonfish had chlorophyll in their eyes, the US Pentagon began funding research for inexpensive night-vision eye drops.

In the 1990s, marine biologist Ron Douglas of City University London discovered that, unlike other deep-sea fish, the dragonfish Malacosteus niger can perceive red light. Douglas was surprised when he isolated the chemical responsible for absorbing red: It was chlorophyll. “That was weird,” he says. The fish had somehow co-opted chlorophyll, most likely from bacteria in their food, and turned it into a vision enhancer.


The Secret History Fancast

Alfred Enoch as Richard Papen / Zane Holtz as Henry Winter / Holliday Grainger as Camilla Macauley / Max Irons as Charles Macauley / Race Imboden as Francis Abernathy / Douglas Booth as Edmund “Bunny” Corcoran

Act 2, Chapter 2: The Shiny New Getup and the New Plan's Setup

Rustbolt’s door flew open. The moonlight let itself into the dark house. All the lights inside were off. “I’m here,” panted EB. He had actually ran there, all day without stopping, the helmet still clutched in his arms.

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