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Patrick Kearney - The Trash Bag Killer

“Murder excited me and gave me a feeling of dominance”

Hitchhiking was a popular mode of transport for young travellers in the 1970′s. Most would arrive to their destination, but others weren’t so lucky. During this time there was a number of serial killers on the loose, on the highways and byways of Southern California, Including Randy Craft, William Bonin and Patrick Kearney. 

Patrick Kearney was born in 1940 in East Los Angeles. He had a relatively stable home life, but was a victim of severe bullying at school. He became a painfully shy young boy and instead of losing himself in books or games, like other children would, he instead went into his own world and developed dark and violent revenge fantasies. Kearney said that from a young age he knew he would kill someone, and in his twenties he made this a reality. 

Kearney was well educated and served in the military after graduating high school. He was discharged after being diagnosed with a personalty disorder. Before this, he had also got married and moved to Texas with his wife. After being discharged, his marriage fell apart and he so he left. Kearney then met David Douglas Hill, a high school dropout from Texas. The two fell in love and moved to California. Their relationship lasted ten years but was described as stormy and they would separate for days at a time. When David would leave, Kearney would use this opportunity to search the streets and gay bars for victims. Often he would target men that reminded him of old school bullies. 

The trash bag killer was also a necrophiliac and had no interest in keeping his victims alive for torture or other methods. He would shoot them as soon as he could, and then have sex with the corpse before dismembering them and placing the body parts in trash bags to dispose of them in various locations along the highway or in the desert where wild animals would consume most of the remains. 

Kearney would study serial killer books, and so when he murdered some victims at home, he knew what to do with the body. He would dismember the victims in his bathtub and carefully wash the bodies and drain the blood, before packing the body parts in to bags secured with duct tape. 

Patrick Kearney was charged with 21 murders but confessed to 35, although investigators who worked the case believe the number could be as high as 43. Amongst the victims were two children. 8-year-old Merle Chance and 5-year-old Ronald Dean Smith. 

All of Kearney’s crimes were committed while the death penalty was suspended in California. He received a life sentence for each charge and is currently serving his time at the California State Prison in Mule Creek, He will never be released. 

I want...

A story like Jack and Rose,
A kiss like Spiderman and Mary Jane,
A friendship like Ron and Hermione,
A dance like Troy and Gabriella,
A strength like Edward and Bella,
A secret like Romeo and Juliet,
And an end like Noah and Allie

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The legendary Dr. Carter G. Woodson. Colorized by Aaron-Michael Fox © Mr. Vintage 2014. Original photo courtesy West Virginia State Archives.

Dr. Woodson was born December 19, 1875, the son of former enslaved Africans, James and Eliza Riddle Woodson. His father helped Union soldiers during the Civil War, and he moved his family to West Virginia when he heard that Huntington was building a high school for blacks.

Dr. Woodson graduated from Douglas High School in Huntington in 1897 and went on to be the second African American in history to earn a Ph.D. from Harvard University (after W.E.B. DuBois), and a Professor & Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences at Howard University.

Dr. Woodson founded the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History, and established Negro History Week, now called the “Association for the Study of African American Life and History” and “Black History Month” respectively. 

Dr. Woodson on the need for Black History Month:

“(African-American contributions) were overlooked, ignored, and even suppressed by the writers of history textbooks and the teachers who use them.“

“(Race prejudice) is merely the logical result of tradition, the inevitable outcome of thorough instruction to the effect that the Negro has never contributed anything to the progress of mankind."