Cambodia’s female construction workers

Cambodia’s construction industry is booming, and high-rises are being built across the capital of Phnom Penh. With the city’s population doubling over the past four years, it has begun its transformation into a sprawling metropolis.

The industry employs a large number of migrant workers who flock to the capital in search of work.

Around a third of these workers are women, and photographer Charles Fox’s latest project documents them on the building sites.

Some of the women are just starting out, others hone skills learnt in the provinces, while others are from the masses of workers who returned from Thailand in 2014 after a crackdown on illegal migrant workers.

Many of these women have come to the capital with their family and friends, relocating to live and work on the building sites.

The sites can often be dangerous and female workers can receive lower wages than their male counterparts.

Despite this, the women of Cambodia’s construction industry are hard-working and driven, remaining resilient to the risks they face.

All photographs by Charles Fox.


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