A trip down to the picturesque shores of Whitley Bay, 1952.

I really like this layered look. There’s nothing extreme about it, but it’s still so fun and fashionable. 

To me, what make someone look beautiful is them feeling comfortable in what they’re wearing, whether it’s a tiny bra and panties combo, or a snowsuit. You wear what makes you, YOU. And that’s all that matters.

Coachella, 2017, Weekend 2

I really like her denim on denim look. I love the style of a crop top with high waisted bottoms. It adds that little bit of belly but keeps you from feeling insecure.

Lightning in a Bottle, 2017

Ok I love her look. Why? because I love all the colors. The purple hair, the pink Converse, the tie dye bodysuit, this look so so much fun.

Coachelle, 2017, Weekend 2