by artsypeach on insta ☁️

A guide on how to interact with Perttu:

- Do not throw yourself at him.
- Do not scream at him.
- Do not hug him. If you’re curious, then ask. But 9.9/10 times, he will say no.
- Do not touch him. At all.
- Do not ask him about his personal life.

- Treat him like a human being. 

I don’t care how much you adore the guy, he is a PERSON - a shy, introverted one at that - trying his best to interact with hundreds of people he doesn’t know every day. Give him some fucking space.

Apocalyptica has been going over 20 years now, so can we please learn how to respect Perttu. It’s people who do shit like the above that have made him lose interest in being nice to even fans he’s known for years. I miss who he used to be so much.

The ancient art of conversation~ Myanmar by mimo khair