dougie's chest
Grimmy on being distracted by Dougie's attractiveness again.
Skip to 1:39:00 for Ellie’s interview

Grimmy: Do you remember when we saw you in Ibiza?

Ellie: vaguely

Grimmy: You were with Dougie, and I don’t know if you recall but Dougie was wearing  a blouse, essentially – which is not a diss, I’m all up for a man wearing a blouse – and it was sort of cut down to the navel.

Ellie: Yeah *laughs*

Grimmy: It was so distracting that producer Vik, Tina Daheley, Fiona and Myself don’t remember anything else from that night apart from Dougie Poynter’s face and chest. And if we’re honest, that’s all we talked about at lunch the next day.

Ellie: I get distracted by it even; he wears those shirts quite a lot… He’s all about wearing the shirt down to there and the long necklaces and he’s all tanned, so why not?

Grimmy: To draw the eye in, it’s like an optical illusion. Do you ever look at him and be like ‘you are so fit.’

Ellie: Yeah and he’s like ‘shut up’. He hates it, he doesn’t like compliments. He doesn’t take them very well… He’s lovely and gorgeous and doesn’t believe it.