doughnut in the sky

A new outlook

I’m going to look at the horizon
And not the vast empty space

I’m going to look at the cake
And not the superficial icing on top

I’m going to look at the stars
And not the darkness of the sky

I’m going to look at the doughnut
And not the empty hole

I’m going to look at myself
And see what others see

Be happy and contented
With the way God has made me.

Life has made me bitter
And clouded up my mind
I’m seeing ME in a new perspective
From now on to myself I will be kind.

- ЯR

The City is Mine: Ch.2

Genre: gang au, angst, smut (eventually)

Character Profiles: AOMG | The Outsiders | The 88′s  (Please read these and the Prologue before you begin!)

Chapters: Prologue1234 /?

“The City is Mine” Ravi Open

Don Mills. Don Mills. DON MILLS. You repeated the name in your head over and over again, recording it to memory to ensure you wouldn’t forget it, not that you could even if you tried.

“Don Mills”, you breathed breathlessly, your orby orbs oogling the man wobbling in front of you drunkenly.

I’M DON MILLS!!!”, he yelled in agreement as he beat his bare, hairy chest with his clenched up fists. In all of your pathetic life you had never seen a sight more glorious. He was so raw, so primal, so animalistic, and you couldn’t stop thinking about how good it would feel for one of those sticky fists to be inside you, pounding a rhythm into your vagina like a sex bongo.

Once he had finished you stared into his dreamy, glazed over eyes, more beautiful than any night sky or doughnut, and whispered your name back, “Hello Don Mills, I’m Y/N”

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Sorry about the mess.

A/N: So I was looking at this AU masterpost, and then I saw Tried breaking into my flat when they were drunk bc they thought it was theirs au. And then this happened. To say it got away with me would be a pretty big understatement. 3100 ~ words of I don’t even know.


She shouldn’t have forgotten her key.

(She probably shouldn’t of drank this much either, or gone out at all for that matter, but she can blame Ruby for both of those in the morning.)

(Right now, she just really needs her fucking key.)

She groans as she helplessly palms the wood of her door. She lives alone so there’s no hope of knocking, and in a flash of sudden, drunken wisdom and courage (done this loads of times, she thinks) she fumbles in her hair for two bobby pins. She kicks of her heeled boots and kneels down, bending the pins and pushing them blindly into the lock.

She tries to remember anything she’s ever known about lock picking, ignores the fact that all her successes have been sober ones and continues. If she can just get in she can curl up in her bed, sleep off all those shots and then take double doses of painkillers for her hangover.

“Come on.” She punctuates the word by ramming the pin sharply into the lock. Her sense of concentration isheightened as she feels something from within, and with as much care as she can offer in this state she pushes and twists with the other pin, until…


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Sun. The only. The one.

Doughnut in the sky.

Space. Big gaping place.

Without. Within. Our skin.

Doughnut in the sky.

Freon. Fluorocarbon.

Humpback whale. So pale.

Exhaust. Is all lost?

Doughnut in the sky.

“If it’s important to you, then it’s beautiful.”


Throwback Thursday!

Doughnut in the sky.

Bonus: Rowan and Sabrina learned this dance before they started filming Girl. You can see them do it here (11:24).