All the bachelors pet names dialogues!

My obsession with this game knows no limit, so I went and married all of the boys at least seven times each just to see all of their dialogues–this was a lot more work than I imagined… I didn’t see their regular name option because that’d be too work for such a boring outcome.

You can click on their name to see all of the nicknames, or just click on them individually.

♥ Dylas:

BabyBig DBro DylasDallyDarlingHorsieMr. DylasSweetie

Dylas calling you:

BabeDear FreyHoneyMasterMy WomanPrincess FreyQueenSisYoung Lady

♥ Leon:

DarlingLeoLeo-LeoLoveMasterMr. LeonSir Leon

Leon calling you:

BabyLi’l FreyLoveMasterMy LadyPrincess FreySweetieYou

♥ Doug:

BabyDarlingDouggieFreshLoveMasterMr. DougSir Doug

Doug calling you:

Dear FreyHoneyLi’l FreyLoveWittle FreyPrincessPrincess FreyQueen

♥ Vishnal:

BabyDarlingLoveMr. VishnalSir VishnalSweetieVinVinny

Vishnal calling you:

BabyHoneyLi’l FreyMadamMasterMaster FreyPrincess

♥ Kiel:

DarlingHoneyKi-KiLi’l KielLoveMr. KielPuppy

Kiel calling you:

BabyHoneyMasterMy LadyPrincessSweetieSugar

♥ Arthur:

ArtDarlingHoneyLoveMr. ArthurPrinceSir Arthur

Arthur calling you:

BabyHoney/SweetieMasterMy LadyPrincess FreyYou

And there you have it! 

Doug’s the only one who won’t call you Master and I think that’s insulting.