All the bachelors pet names dialogues!

My obsession with this game knows no limit, so I went and married all of the boys at least seven times each just to see all of their dialogues–this was a lot more work than I imagined… I didn’t see their regular name option because that’d be too work for such a boring outcome.

You can click on their name to see all of the nicknames, or just click on them individually.

♥ Dylas:

BabyBig DBro DylasDallyDarlingHorsieMr. DylasSweetie

Dylas calling you:

BabeDear FreyHoneyMasterMy WomanPrincess FreyQueenSisYoung Lady

♥ Leon:

DarlingLeoLeo-LeoLoveMasterMr. LeonSir Leon

Leon calling you:

BabyLi’l FreyLoveMasterMy LadyPrincess FreySweetieYou

♥ Doug:

BabyDarlingDouggieFreshLoveMasterMr. DougSir Doug

Doug calling you:

Dear FreyHoneyLi’l FreyLoveWittle FreyPrincessPrincess FreyQueen

♥ Vishnal:

BabyDarlingLoveMr. VishnalSir VishnalSweetieVinVinny

Vishnal calling you:

BabyHoneyLi’l FreyMadamMasterMaster FreyPrincess

♥ Kiel:

DarlingHoneyKi-KiLi’l KielLoveMr. KielPuppy

Kiel calling you:

BabyHoneyMasterMy LadyPrincessSweetieSugar

♥ Arthur:

ArtDarlingHoneyLoveMr. ArthurPrinceSir Arthur

Arthur calling you:

BabyHoney/SweetieMasterMy LadyPrincess FreyYou

And there you have it! 

Doug’s the only one who won’t call you Master and I think that’s insulting.

Can we just appreciate how much of a mess this scene is? This is right as Maleficent freezes everyone and lets just take a look.

Audrey, her grandma and Sleeping Beauty who is right behind them are looking in the right direction, terrified.

Cinderella, Prince Charming, Chad and Doug are all looking terrified in the opposite direction

Chad is hugging Doug

Doug doesn’t look scared at all

Mulan looks ready to throw down

Girl in the corner just looks ready to go home