dougal mcguire

In Ireland we don’t say “I enjoy this/that”, we say “taitníonn sé liom”, it shines with me.

Like, when you start enjoying something, faeries magically appear and dump buckets of glitter on both of you

(I’m not so sure Dougal McGuire approves)

They say it’s as big as four cats, and has a retractable leg so’s it can leap up at you better, and er, it lights up at night and it’s got four ears, two are for listening and the other two are kind of back up ears and it’s claws are as big as cups, and for some reason it’s got a tremendous fear of stamps. Mrs Doyle was telling me it’s got magnets on its tail, so if you’re made of metal, it can attach itself to you, and instead of a head, it’s got four arses
—  Father Dougal McGuire, Father Ted