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16 Days of Outlander - Rent

Ah the Rent is due! With this I’ll be attempting some screen caps that I’m not pulling offline but making myself. (not willing to brush up on my gif making at the moment… maybe for the wedding 😉)

Favorite Claire Look: Side-eyeing You From the Riverbank. There’s just something about the way she’s looking back that I love. Maybe it’s her sassiness peaking through, her “I know what you’re up to,” glare at Dougal, or just in general how awesome this is.

Favorite Jamie Moment: Trees Are Safe Sassenach. Jamie has so much going for him in this scene. At first you get to see him and Dougal verbally fight it out and Jamie lets Dougal win. When Claire makes herself known while Jamie is beating up a tree, he agrees with her about Dougal doing that again. What I loved the most was that he said, “A man has to choose what’s worth fighting for.” Not only is he showing his ability to pick and choose battles which is an excellent sign of a leader (Laird Broch Tuarach!) but I also feel like he’s inferring a little bit that he’s chosen her and will fight for her; ever since that first day at Leoch when he promised her protection, he’s reassuring her in this moment. This scene is also special since it shows Claire and Jamie bonding yet again. These little snippets, there are too few of them and they are no where near long enough for my taste. I love the development of their relationship, how much Jamie respects her and how he’s the exact opposite of Frank. He shows her that by the way he gets to know her. So this scene proves to me that he’s trying in his own way to show her how much he does care by thinking of her well-being and promising protection again.

(side note, doesn’t it look like Claire is wrapped up in Jamie’s plaid? Another way to add protection if I didn’t know he was wearing his.)

Favorite Not in the Book Moment: Claire Makes a Joke. “I think your left hand gets jealous of your right. That’s about all I Believe” “I’ve never heard a woman make a joke before!” I adore this scene! I love the lighthearted banter while she’s realizing that they might not survive what’s to come. In this moment, Claire has just been defended by these men she didn’t believe even liked her until they defended her honor. She’s slowly feeling more comfortable and trying to, I wouldn’t say fit in, but be more welcoming/open makes a joke that I know I would have loved to have made in that moment! Everyone laughs, even Dougal and Murtagh. It’s a wonderful moment where everyone just enjoys each others company.

Favorite Book to Screen: Jamie Sleeping Outside Claire’s Door. I love this scene in the book and I love it in the show. The minor alterations that were made still worked and the essence of this scene didn’t get lost. This is all about Jamie being the protector for Claire yet again–he’s protecting her not only from the “curious men filled with drink,” but he tries to protect her reputation. He doesn’t want anyone to mess with her…in any way possible. This shows so much devotion on his part. He’s a wanted man, if he’s recognized as someone that’s wanted by the British then he’s a goner. In the books there was a little bit more of a thrill to it since they did have to dodge the Red Coats a few times with Jamie (especially after they are married…) The image I’ve chose shows Claire loving her only friend. She offers the blanket from her bed and chooses to sleep in her cape to make sure he is warm. He means so much to her already and deep down, she knows she loves him as more than a kind friend but can’t admit it to herself. When she hands him the blanket and their hands touch, that small connection, a spark of electricity… it gives me chills. It reminds me so much of Pride and Prejudice when Darcy helps Elizabeth into the carriage. Physical contact was not a social norm in the 19th century and I’m no historian but I’m going to make an assumption it was similar in the 18th. Just the small contact to help add fuel to the fire for Jamie’s want and Claire’s buried lust. Also the scene right after this, the knowing smiles, the bashful looks.. oh yeah these two love each other and it’s in those moments you can’t help but sigh and eagerly fast forward through one of the worst episodes ever to see the Wedding.