Lights Out || Closed

The rain pounding against the windows was almost unbearable for Xavier’s ears, as he sat on the couch, hugging his legs to his chest. It seemed whenever Thomas wasn’t home, the absolute worst things happened either to him or his boyfriend.

The loud, roaring thunder didn’t make it any easier for him to stay calm or fight the regression that was poking at him since the power had gone out. The place wasn’t completely dark, but it was definitely pretty dim. The grey sky outside gave some light, but not much.

Storms like this were the absolute worst for Xavier, especially when he was alone. He felt he couldn’t breathe and his heart was pounding almost as hard at the rain outside. He had no idea how much longer he could take being by himself.


Can we talk about how Erik kept the Sentinels?

Like, he flies away from Washington, but then he thinks “even though I’m going into hiding, I bet I’ll need giant death robots someday"

And then after XMA Charles is like “what will the students train against”

and Erik’s like “I still have those robots that tried to kill you ten years ago”