Douglas Hamilton, a fifth-great grandson of the man sometimes called the architect of the American banking system, has seen the show twice, the first time at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., when there were just half the songs there are now, and again on Aug. 6, its Broadway opening night, after a sold-out run off-Broadway at the Public Theater in the East Village.

“I will tell you that we are elated over the musical, the history, the way it was put together,” said Hamilton, who lives in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio, where he works for IBM. “I’ve talked to Lin-Manuel Miranda, and I think he’s a great guy and has done something wonderful by — and I’m stealing Ron Chernow’s words — by shining the spotlight back on the founding fathers of this country.”

Doug Hamilton and Antonio Burr are by no means the rivals their forefathers were, but they did take up replicated arms against one another as the two principals in a highly publicized re-enactment of the duel 12 years ago on its 200 anniversary, staged in Weehawken near the spot of the original.

With members of both families and more than 1,000 spectators looking on, once again a Hamilton fired into the air while a Burr took direct aim and felled his opponent.


I had to share these photos of Doug Hamilton’s Blight Bringer.  Not only is Doug an awesome sculptor - he was the sculptor behind this model - but he’s also an awesome painter.  I particularly like the idea of the bands on the tail.  Reminiscent of a snake, but of course, this beast is a heck of a lot more.

And look at the teeth on this model.  There are rows upon rows upon rows of them.  Can’t wait to have one myself.

I want so many models!

Thanks to the immense success of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical, the descendants of Founding Father Alexander Hamilton are becoming demi-celebrities in their own right — whether they like it or not.

Last fall, just weeks after Hamilton had opened to stunning reviews on Broadway, eight members of the Hamilton clan spanning three generations converged at the New York Historical Society’s annual fundraiser to meet Miranda, the show’s creator and star (see photo).

The Hamilton scions, some of whom still are getting used to their ancestor being portrayed as a hip-hop hero, came at the invitation of George Cox, the founder of Hamilton Scholars, an organization benefiting high-achieving students who, like the group’s namesake, come from low-income situations.

Among the descendants in attendance was Doug Hamilton, 65, a fifth great-grandson of Alexander and his wife, Elizabeth. The Ohio resident says he has represented the Hamilton family tree at more than 100 events and named his son and daughter after his great-great-great-great-great grandparents.


While other family members share their cousins’ pride, they are not so comfortable with the attention that Hamilton has brought them. The remaining offspring depicted in the photo either declined to speak to THR or did not respond to requests for comment. “My cousins are very private,” says Doug.

Somebody on tumblr changed my life.

He probably doesn’t even know how deeply he has affected my life.  It has nothing to do with romance, or finding a place to belong, or finding a kindred spirit.  He said something that made me realize that I was being ungrateful for the life I have.  

I still have crummy days.  Sometimes I forget to be thankful for what I have.  Some days I hate the world, and sometimes I’m a bitch.

How could I read this and not just feel a right ass for taking my own life for granted.  Be thankful you have that life to live.  Be thankful you get to fuck up, fall down and get back up again.  Fuck Cancer, and Fuck being sad.  

Thanks for changing my life Dougie.  You’ve made me a better person.
Broadway Idiot Red Carpet Coverage - BroadwaySpotted

Last night we had the pleasure of going to the CBGB Premiere of ‘Broadway Idiot’ the documentary on American Idiot. It is actually a wonderful documentary, the team should be really proud of what they put together. We’re super excited that we got to go. We grabbed some photos and videos for you. Here are the photos, videos to follow!