So a few of you mentioned that I forgot a few people, so without further ado…without cheating can you guess them all? Artist: @decidedly-enigmatic/


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Warlock action figure package and backing from the 1998 Toy Biz X-Men: New Mutants line that also featured Magik and Wolfsbane.  Toy Biz certainly pulled out all the stops on this Marvel Collector Editions action figure series with remarkable attention to detail, great accessories and original painted art by on the packaging by artist Bill Sienkiewicz.


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11. Favorite Friendship

Johnny has got many great friendships with a lot of people. He is a very loyal and loving friend. Here are some honerable mentions: Hunter S. Thompson, Marlon Brando, Patti Smith, Bruce Witkin, Doug Stanhope, Bill Carter, Tommy Henriksen, Jonathan Shaw, Jim Jarmusch, …. Johnny’s friendship with Tim Burton is the most famous one but also a very precious one. They connect on so many levels; creatively, emotionally. I find it beautiful how they have been friends for so long and it has resulted in so many great films. But my ultimate favorite one is, of course, his friendship bromance with Marilyn Manson. They have matching tattoos and matching spirits. They speak and treat eachother with such love and respect and are so freaking gay for eachother I love it! They make each other laugh and support and help each other. Truly an inspiring duo that has become a synonym in this fandom for fun, laughter, cuteness and happiness and for that I am truly grateful.